Sunday, 30 November 2008


Taggy reply!!!

passerby: haha. that guy that talk to u on msn is so ke lian. lolx

trix: well... sad to say but he's really getting on my nerves...

wendy: where u brought them sia?>??

trix: i bought them from the shop and save near my house. not sure if they're sold in every shop and save outlets or not though.


jianping: check out this site... the reason why i ask u to wait...

trix: cool~~~ i'll wait... if no one's getting me one this christmas.. lolx...

hey everyone...
finally finished doing simple editing to photos...

so yesterday i went for the cozycot event to collect my goodie bag.
there i met this girl named jacqueline.
same as my sister.
she's nice and we just got to know each other as we're both blurr and did not know where the queue is for cotters.
so we waited together,
talked about stuff from the things that cozycot gives out like example,
she told me that she actually went to redeem a eye cream or eye gel.
i forgot what exactly it is and also the brand of it.
so anyway...
she told me that they actually gave out the full sale size product to cotters!!!
and she just asked the person there how much does that bottle of thing cost.
answer: $100!!!
oh my!
they just give it out like that?!
why didnt i know about that?!
and we also talk about stuff that we're scared of cause i seriously forgot how but we did ended up with the freaking horrible idiotic doll in the shop just beside rock auditorium.
so ya...
the event was held at rock auditiorium at suntec city, level 3.
we did see people actually having tickets bought from sistics for the event.
so ya...
we actually got to go for free.

we collected our goodie bags and apparently if you stay for the talk you're gonna get more stuff and more free services and stuff.
but sadly,
i had to rush home to help my sister with a wedding decor.

so we both of us went shopping alittle for her as she's looking for formal dress.
but soon i left and went down to orchard's nike singapore for a while.

nike orchard is officially opened like i've posted in previous post and here's how to entrance looks like.
i saw many people going in and out of the shop once i reached there but dann said that there aint as much people as there was on friday.

dann actually asked me to customise my own nikeID tee but as i was in a hurry to get home,
i told him that i'll be back at night then left to go home.

i bought myself old chang kee's nasi lemak for lunch.
i seriously do not know why on earth is it always sold out by around 12noon.
nothing special...
buti do like their ikan bilis.
they are packed seperately as that they are still crispy when you even them.

and yup!
that me in my sister's love droplets polo-T.
help her arrange the candles and stuff before going to the venue at rangoon road that area.

oh ya...
i've tried the grape vinegar too!

yes it taste nice!
i was seriously thinking how should i describe it...

it taste a little like grape juice,
a little like grape wine,
alittle sparkling...
alittle like grape sparkling juice.


it's nice.
you people should try it.

so at around 4pm like that,
we set up to the wedding venue and started putting up all the decors an stuff.

i shall post up the end product of it once my sister, the boss of Love Droplets, is done editing all the photos.

oh ya...
mind as well...
the link for love droplets on my blog under links is not updated.
i shall update her multiply site soon and hopefully her new website could be up soon as her technicial is abit busy nowadays...

so after the decor and stuf,
i came home on my own by bus and realised that i do kno have the key with me when i reached my dorrstep.

all because of a misunderstanding...

when we were leaving the house and i couldnt find my keys hanging in the key box.
so i asked,
and raymond replied,
as he points to the toolbox.

now that i think of it,
it's getting more and more weird.
maybe he just wasnt talking to me i guess...

so raymond came home and opened the door for me before driving back to mustafar for some shopping for camp with my sister.

so after washingup and stuff,
i went back down to orchard wisma, nike singapore.

couldnt find dann when i reached there so i just went out from the exit on the 3rd level and took a photo of the entrance there.

there were alot of people there that i couldnt take any photo that has no people in it.
so having just a couple is the best i could do then...

dann was busy when i got back so i just went walking around for awhile while thinking of how to customise my nikeID tee.

here's some photos of the lights along orchard road this christmas.


so after that i went back to nike and customised my own nikeID tee.
and dann printed my shirt!!!

actually wanted to snap some shots but the boss was there.
oh ya...
she's really very nice and fun ljust like dann told me before.
from what i see,
the service here is really very good.
though i do feel that one salesperson is actually kinda rude.

i was just looking at a display and there was a plastic packaging on the table that the display was on.
suddenly a hand just came out and took that plastic packaging away.
that did gave me shock!
imagine seeing the freaking thing you're most afraid of in the afternoon and at night you see a hand popping out behind you!

so finally i got my shirt done and it was already 10.25pm.
so i went back,
got myself KFC Zinger Burger Meal for late dinner.
i know that that manager was trying to do suggestive selling.
bu if your customer wants an extra order,
why not just give it to her?

i wanted a extra order of cheese fries as i really was hungry as i didnt really eat the whole day.
the nasi lemak seriously isnt enough.

then she told me that that would be an extra $3.20.
and suggested that i change my mash potato to cheese fries instead which is only additional of $1.20.

but isnt this making sales lesser?

i wanted an additional cheese fries then isnt that gonna be an extra $2.00 as compared to me topping it up?

in the end,
i just stick to a normal zinger student meal and left.

if she didnt "remind" me about how much will it cost in total,
i would have just bought the cheese fries at $3.20.

so ok...
i came home,
ate my late late dinner,
or rather supper as it was already around 11pm.

and now!
to share with all of you the stuff i've got yesterday!


there's brochures, magazines, sample products, vouchers, a packet of brandless tissue paper, UOB notebook and a pen.

some samples....

Colgate Total 12 Whitening Travel-size toothpaste!
i did photoshop my teeth to be so white in the photo above.
and hopefully one day my teeth would get that white!

shall save this toothpaste for the next chalet or stayover or something...
so no more worries on who's gonna bring toothpaste liao!

Jean Pual Madame Perfume.
i like the scent!
it's so sweet,
so floarl~!
nice nice~
and as i dont really use perfume as i always forget to apply some before leaving the house,
i guess this small bottle would last me quite some time.
i like it!

some other things in there...

brochures for spa, botox, anti-oxidents and etc etc.

the program for the day that people actually paid to go for these talks.

this is a stamp card that you can actually collect stamps for the booths there and when you're done,
you get to stand a chance to win a trip for 2 to korea for holiday and etc etc...
as you can see on the top left first box,
they would give us a free face and hair scan after the talk.
but sald,
i had to leave...

vouchers and discounts!

one of the vouchers that they gave.
free eyebrow shaping worth $15 at tangs.

i'm actually giving this voucher to jess as i dont shape my eyebrow.
i feel that they're nice enough naturally.
anyone disagree with me?

got some discount for spa stuff and also a scratch and win coupon.
other discounts and vouchers which includes movies tickets and combo and membership for eng wah and also dicount at 凯.

you can be part of all these privilleges too!!!
just click this badge under fun links or below to join now!

now for my nikeID tee.

the words i had on my nikeID tee.

i serioulsy felt so bimbotic after having those words printed on the shirt.
and dann was like laughing and laughing when he was printing my shirt lah!

here's the front of my nikeID tee.
please bear with the low quality photos as all i have is this horrible lousy camera phone of mine.

it's a light pink tee with matt metalic sliver nike logo on it like any other nike tee sold out there in the market.

but wait...
look at the back...

my queen*t!!!
it's white fonts on a pink shirt of mine!

i asked my mom to help me take a photo of the back of the tee for me.
she took thirce and seriously got angry after the second shot.

this is the third shot she took.
the other two was horrible and shaky and stuff that you could even see the words at all!
not even a single letter lah~

so i gave up asking my mom to help me and decided to risk being scolded by dann to take this photo for you below:

now this photo.
he wont scold me for wearing it like that.


dann will scold me for wearing it like that...


so ya...
but this time i'm already super tired.
i just lay on my bed and i seriouly could fall asleep just like that!
but i did force myself to wash up before sleeping...

so the whole day i'll conclude to 2 phrases...


i actually wanted to share with everyone of you on my day today but i'm just too freaking tired that i may even be able to sleep while typing like dann can.
i'll just keep everything to tomorrow,
or rather later where i have the energy and strength to edit my photos and blog up a long story of day...

so for now...
here's a cam-whore photo of me.

good night everyone!
swet dreams~

Saturday, 29 November 2008

facing my fear...

here by blogging with my mobile now...
i'm now on my way to collect my goodie bag which also means that i'm walking one step after another closer to that freaking horrible idiotic doll.
oh my...
wish me luck now...
hope I'll still be blogging with a calm mind later and not crying and screaming like mad.
hope i would still be able to take proper looking shots to show everyone later.

why there~~~???!!!

Friday, 28 November 2008


i finally went to check the mail box on my way home.
as normally i would take the stairs as i only stay at the second level,
i wouldnt bother walking all the way to the other end just to check the mail box.

so i did just now and i had a freaking shock when i opened the mail box.

the letters were filled to the max already lah!
and one letter actually almost dropped out when i opened the lid.
i actually did take out 3 mails first but decided to show all of you how exactly it could get if you dont check your mails for around 3 weeks especilly if you stay at my area where junk mails come in piles in just a day!

can you imagine the postman actually had to fold our mails into quarts before he is able to squeeze that few letters in the mail box?!
poor postman...
but no more worries for the moment as i've just cleared the mail box.

and i seriously bet that there would be junk mails again even if i were to open it in the morning tomorrow lor~

so i took out the 3 white letters that you can in the first photo and here's how it looks like after that.

freaking full lah!!!

so i had to slowly take bit by bit out to prevent mails from falling out and throwing wanted mails by accident.

i spent a total of 15 mins just squating there in front of my dear mail box sorting out wanted and unwanted junk mails lor...
people that come to check their mail box did their checking in like less than 2 mins?
and there was this office guy that checked his mail box in only like 30 seconds including the opening and closing of the lid lor!

and when i was done and wanting to get up,
i noticed this guy checking his mail was actually looking at me with a weird weird face like why on earth do i have so many mails or even how on earth can that many mails be stuffed into such a small mailbox that kind of look.

that's all the junk mail in the mail box.
maybe you cant really see how much is it so you shall proceed to the next photo first then i'll explain further.

this is the height of wanted mails placed on my mom's bed.

and seriously,
these are 1/3 of the mails inside the mail box.
so imagine...
2/3 were junk mails!!!

hate junk mails~

after this i seriously love emails.
cause they sort out the junk mails for you and will be deleted on its own after 7 days.
what a wonder~

that's the first shock.

so i just checked the mail again to confirm the location on where do i have to go to collect my christmas goodie bag from cosy cot.

i've never been into that place and i seriously do no know what's in there.
so shocked and happy that i'll be going there for the first time.
but then another shock came to me.
that place is just beside a shop that has 3 displays of that stupid idiot freaking horrible horrifiing doll!!!
wonder how i'll survive it...
how i wish i can bring someone with me...

never mind.
i'm a strong girl! (i think~)
i'm not afraid!! (i hope~)
i will survive!!! (i seriously want to~)

oh ya~
just before i end this post,
i've tried the pineapple fruit vinegar just now.

i seriously do not like it and so does my sister.
it has the artificial pineapple taste and when it's combined with the vinegar, it just seriously taste horrible and awfully sour...

ok here's my conclusion.
no more pineapple vinegar for me!

random photo.

just a random photo i took yesterday on my walk to amk hub.

so emo~

i wanna pee~~~

stupid title.
but it's the fact.

it's already 12.51pm and no one from the first break is back where first break ends at 12.40pm,
everyone else from the second break left even leaving only me one person in the lab now!!!
and now i'm having a major crisis of wanting to pee but i cant go to the toilet as this would leave the lab totally empty!

freak those horrible people!!!

i thought my lunch time would be back to normal at least for this first week but NO!!!
not even the second day AKA tuesday lah!

what the freaking bell!!!
they better come back soon!!!
i'm seriously unhappy already lah!

can i like tie them to the chair or something!?
freaking bullets!!!

putting what you're learnt in full use.

here's my pet from facebook's pet society with her little friend,
dingling's pet,
having some vegetable for breakfast this morning.

cute rite~?

always put whatever you've learnt into use to be able to understand it fully.

i know how to talk to people using only close-ended answers.
in comm skills,
this is a sign of someone being uninterested and does not wish to talk anymore further.

here's an example:
(note that my msn nick is "Trixy 。 特理克丝。 ツリキ。 Ardorythmatics")

Someone: Hey

Trix: yes?

Someone: what's ardorythmatics

Trix: dance group

Someone: ahh that's a new one...

Someone: okay then

say whatever you want to how you feel about me.
but seriously...
i do not now this person well,
so why on earth do i have to bother talking to this someone using open-ended answers?

i seriously kinda irritated by this someone.

come in first day ask me stupid question.

what kind of stupid question you may ask...

like everyone knows that unless it's a friday,
our lab people can only go back at 6pm.
maybe cause belinda our main in-charge wasnt here to give them proper briefing on the first day AKA this monday as she was on MC.
but duh right?

still come and ask me...

here's the conversation:

Someone: "er.. what time can we go back huh?"

Trix: "6pm."

Someone: "6pm... no plus no minus?"

Trix: "no. 6pm. no plus no minus."

this kind of thing also wanna ask?!
stupid right?!
you think what?
normal lessons where you get to be released earlier?

and blah blah blah...
more stupid questions asked.
blah blah blah...

after knowing that madam goh is also my supervisor,
he asked me "she also your supervisor huh?"

duh again right?

still tell me say what i must be very pro cause madam goh say i do things well.

you all do not know the history behind all these fast speed of editing stuff sia~

ever sinced i was in secondary 3 after setting up this blog of mine,
i have been editing html on my own like monthly then.
edit edit edit...
and i just do not know why but maybe like my sis always say,
i'm supposed to be in this field as i can just understand all these freaking brain-killing codes easily.
you may think html codes are easy...
i agree.
it is kinda idiot proof actually...
or rather to me to a certain extend.

ya ya ya...
i told bing hong once that i secondary school already understand and know html he said that i'm siao~!

then come poly where i got to learn more and more programming lanuages
visual basic,

and for a slacker student that i am for past years,
editing projects to it looking totally different in a very very very very very short time is quite peanuts to me.

so ya...
for people who actually know the way i work,
you will know.

dont try to praise me for these cause there's a part of it that came to me because of always last minute work and stuff.

so ya...

and i just cant stand people asking stupid questions!!!
maybe i got this "cannot stand people asking stupid questions" thingy from dann...
oh no!
it's a virus!


I'll Miss Dann...

hey everyone...
dann just sent me an sms saying that he's going to start work already.
and he already told me that he wouldnt be meeting me this whole weekend as he'll be working and working and working...


last night after FYP,
i went to amk hub and bought tickets for the movie,
city of ember.

after getting the tickets,
i received dann's sms saying that they are still working...
so sad...

so i walked around amk hub,
ang mo kio central
and ended up eating ban mian alone at S11.

wait wait wait...
when finally dann was on his way here,
he told me to meet at subway.
on my way to subway,
i met fidel and leon.
leon couldnt recognise me...
but fidel immediately recognised me like 2seconds for quite a distance after i waved "hi".

dann was super pissed off and having horrible gastric when he arrived.

subway was freaking horribly super duper uper slow last night!!!
can you imagine we actually waited for around 30mins just to buy a sandwich where there's like only 5 people in front of us!?

so we missed the first 5 mins of the movie.
which then i was kinda lost when we got in.

so the movie continued...

before watching the movie yesterday,
i did read some reviews on Yahoo! Movies while checking for the movie's duration.

one of the reviews stated "Very little hype on the movie" in what he/she hates most of the movie and i'll say i have to agree to that.
i actually expected the movie to be more...
adventurous i think...
abit disappointed...
but it's still a nice movie.

i would rate it 3½ stars.

so ya...
dann has already started his work and that means that i really cant get to see him often anymore...
here's more information of this Nike Concept Shop located at Wisma.

Article from yesterday,
27 Nov 2008

(photo credit to, edited by me.)

Nike Singapore will be opening the first Nike flagship store tomorrow, November 28th, in the famed Orchard Road located at Wisma Atria Shopping Centre. The Nike Wisma Atria flagship store will offer exclusive products and services, such as the new Nike iD Studio.

To kick off the scheduled opening, the store will launch a special collection of Nike Windrunner jackets in Gold and Silver. Playing up the ‘Bling’ factor for the collection, each metallic hue is paired up with 12 pop shades to create unique combination that cater to style-savvy consumers that wish to express their individualism through their selection. These unique Nike Metallic Windrunners will only be available for retail exclusively at the Nike Wisma Atria flagship store in Singapore.

Nike Flagship Store / NikeiD Studio - Singapore
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre (Unit #02-21)
435 Orchard Road
Singapore, 238877

actually i thought of dropping by today,
see which celebrities or big shots will i get to see...
but then,
i'm too tired.
i'll just drop by another day during the weekend then.

really hope that everything goes well.

all the best dann~!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

My Love Song Playlist

nick and norah have their own infinite playlist.
how about me and you?

"Sexy Love" by Ne-Yo.
the first song we danced that started the spark.

"Hate How Much I Love You" By Ne-Yo & Rihanna.
our theme love song.

"Wonderful Tonight". various artists.
the song that you wanted to share with me without knowing that it's actually my favourite english song and my little secret behind it.

"Somewhere out there" by Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram.
the song yo dedicated to me and now it's my turn to do so.

this is my little playlist for you.
hope that you will have a wonderful time at work even though that means that we wouldnt be able to meet each other often anymore.

my devil~

cant wait for this movie to be released and hopefully we'll be able to catch it together.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist,
Movie opening 11th Dec!!!
official web site @

Lucky Lucky!

hey there everyone!
just took a break and soon it will be the end of FYP for the day!!!

just checked my cozycot email and i found this!


see the total number of people they selected for this special goodie bag?

to think that i'm actually not an active cotter,
i still got my chance to win myself a goodie bag!

i wonder what's gonna be in it.
will blog up to tell everyone once i collect it this weekend.

think i'm lucky?

you can have your chance too!
join cozycot now!
it's totally free!
just join, share, rave, swap or even join sprees!
get your first-hand news to special offers in various shops or even get special discounts!

like last week cotters actually had 20%-30% off storewide at metro with special shopping timing for us!
what time do you think metro closes?
but last week cotter got to shop till 11pm without having the thought that stupid people will chase us out of the shop as they're closing!
though i didnt go in the end,
the sms for us to exchange our special discount card of the night is like still in my mobile phone lar~
and not only that,
not only do you have special treats for yourself,
you get to bring you friends along to some events too!
like the metro discount night,
we got to even bring up to 5 of our friends along!

so what are you waiting for?!
click on the badge on the fun links side bar of this badge below to join now!

you will also get to go to various exclusive beauty workshops at only a low price!!!
no! you do not want to wait any longer!
join now!
and when you join,
dont forget about me as your referral!

referral: quentria

cozycot is a singapore only group,
opened only for singaporeans!
what else is there not good about being a singaporean???

have a pretty day ahead!

complaining again...

while waiting for my supervisor to come help me with my preparation for next week's presentation,
i just suddenly thought of the horrible incident i had months ago with a particular insurance agency's sales person.

actually i didnt really remember of blogging it already but the survey did by this company also outside our school on Tuesday reminded me about it.
and the people outside the mrt station at yio chu kang asked me to do a survey this morning...
so ya.
thought of it again.
so i shall share this here.

i remember that it was maybe around 4pm like that after work during my semester break i suppose.
so after work i got myself some dian xin while waiting for dann outside toa payoh mrt station as you all know...
food and drinks are not allowed within train station and trains of course.
so i just stood outside the train station at the glass there and ate my dian xin.

this sales person,
a man,
came up to me wanting to promote their insurance plans and stuff.
and of course ever sinced i got bugged by my mom about me buying insurance without her knowing every time i come near anything that has to do with insurance,
i'll get kinda irritated already.
i shake my head,
acknowledging him that i am not interested.
i could tell him as duh~
my mouth was full!

but he like insisted that i give him a reply or something.
but i really cant say a single thing as my mouth really was full and i'm seriously not interested!

then before he walked away, he said
"huh? you cant talk arh?"
"hao xiang shi ya ba..."
(meaning i think she's mute.)


freaking angry!
and so what if the person really cant reply,
or just simply do now want to reply you be it he or she is eating or not???!!!

i cant stand it!
the company starts with the letter "P".

guessed it?

it's Prudential!!!

i'm sorry but if anyone working for Prudential Singapore were to see this,
could you please kindly note the standard of sales people you hire?

freaking angry...
how i hoped that i actually finished my food,
listen to what he has freaking to say,
get him name and tell the whole world here and also their head office or something!
freaking angry!!!
i was busy refusing him as much as possible without getting choked or whatever i didnt even get a good look of his freaking algue face!


so ever sinced then i'm freaking bias against Prudential.
even if your whatever offer sounds attrached and blah blah blah...


and now,
next issue.

i have no freaking idea if the person is local or from neighbouring country or some country cause she looked like a mix of every country!
maybe cause she has been living in singapore for a long long time and has the singaporean look already.
but i still have a great feeling she isnt local.

so last night i was on my way home...
freaking tired as i still went to met dann for mos after traditonal practice which i felt super cheated last night.
shall come to that later.

so i was freaking tired and decided to take the 238 bus home even though i know that it will be packed with people as usual as i wanna go home faster,
as soon as possible.

so you people know roughly have the idea of the 2 2-seater seats facing each other on buses right?
when i got up the bus,
a lady that was originally sittted on the innner side of the seat that's facing the back of the bus got up,
gave up sitting there and moved to the back.
at first i didnt know why she did that for..
but oh well..
i still do not know.
but once the lady got up and moved to the back,
one girl who was sitted on the inner side of the seat facing the front immediately put her legs up taking up the whole space there.
i looked at her giving her the look that i want to move in and not sit outside.
like i said, the bus is always packed with people.
but this girl looked at me then looked away,
totally ignoring me!

i just couldnt stand it so i exit my shoduku game that i was playing on my mobile and took a photo of her "beautiful" legs!

the white white thingy on the right is my cap that was in my bag.
this girl just totally relax and lay down on the seat,
put her legs up as if it's a leg rest,
as if this whole bus belongs to her lah!
even the auntie sitted beside her felt uneasy like
"where got such people one?"
i know that sometimes if there's a step there for people sitting on the seat facing the back to put their legs there as matter what the seat is higher than the usual seats you know...
so for people like me who has shorter legs will need that step if not our legs would be dangling in the air.
but some people will still put their feet there.
normally people will shift their feet as the step aint for them originally.
but some people just totally ignore and leave their feet there.
during this case i will try to fit my feet in a way that i still sit comfortably and them uncomfortably.
I'm having short legs you know!
and not only are your legs tired from the whole day of walking and stuff,
mine are too!
so be fair...
i know i'm just being plain evil here.

next issue.
like i said,
i felt cheated last night.

i thought it was a practice for our soran bushi and yosakoi.
it ended up that ezzat taught the juniors,
correct them and stuff.
and there were only the 3 of us there (our this group)
ezzat, ban theng and me.
zhi sen was with sensei's wife learning obi tieing.
gerry should be in the hospital with her attachment,
lue song...
i dont know.
so ya.

so ezzat thought the juniors and ban theng helped asist.

sit there do nothing...

so this went on for about 2-3 hours until ezzat is done with correcting the juniors singapore ondo.
then in the end only practiced soran bushi 3 times,

yosakoi once then go through some details then the guys just gathered together and play game.

waste my time...

actually by the time i typing this now it's 2.44pm cause i already finished discussing things with my supervisor on the web site and she'll be back later for my presentation stuff.
had my lunch.
and when i went for lunch just now,
as usual nyp will have their bazzar at the atrium selling things and stuff.
but i found a stall that's doing hair extension for people.

apparently that stall has the most people be it just looking or really getting extensions.

gonna stop here.
i have lots of changes needed to be made by today
as if everything were to go smoothly,
you people would see my web site running on nyp's web site starting next week.

gotta go now!
jya ne minna na!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Ugly me!

hello everyone!

FYP is just getting more and more boring and i just argh~ cant stand it anymore!!!
so i guess you people will get to see more and more posts on weekdays and properly even no posts on weekends.

where's my supervisor!!!???
i wanna ask her thing!!!


remember in the start of the month i said that reiko from the organiser of go japan matsuri emailed me the link of photo albums for the event?
i just went to take a look and i only found photo with me in it in the vocalist album.
but seriously,
photos after the first week of go japan matsuri are only very very little.
just the female vocalist the first week took up almost half the album.
and the day of my contest there's only a total of 4 photos?
or maybe even 3...
so ya...
not to mention that the band day has even lesser.

here's the only photo i found myself in it

i think that this photo is taken after like a few minutes of photo taking already.
i could see my face like abit cramp already.
and i'm not kidding cause it really did cramp that day!
try for yourself lah!
put on your best smile and try to keep your eyes open (as my eyes tend to close when i smile or laugh).
you go try yourself!
see how long can you ta han!

i admit!
i did photoshopped myself as i look freaking U-G-L-Y -- UGLY LAH!!!
and so in order to make me look slimmer also,
i made the winner girl fatter abit.

come one lah!
she's a bamboo stick lor!!!
and i stand beside her,
i'm just a block of ham i feel!!!
(ok! i know i am exaggerating i know...)

but really she IS THAT THIN!!!


that's all.

i miss my chocolate~~~
it's waiting for me at home in the fridge...
darling i'll eat you tonight!!!

the fortunate twins

hello everyone!
until much till now.
just that i really feel like washing my face.
dont feel awake yet.

i was just looking through some photos on the old desktop that i used to blog last night and also in my sister's laptop for the samsung photo contest.
i wanna win a camera!!!
a stage arts girl won the photo contest last for for the theme "happy".
and this week it's drama.

i just sent in this photo as my entry.

of course the one i sent in doesnt has the border and caption that i've photoshopped in.
and yes.
the photo is originally like that.
i did not photoshop my face into the mirror!

it's a photo i took when i was camwhoring in the hotel's toilet with the magnifing mirror during my trip to hong kong in october.

so if you ever get to stay in Conrad Hong Kong Hotel,
i suppose you will also get to play with it...
i suppose every hotel room has one...

just a little research did.
room prices are from SGD539 per night for a standard room.
the room i stayed in was a "Superior Cityview" room (if i'm not wrong)
which costs SGD595 per night.
if you're thinking "why so much?!"
it is a 5-star hotel.
but seriously,
i dont think it's really that a good hotel.
and just simple access to the hotel is quite troublesome as if you wanna go from the main lobby,
unless you're diving or driven there,
you will have to either walk up a hill or walk down a hill as it's like in between the hill... (-_-'")
and if you're like me who takes the train,
you will have to get out from admiralty mtr station,
then either get out and walk through pacific place
or the either way that my stepmom prefer,
walk through the long under pass that a shorter distance in pacific place.

up to you lor~
my sis, dad and i of course prefer the way that we always take though we have to keep going up and up escalators after ecalators when going to the hotel and otherwise when going out.
but i think it's quite ok as you get to really window shop around the branded shops in pacific place.
like almost every branded brand has their shop there!
LV, Prada, Gucci, etc etc etc.
you name it,
i think like 80% sure you can find it there lor~
and they also have a cinema there but i didnt get the chance to catch a movie there.
will upload photos of the cinema ticket box office again in the hong kong trip album.

the album is updated with some of my cam-whore photos.
so if you wanna see, you may go take a look at it.
forgot the link?

just go the photo album under my links and click hong kong trip.
it will bring you to the picasa album.

lastly to end my post,
i was com-whoring while my sister was showering on the first night and here's the best photo (to me at least) that i've taken with the mirror outside the bathroom.

have a good day ahead everyone!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Brainy Fortunate Girl

quick post.

yu hu~
i just broke my record for the biggest brain!!!

my previous record was 24**.
cybrog level.
but now,
i'm an alien!!!

eh lo eh ri wan.
ai em en eh li en.


fortunate girl, mua!

i'm blogging now as i watch zhuan jiao yu dao ai on channel U in my sister's room.
it's been quite some time sinced i blog using this old keyboard that you cant even see the letters' print clearly on each key already.
out of a sudden the backspace key is half the size of the keys i usually use.

so i did like what i blogged just now,
i scanned my admin card for National Education then came home.
still tired...
cause i went and bought some stuff before coming home.
and once i got home,
all i did first was to take photos after photos,
then edit photos after photos so that i can blog them up now.

so i went to shop and save and got myself more fruit vinegar.

and here it is!


they all look so cute right?!
so colourful...

wait til you see them queuing up to be drank!


i bought all flavors this time.
though i didnt want to buy the pineapple flavor one.
but still i bought it so that i can share about how it taste like.
it's so cute to have all the 5 colored / flavours together.


here's the 5 different flavors!

plum flavoured fruit vinegar!!!

i came up with this photo for this plum vinegar!


plum just makes me think of choya.
so ah~
relax choya~

pineapple flavoured fruit vinegar!

and here's the poster!

as you should know if you do eat pineapple,
after eating it you will have a picky pciky feeling on your tongue.
so that's why i have picky pineapple!

apple flavoured vinegar!

i know i did blog about before already as i've already tired it before.
but dont care!
it's part of the family so it should still be here!

and poster!

i couldnt think of a pose for apple
so i thought of dann...
apple couple.


peach flavoured vinegar!

i always feel that peach has a sweet yet alittle our taste.
can you feel it from the expression on my face?


grape flavoured vinegar!!!

grapes are round and like bubbles so i acted like a bubble myself.

not only did i bought myself fruit vinegar,
i got myself a dvd set too~

i know it states there very big it's long wu san shi.
i asked the person in the shop and she told me it's a wrong printing.
it is jing wu men,
a old hong kong dramam series.
so i search online for a proper dvd cover that's correct.
so here it is!

now that's correct.
i've watched the first 2-3 episodes while eating the salad that my mom got me.

there's cherry tomatoes,
babdy carrots,
lettuce and purple lettuce in it.
i dont know what that vegtable is called so i call it the purple lettuce.


gonna go back to my jing wu men as zhuan jiao yu dao ai has just ended.

will blog again once i've tried the other fruit vinegars.


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