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Jakarta Trip Day 2 - It's a Wild life!

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Hi everyone!

Ok.. I'm blogging at my friend's house right now.
Ya.. kinda weird but like the guys are playing NBA on PS3 so ya.. I shall blog! LOL

So I'm gonna continue on my trip to Jakarta last December, Day 2.
You may read the first half of Day 2 here:

So on our way to Taman Safari of South Java Indonesia, there are lots of stalls like this where they sells carrots and bananas.
You can actually feed these carrots and bananas to the animals at the safari!

So there we have our boss buying some carrots and bananas for us to feed the animals later!

BUT note people, you should only feed bananas to the elephant (by right).

So after buying our carrots and bananas for the animals later on, we carried on our drive to Taman Safari

Here's the entrance fee for Taman Safari.

For foreigners, we would have to pay the International pricing.

And here we go!

For the drive-through safari, we first saw the elephants!!!

And yes people, DO NOT get out of your vehicle!

Awww~ That's just so cute~~~

Mommy showering baby!

Moving on... wait! What's this?!

The animals are actually not locked up in their enclosure so yes, they are just next to your vehicle!

Hello! So cute~~~!!!

*Sorry I can't think of that many captions for every single photo.*
*Brain fart!*

Road block, road block! LOL

Here we have Agung feeding a carrot!

And Mint fed, too!

Ok. I have videos to be edited and in it you will be able to see (or rather hear) me freak out!
I'll try to get it up asap!

Sneaky one...

Mint's flying carrot!


Ok. I just find this photo funny/cute/amusing so I decided to put this up!


*More photos in later part of this post.*

The elephant that would stop every single vehicle to collect money and hopefully be able to get some bananas, too!


Can you see the owl in the tree?

It's actually right above the text in the photo!

This is one animal you are not allowed to feed.
Please remember!!!

Yummy yum yum~

We finally reached the gate, the safety gate.

Why would I call it the safety gate?

Cos animals from that point onward can be dangerous.
And to think that the animals are not locked up...

This scene just reminds me of The Lion King of Simba and Musafa.
So sweet~

"In the circle of life~~~"

And yes people, do not even leave the window of your vehicle open.
The lion is THAT NEAR!!!


Moving on the tigers!

Ok.. I couldn't get much nice shots of the tigers as...

Firstly the windows of the van we're in were tinted.
(Ok... All vehicles in Jakarta have their windows tinted)

Secondly it was gonna rain soon so there wasn't even light.

Thirdly, the tigers just kept moving as it was their meal time!

OMG. They were just pretty I must say...

It just wouldn't turn its head. ( - o - '' )

And this photo reminds me of Mint's lame zebra crossing joke.
*Ggrrrrrr~ Cooooold~*

Hunting in action

OMG! Never thought I'll be able to see one in real life!

The full map of Taman Safari

Tree trunk basin?

Cute tram!

After the safari experience, we heading for lunch at the Rain forest Restaurant after some shopping at the souvenir shop!

NO WAY am I gonna eat that!

OMG! NO NO NO!!! Why eat such a cute animal!!!

Trying to Instragram away~!

Guava juice

Deer satay.

Oh ya... It's Deer.. *opps*

Otah with special sauce

Yummy~ Just thinking of the taste is making me drool~~~

Next a walk in the Baby Zoo after lunch!

Let's Go!

Map to Baby Zoo

Just so pretty~!

Just so adorable~!

With these heart-warming photo and group shot, this marks the end of our trip to Taman Safari!

We headed back on the road and spent about 3-4 hours drive back to the hotel

Enjoying the music and singing before dinner

As we didn't wanna spend anymore time on the road, we decided to have dinner at the shopping centre just beside the hotel.

Walked around a while before dinner

And yup we had McDonald's for dinner! LOL

Our bill

It was really crowded that night as there was soccer match on!

At their McDonald's, there are actually free wifi available and there we have Mike checking his email

Yeah food!!!

Mike's 2 piece chicken

Mint's spaghetti

My Nasi Ayam Meal!

Rice are served like that! So cute right?

Coke float


Ok! That's all for Day 2 in Jakarta last December.

Here's a video Mint and I recorded and uploaded then just in case you have not watched it.

Ok! See you soon!
Hopefully my next off day from work. LOL!

XOXO Tsuriki

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