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先週の土曜日に 同僚と一緒に原宿へ行った!

Hi everyone!

It's been already a week since I've arrived in Tokyo.

Well, work has been busy and tiring but I am very happy to be able to have really awesome batch-mates to go through all these together.

So last Saturday, I went to Harajuku with my batch-mates!

はじめた スカイライナーに 乗った!

My very first ride on the Skyliner!

We got the promo priced ticket that comes with a one day Metro pass!
Shall use it another day when I'm really just gonna travel from place to place to sightsee.

Aiza and Cherie in the back and Jasmine and I in the front on our Skyliner ride!

Seriously can't believe it that after so many years, I am now working with my Secondary School senior! LOL

Changed to JR line to Harajuku!

We headed to Meiji Shrine first and here we are with our wish board!

Cherie and Aiza!

As usual, must camwhore a bit LOL!!!


Aiza putting our wish board up!

May our wishes come true!


And it's such a coincident there was actually a wedding going on!

So pretty, so elegant!!

Headed to the very same shop I had my awesome ramen back in 2009 in Harajuku and the shop is still there!

Cherie wanted to go back to the exact shop, too, as she has really awesome ramen, too, during her Japan trip a few year back!

After lunch, we just kept shopping and shopping from clothes to shoes to cosmetics to daily necessities!

And later, we decided to WALK to Shibuya.

It's walk-able alright...

And the weather was awesome so, yea, we had fun along the way.

We passed by KFC and decided to stop by and get some Krushers!

See!!! KPP is there to welcome us! LOL

One Piece items coming soon!!!

Guess I'll be going back to KFC this weekend... Heehee~

I tried the latest flavour of the Krushers -- Hawaii Jelly.

It actually taste like our normal Blue Coral at bubble tea shops in Singapore which I like so yes! I enjoyed my Krusher!

Cherie and Jasmine had Peach and Cookies & Cream Krushers.
They all taste really nice, too!

How I wish Himeko is here with me. I think she will like the Cookies & Cream one!

And soon, we arrived at Shibuya!!!

Ok. We didn't do much things there as we wanted to meet the rest for dinner so we headed back to our hotel soon after reaching Shibuya.

My milk coffee at Ueno station before changing to Keisei line back to our hotel.

I don't usually drink coffee but coffee in Japan just taste awesome (to me)!!!

Ok. By the time we got back, it was quite late already as we took the wrong train, so the four of us decided to just have dinner on our own.

More Iced Coffee for me! Heehee~

Jasmine's Mushroom and Cream Pasta

Aiza and I both ordered sandwiches!

Cherie's Strawberry Pancake


And so, here's my shopping for the day at Harajuku!!!


I didn't wanna spend money cos I know I will spend when I go to WC in Shibuya when I meet my friend this weekend.

BUT! They are just so reasonable!!!

Cap - ¥1995 from PinkLatte

Geita - ¥995

Sandals - ¥1565
(If I didn't remember wrongly cos I shared discount with Aiza)

Fake Lashes - ¥1260 each from SugarVeil

Makeup Base - ¥500+ from Kanebo

Eyebrow Pencils - ¥300+ each from Bibo

Some stuff - ¥105 each from Daiso

And some stuff from Meiji Shrine that my friends ask me to help to buy.

And yea!!! Dango for only ¥105 from Daiso

Yea! Finally bought these lashes produced by 鈴木奈々!

Love these sandals!!!

They look 100% like my previous sandals I bought in Harajuku back in 2009 except that the heels is a little higher.

AND! It's even cheaper! LOL

Yeah I love my new cap!!!

Fell in love with it the second I saw it!!!

Oki that's all for this post!


XOXO Tsuriki

Sunday, 21 July 2013

[日記] よろしくお願います。

Living in Japan

Hi everyone!

So like mentioned in my previous post, I am now in Japan and here is where I'm gonna be in the next 2months plus alright.

I must say that I am happy to be able to like live here not as a normal tourist as it has always been a wish of mine to stay in Japan for a period of time, best if I get to experience the whole 4 seasons.

But this feeling I have been having is just very complicated.

I don't know how to describe it as I am here all alone and I only have my batch mates with me!

Everyone's awesome but the feeling of you being unable to see your family and friends and loved ones every other day is just so so different.

But no matter what, I will do my best here and complete what I need to do, what is most important right now!

In this process, I really hope to have support from everyone to help me carry on.

Ok! Emotional stuff aside!

Now to share with you a little of the awesomeness of the whole staying in Japan thing I am in now~!

Starting off with my flight to Japan on Tuesday.

It was my very first time flying on a Japanese airline and I must say that I was really looking forward to it!

Unlike the normal peanuts, we got Japanese rice crackers as our little snack!

And SEE!!! NINO!!!

I was super happy when I was flipping through the in-flight magazine to see what movies and stuff they were offering for my 7 hours flight to Japan and I saw Nino's Platinum Data!!!

I was supposed to watch it in the cinemas with Himeko but she heard from her friend that it isn't very nice and Nino only appeared 1/4 of the movie?

Well, I must say, Himeko. YOU MISSED IT!!!

It's a super awesome movie (but not one you should watch when you're sleepy)!
And please~ Not only did Nino appear throughout the movie, there is like "two" of him!

Ok.. It took me about 6 hours to finish the 2 hour plus movie as I was really sleepy on my morning flight so I watched a little, slept a little and woke up to watch a little then go back to sleep so on so forth till I finished the movie.

But still... AWESOME!

I think more of guys will like this movie then girls.. but still nice!
Go watch!!!

For the first time in my life I was actually full from the meal served on a flight.

Hmm.. or did my appetite just got smaller? Hmm...

Both Vicky and I got special Asahi mineral water instead of the usual normal one.

Little bits that made me happy during my boring flight. LOL

You can also check out my short video for day 1!

My hotel room isn't very big but I really like it!

It's all cosy and just enough for one person!

That evening, we just went out to somewhere nearby for dinner and we decided to get 牛丼 (beef bowl).

My spring onion filled beef bowl with raw egg and cold tofu set!

Well, I guess many people will go like "eeeee" when they see spring onions but well, I like it!


Ok. That's all for this post.

Gonna go change and am gonna head out soon to get some food then study study study!


XOXO, Tsuriki

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

[思い]Goodbye Singapore~

Scheduled Post

Hihi everyone!

Well, as you are reading this post, I'm most probably boarding my flight towards Tokyo now.

If you have been following my Twitter or Instagram, you would have realised that I've been saying that I'm gonna be flying soon.

No, it's not for leisure.

I'm gonna be there for work for the next 2 months plus.

So ya, I was busy with my Japanese language lessons the past 3 weeks before heading over to Japan.

I must say that I am very glad to be able to go back to Ikoma to study even though this time round it is because of work unlike the past...

But ya! I am looking forward to living in Japan the next 2 months plus but also at the same time, I am already starting to miss my families, my friends.

No matter what, like my sis said, this is gonna be the longest time I'm away from home, away from Singapore.

Ok. Settling down, I'll start blogging again and more on my daily life hopefully and share with you my experiences from living in Japan, working in Japan!

I'll also blog on my meet ups with friends.

I will also be making short videos like in the video below and upload them onto my vlog channel.

Do check it out and subscribe!

Thursday, 4 July 2013


Hi everyone!!

Here's another short post from my mobile.

Well, I have been feeling kinda weird recently emotion wise. It's complicated.

But I must say that I really love my new colleagues now with my new job and I am very excited towards our next few months together!


I have been forking out time and organizing meetups with my friends which is actually kinda rare cos I'm usually not the one initiating to meetup and stuff.

But cos everyone is important to me, I just wanna be able to meet everyone even if it's just a simple dinner or movie together! 

Ok. Gonna head back to Japanese lessons! 

Oh ya! Although it've only been like 1 weeks plus from me starting my lessons again at Ikoma, I am gonna miss my new sensei(s)! All my teachers be it from 2 years back or not are just so so friendly! 

And yup! I am currently taking my Japanese lessons at Ikoma! 

The teachers are very nice and i love the studying environment here lots! 

So if you are thinking of taking up Japanese lessons, why not consider Ikoma?

And also, I finally know how to rip my DVD from NHK Tokyo Kawaii so I'm gonna upload the video onto my YouTube channel soon!

*watch the clip of my class*

Oh man~ I miss all my classmates from Koma class, especially Shirley! 

Ok! That's all for now!

See you again soon! 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Makeup Removal & Skin Exfoliate All-in-One!


Hi everyone!

Have you ever thought that having to remove your makeup then cleanse your face and followed by exfoliating is a troublesome process?

Not forgetting having to purchase products after products which would add up to quite an amount of money.

And as many of you reading this I believe are still students, you wouldn’t have much extra money to spend on that many different products, right?

Now you don’t have to worry as NIVEA has just launched their new PURE EFFECT 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes!

This new baby of NIVEA helps in deep cleansing wipes with three-in-one action make daily exfoliation easier than you have ever imagined!

The wipes are really special (and cute) as one side is the normal smooth surface for you to remove your makeup with and on the other side, it is its special textured side for you to exfoliate your skin!

Now for me to try them for you!

I personally have quite sensitive skin and exfoliating could be quite a problem at times if the product isn’t gentle enough on my skin.

I must say that I’ve always been a huge lover of NIVEA’s facial wipes because they are really soft and smooth! I used to always keep a packet of their facial wipes in my bag to freshen up back in my Poly days in school!

And yup! Their new 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes are as smooth and soft as usual!


TADA! Makeup removed!

NOTE: I really did remove my base makeup. I left my eyemake on so that you can still recognize me.

*Just kidding* I believe you would still recognize me even if I removed my eyemake. LOL

Next! Time for exfoliating!

Once again, gently wipe your face in circular motion when exfoliating!

All done! I must say that I really really love this PURE EFFECT 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes from NIVEA LOTS!!!

Firstly, I could remove my makeup and exfoliate my face by using the very same product, same sheet of facial wipes! This is super awesome for people who are always fighting to maximize the time we have like me!

Secondly, it is really gentle on the skin! So even if you have sensitive ski, you can still use it!

Thirdly, even though it is gentle, it is always very effective in eliminating impurities!

Fourth, with its highly effect formula with Magnolia Extract, it also helps to prevent impurities without irritating your skin!

You just have to try this awesome 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes from NIVEA!

Try it to believe it!

Stay pretty!



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