Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Hoping for the best for the new year!

Ok... I just took down my previous post. So if you saw it, you saw it. If not, then too bad. If you would to read it, email me and I may consider sending you.

Anyway... dinner last night with Diana, Claudia, Weijie and Meldric was great!

Really am glad to get to know and made friends with many bloggers this year through various events and outings. Thank you! Be it from where did I got all these opportunities from, THANK YOU! really hope that everyone will still stick together and continue this friendship of ours!

It's been the 3th day, continuously, that I bumped into a KCPian.
Sunday was Fang Ling (still used to calling her Fang ling instead of Eileen) at AMK Hub when Dann and I went for movie,
yesterday, Monday, was CK at Sakae during dinner,
and today, Tuesday, Darren when I was on my way to meet Dann, Xiang Min, Ezzat and Gerry after work!

hahaha... Who's next tomorrow? Will I get to bump into any other KCPian? At bugis? Or a party? I don't know... Maybe some of my other friends became famous bloggers and I get to meet them through a bloggers' party tomorrow? hahaha...

Well, I really don't know. And as what I know, none of my other Secondary School friends are taking blogging "seriously". Many only update their blog like... once a month? No no no... correction, once a few months!

Anyway... here's your last chance to get your FREE pair of tickets to Sentosa's Desperados ride! Click here to find out more!

Peace out everyone! See you, whoever I get to see at the party tomorrow!
hahaha.. sadly Nadia and Jayden are in Bangkok... meow~

Cheers & Sweet Dreams!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Japanese braid with side bun Hair Tutorial!

Yippe! Here's another hair tutorial video to share! Sorry it's not the chestnut hairdo but I'll do that real soon!
Actually wanted to do the chestnut hairdo the day before when I was doing my own hairdo for the day but I left my camera with myboyfriend. =( Then when I came home but I had a hell time at home so... Never mind... I'm like super in mood to do hair tutorials these few days. hahaha...

OKi. Hope that you'll enjoy this hair tutorial, too! Do give me your comments ya?
Thank you!

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Going nuts

Someone, get me out of this house or reserve a room for me in Hougang chalet.

If every night I'm gonna come home and my mom's gonna tell me all about that freaking doll, I'll really go crazy. And I mean, certified crazy.

What on earth will it takes for my mom to get into her brain that I'm freaking afraid of that freaking doll, I have a serious phobia for it ever since I was like what? Primary 1? or even Kindergarden? Like more than 13 years? Before we even shifted to this house?!

Someone... Anyone... SAVE ME!!!

Crazy Trix

My Christmas started great and ended super badly.

All of that stupid freaking doll should be burnt and Singapore should ban it!

Now that my very own cousin has it and has it in the room on the bed, I'll never go to my cousin's house!

Over my dead body!!!

Super scared now... I'm like crying and crying non-stop. I know this seems really super stupid cos it isn't in my house and not as if I go to cousin's house every other day but still!

Like the whole house knows that I super duper uper terrified by that freaking doll and my mom can always put on a smile and tell all sorts of thing about and she even once said that if she sees that thing in Singapore, she'll buy one of it! Which we DID saw that freaking doll like years ago when my mom and I went shopping at Bugis Junction (when Bugis Junction just opened) and she went to the shop and asked how much is it for that freaking doll! Thankfully that doll was just for display only!!!

There's always a reason why I seriously choose where do I bring my mom to whenever we go out. I make sure that she will never ever get to see that freaking doll anywhere in any shops in Singapore!

I think if that freaking doll my cousin bought does not cost over $90, she may just get one without remembering that this daughter of hers would rather die than to see that freaking doll!

Friday, 25 December 2009

クリスマス おめでとう!

This is a scheduled post as like mentioned in my previous post, I won't have any access to the internet these 2 days. Even if I do have access to the internet, I wouldn't have time to blog either.

Hope that this little video clip will keep you entertained for the next one minute.

Yes~ the Christmas tree hat that ドラえもん was supposed to wear on really is a hat. Look out for further post on how I celebrated my Christmas and you may see me in that very hat itself!

Isn't that hat just cute~?! In case you're wondering where I got it, I got it from Daiso. It comes in light pink and light blue, too.

Okay~ That's all~
Merry Christmas!
クリスマス おめでとう!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

War Outbreak

Believe it or not, there is a war going on in this blog-mosphere.

All I hope is that no one gets hurt or make reckless decision.

Think people, think.

Shall not blog any further...

Won't be blogging for the next 2 days as I'll be busy with Christmas celebration(s) and I won't be able to use any form of internet unless I use my siao siao Samsung i780.


By the way, I'm having some problems with my new commenting system. Anyone using the same commenting system as me and is willing to help me solve my problems?

Thanks in advance.

Okay~ that's it for now.
Gonna continue to prepare Christmas presents.

Sleep tight everyone!
Early Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Friday, 18 December 2009

A bad month~

This month has been a bad month for many people.

I have friends whose grandparents passed away. Note oh~ There's an "S" behind friends.

I have friends that has problems with their relationship and I've also read some blogs where some other bloggers also has problems with their relationship.

Well, I don't know how to place myself under.

My Aunite got admitted to hospital, my dad injured himself when he was working in Turkey last week, and I'm having a bad time ever since last week. You may see me smiling and laughing my heads of at events or gatherings. But no one actually know that I'm crying every night at room when I'm all alone in my room.

I hate Decembers.

Hope that everyone else will get better and cheer up!
Hope that all bad stuff will go away.
Hope that everyone will stay healthy.
My Aunite to get better, my dad will be able to see a doctor asap.

God bless everyone~

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Are You Being Served?
Mission Plan


Hello!!! OK. I think it's always quite a headache for ladies whenever you wanna find a a good place for your manicure and pedicure to be done!

ニャ~ 今度どこに良く行ってね~
Where oh where should I go???

Like for me, it can't be too expensive as I do not earn like a few thousands dollars a month to allow to me spend that kind of money.
Secondly, they MUST do a good job. (like duh~)
Third, GOOD SERVICE!!! I wouldn't wanna go somewhere even if they charge at a low rate and do a alright job with lousy service! I would rather pay slightly more for somewhere with much better services!

You give me bad service and I'll never go back again even if a thousand and one other people come and tell me that the place is good.

In conjunction to Are You Being Served?, I'm gonna reckon a place where you feel like a somebody instead of a nobody when you go there to get your precious nails done!

Mission details: I'll first call up and ask for pricing for their services. With an intention of trying to get my nails extended, I'll ask more details on different kind of nail extensions, what kind of extensions they offer and what's the difference between all the different kind of nail extensions. This will show how much does the manicurist know about different nail services and also how patient she is to attending to a customer even over the phone. On the day of my appointment, I will then go there without much idea of what else would I want to do for my nails except getting them extended. I will then ask for recommendations from the manicurist. After a few recommendations, I'll be frequent-minded and just couldn't get my decision made for quite some time. If the manicurist is paitent enough, she would not be giving me a bad face and still continue doing her job well.

Service skill to test: Product & service knowledge and patience

I'm gonna find a place that makes you SMILE like me!

to be continued...

Uniquely Singapore - SG Tidbits 365


Love our local tidbits?

This is my favorite local tidbit!

Now, here's 2 questions for you!

1. Do you know of any interesting , little-known fun fact that is unique to Singapore?
(e.g. a place, person or even thing which few people know about)

2. Do you wanna have your very own iPhone?!

Now here's YOUR chance to win your very own iPhone!

There is an online contest going on right now , and it is none other than

SG Tidbits 365 (http://pea.to/sg365)!!!

Grand prize:1 X iPhone 3GS
Second Prize: 1 X Nintendo Wii (Local) with Wii Sports + 2 Games
Third prize: 1 X HOLGA Lomo Camera

There are also Capitaland Vouchers to be won, too!

To participate, all you have to do is simply upload your photos OR input the YouTube URL of your video and tell your version of Singapore's best kept secrets. There are no limits to the number of entries you can submit.

Next, get all your friends and family to vote for your submission! They themselves as voters stand a chance to win Capitaland Vouchers, too!!!

Winners of the contest is determined by judges and also the number of votes received at end of contest.

So what are you waiting for?! Go on ad get your cameras charged up and start snapping OR recording your photos and videos!!!

HURRY!!! This contest ends the end of this year, 31 December 2009!!! Follow this link to join now!
SG Tidbits 365(http://pea.to/sg365)

Good Luck!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Be the cowgirl/cowboy of the day!


Yippe! I had a very great fun day out yesterday with many other bloggers!
And where did we go to?


Now follow our trail to our secret destination of the day!

We alighted at Imbiah Station and walked quite a short distance to our destination!

haha... I'm like so happy that I got to make new friends with other bloggers!

Group shot with my new friends with Merloin in the background! TADA!!!

So after you exit from Imbiah Station, all we did was to take the long escalator! It's like a super short cut to our destination!

When you reach the top, you'll see the "Images of Singapore"!

It was super windy up there! I totally LOVE it!

See that tall tower? Go towards it! It's not far away from our destination!!!

Keep walking.... You're less than a minute away!

And TADA!! We've arrived at our destination!!!
Sentosa's 4D Magix

And here are the fun and interesting attractions there!

Yuhu~~~ So excited!!! We just can't wait to explore the various parts of the world in 4D Magix and of course, CINEBLAST!!!

So are you ready to start your adventure journey?

Yeah! We're going in!!!

And We're IN!!!

Always pay attention and watch the safety video before each attraction. Just like what the video says,

"Safety comes first, next comes fun!"

Setting off to explore the land of the pirates! Grrrr~~~!



And we're at...

Yeah the Desperados!!!
Yiiiiiha! *Cowboy-ish*

Yeah~ We're all waiting patiently for our turn! Wahahaha!!!

Oh~~~ There's a cowboy~! LOL.
That's a really nice cowboy standing at the entrance alright~!

~~ I just can't wait to shoot those wanted people down! *piu piu piu*

And get that $10 million reward!!!

Yeah! Our turn!

My "horse" and I!
Number 13! Yippe! Yiha!

Time to get on our horses and chase that wanted man!

Shoot him down everyone!!!

Are you ready?!

It's like really cool as you really feel as if you're riding on a horse and chasing after the "bad guy" like in any cowboy movies!

Super cool!

And feeling the gun vibrating whenever you shot that wanted man was simply great!

Who's the cowboy/cowgirl now?

And the last attraction of the day!


I'm happy!

Special effects before the safety video

Listening attentively

We were all seated in our own capsules for this attraction ride



Now after seeing all the fun that all of us had, would you wanna experience all of this yourself?

What?! Not enough cash left after all the Christmas shopping?

Here's your chance, no excuse!

It's the "Weekend Shoot-Out at High Noon!" promotion

With this 'Golden Hour' promotion, get to save $4 and the Shoot-out challenge makes the ride even more competitive and fun! The cowboy/cowgirl with the highest score for that day gets to bring home a basket of prizes.

Hurry! This Golden Hour promotion is available every weekend in December at 12pm-1pm & 6pm to 7pm

For more information, check out Sentosa 4D Magix facebook page @ http://bit.ly/8HatqF

It's simple! There's only 2 simple steps you have to do to qualify!

1. Join Sentosa 4D Magix the facebook page @ http://bit.ly/8HatqF

2. Post a comment on the Facebook wall --
"I'm reader of Trixy's blog and I want to experience Sentosa 4D Magix!"

Remember to state that you're a reader of my blog or you will not be qualified oh~

Yes, it IS THAT SIMPLE!!! No tricks!

This contest is opened from now until the 31st of December 2009.
Winners will be contacted via facebook message on the 1st week of January 2010.

Contest is on from now until the 31st of December 2009. Winners will be contacted via facebook message on the 1st week of January 2010.

So what are you waiting for?! Join NOW!!!
*bang bang bang!*


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