Saturday, 30 June 2012

XM's Birthday!!!

Hi everyone!

It've been a long time since I last blogged about my daily life.
Do you miss it?

First, of course must start with camwhore photo of mine!

Products used:
My new KATE Real Create Eyes Eyeshadow BR-2 (Sponsored)
My new Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex Lip Gloss PK 102 (Bought at Shiseido Sales)

OMG lor~ I just love Majolica Majorca's Lip Gloss so I'll at least one every time at Shiseido sales! Awesome!

I bought like 3 in the last sales!

Only $15 okay!!!???!!!???

And yea! I love my new handbag from Tocco Tenero!!

So sweet right?!

It's in pastel pink which is SUPER in fashion this season!

PLUS! I'm super surprised at how much things I can actually put in that SMALL little handbag!

*ahem* I brought my camera, a Olympus E-PL1, out in it okay~!

Searched high and low and managed to buy 2 packets of Hotcake Caramel Corn for birthday boy XM and I!

Yea~ We both have a thing for Caramel Corn.

I'm sucha sucker! OMG~

Had Hiyashi Ramen at Cuppage Plaza for lunch!

Super yummy! Must try!!!

Next was karaoke session!!!

Lovely Gin brought us Kinder Hippos!!!

The Bros XM and Dann singing 千里之外 for I don't know how many times already~

Have not hit 1000 though....

Our dear birthday boy resting after singing

Jo and I started taking polaroids and this is the end product! Lol

Doodled with photoshop.
Looks... weird... lol

BT and XM

XM and Lue

With Lue

I so nice~ Photoshopped him to have good skin.

*小弟, say thank you!*

With Jo

Yu~ka~ta~ Ngak ngak ngak!!!

A candid shot of Lue and surprisingly turned out nice

Apple tea is naisu~

After KTV session, we headed off for dinner followed by movie before some chit chat session at *Scape mac!

Group shot before we head home!

Oki. That's all for this post.

Hope I didn't bore you.

Good night everyone!

XOXO Tsuriki

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Hi everyone!

Above is a photo taken this morning before I left for work.

Not gonna be a long post here...
Just wanted to show my little craze for neko-mimi (cat ears) again

And ya! JoXianna and i both have the same neko-mimi hat and as everyone just can't resist the cute hat we have yesterday at Jo's birthday celebration!

Shall blog proper in another post.

That's all for now!

Gonna get my nails done tonight!
Can't wait!

XOXO Tsuriki

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cute Dolly Sparkling Eyes

Sponsored Review

Hi everyone!

Although recently I've been going for more of a mature look (cos I just have to admit that I'm no longer young, young), some times, I would still want to go for a Dolly Cute look and of course! Coloured lenses is one very important factor that you just cannot miss out!

Why not try out GEO Diamond series?!

I've always wanted to get a pair for my own ever since I saw Rina (fellow MMK maid) wore it as it really gives your eyes the キラキラ sparkling look!

Although this pair of lenses are of 15mm diameter, they do not feel uncomfortable at all after wearing for about a month so far!

There are a total of 7 different colours for this GEO Diamond series for you to choose from!

And of course, offers way more range of GEO lenses on top of the Diamond range!

Mention "TSURIKI10" and Get 10% Discount when you order at

Go check it out now!

XOXO Tsuriki

Back to Healthy Hair with Hair Sciences
+ Experience a complimentary transformation!

Sponsored Review

Hi everyone!

I believe everyone wanna have awesome looking hair and a huge percentage of us actually does style, perm, or most commonly dye or even bleach our hair.

All these chemical would cause damage to our hair and no matter how little times you do it, or even just ONCE, that ONCE is also a damage.

We may not see it, we may not feel it.

But just like ear piercing, it's a forever damage done.

Not to worry people! Even if you've coloured your hair several times, or even bleached a couple of times before, you can get your healthy hair back at Hair Sciences!

So here I have with my Iris from Hair Sciences washing my hair before we carry on with our treatment!

Goodbye all dirt and dust!

After shampoo, next is Protein Treatment for my hair!

This would make my hair healthier and stronger!
Bleached hair seriously breaks freaking easily so this really helps ALOT!

All hair treatments at Hair Sciences are specially designed for everyone's needs!

As I do not have any scalp problems, I could go straight to MY hair problem

oh my~ I'm only 22!!! Save me!!!

So after Protein Treatment, Iris came be a little massage before going on to Hair Restoration Treatment, treatment for my hair fall problem!

Apply on the special lotion for Hair Growth!!!

After application, I have to go through 15 mins under the infrared light for the Hair Growth treatment!

And there I have in my hand, my own Hair Growth lotion for me to apply on everyday after I was my hair at home!

Tada! All done!

Here's my hair after the very first treatment!

So nice must camwhore a little. Lol

Treatment is twice a week! ngak ngak~

After my second treatment

And how's my hair after just 4 treatments?

*insert drum rolls*


*Photo taken using iPhone 4S*

My hair no longer tangles and is very very smooth!

Here's a list of other services that Hair Sciences offers!

Scalp Therapy
Dandruff Treatment
Hair Restoration Treatment
Hair Reverse Ageing Treatment
Pre-post Natal Hair Restoration Treatment
Alopecia Hair Restoration Treatment
Herbal Hair Color Treatment
Hair Color Restoration Treatment
Anti Stress & Detox Therapy

Now here's your chance to experience the wonder Hair Sciences is able to do for your hair!

Enjoy a Complimentary Customized Scalp + Hair Care Treatment + Meridian Points Head and Shoulder Massage + Hair & Scalp Analysis worth $360.

Yes! Fully complimentary!

Terms & Conditions:
Valid till 31st August 2012
• Valid for Singapore NRIC/PR/EP holders only
• Valid for Female & Male customers aged 23 years and above, and strictly by appointment only
• Customer has to arrive 30min before appointment time for the complimentary hair & scalp analysis.
• Call 6100 1698 for appointment.
• Quote “Trixy Blog” for appointment (Trixy - tri-xie)
• Strictly limited to one redemption per customer only
• Not valid with any other discount (card, voucher or promotion)
• Non-exchangeable for cash, products or services not stated on the voucher itself
• Hair Sciences Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice

For more informatiom, you can check out Hair Science's official website at

Tuesday, 19 June 2012
Princess Mimi Sesame Grey

Sponsored Review

Hi everyone!

I have been receiving questions and emails asking me where do I get my contact lenses from and stuff like that.

Well, here's one online store to satisfy your needs and wants to Geo contact lenses!

Back of the box

Isn't it just awesome that when you share a photo of you wearing their lenses on Facebook you can get USD 5 / GBP3.50 voucher!?!?!

The lenses were sent well bubble wrapped so you don't have to worry about any damage when the lenses are being shipped from overseas!

And here I am wearing my Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey lenses!

I am a HUGE fan of Princess Mimi lenses and frankly speaking, their design is Number One on my favourite circle lenses list!

I have been wearing these lenses for more than 2 weeks straight and I have not faced any problems with them!

Even though the lenses are of 15mm diameter, it does not make my eyes feel uncomfortable unlike some other lenses I've worn before.

You can get your very own Geo Premium Series lenses, including Princess Mimi, here:

Plus! Mention "TSURIKI10" and Get 10% Discount of your orders only at

Beautify your eyes now with pretty Princess Mimi lenses!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Fan Meeting with KARA in Singapore!


Hi hi everyone!

Here's a rare post I'm posting about K-Pop!

KARA is a top girl group from Korea and Japan’s most popular K-Pop artiste, having sold 1.18 million albums in Japan in 2011 with their most recent Japanese album "Super Girl".
The five jewels of KARA are Gyuri, Seungyeon, Nicole, Hara, and Jiyoung. The girls have been together since mid-2008 and made their successful debut in Japan in 2010.

By the end of the year, KARA had been awarded Japan's #1 Rookie Artist of 2010 by Oricon and also received the New Artist of the Year Award (International) from the Japan Gold Disc Awards.

The group will be in Singapore for the KARA Showcase 2012, on 10 July, at RWS and all 5 members of the group will make an appearance and hold one autograph session in the official mall during this visit, to promote the launch of launch of the KARA fragrance.

KARA is also the first Korean artiste to have their own premium fragrance line and this fragrance will be launched at Metro stores.

There will be a Meet & Greet Autograph session for fans, exclusively for the first 80 KARA fans with KARA Showcase 2012 tickets!

Date: 9 July 2012
Time: 7pm
Venue: Causeway Point Main Atrium outside Metro

PLUS! For the first 80 fans who present their tickets at our Level 2 Customer Service Counter (from 11am - 9.30pm) on 9 July, will receive a Limited Edition KARA showcase poster, to be autographed by KARA!!!

Not to worry if you have not got their tickets to the showcase as you can stand a chance to win them in Causeway Point!

Causeway Point is located in the heart of Woodlands Regional Centre, next to the Woodlands MRT station and bus interchange. With more than 250 shops, it is the largest mall managed by Frasers Centrepoint Malls.

Anchor tenants are Cathay Cineplexes, Cold Storage, Courts, Food Republic, Kiddy Palace, Metro, POPULAR Bookstore and Uniqlo.

Simply spend a min of $150 and present any receipt from an F&B outlet for a lucky dip chance to win a pair of Category 1 KARA tickets worth $151 each!

PLUS! If you were present the cut out coupon found on the MyPaper advertisement on 6 July, you will be eligible for a double dip chance to win more prizes!

There will also be life-sized standees produced for you to take photos with KARA from 26 June onwards!

Keep an eye on Causeway Point’s Facebook Page for exclusive offers and new promotions daily!

Facebook Page:

So ya! Head on down to Causeway Point this July and I'll see YOU at KARA's showcase!
So exciting!!! It's gonna be my very first time watching a showcase of a K-Pop group! at RWS!

XOXO Tsuriki




For overseas readers that want to purchase the tickets for KARA's showcase,
please email me for more information.

Thank you!

Friday, 15 June 2012

GSS Advertorial Promo

Hi everyone!

Ever thought of advertising your blogshop on my blog?

From now till 30 June 2012, you can advertise your blogshop on my blog starting from only $50!*

YES! ONLY $50!

Wanna know more?

Email me at for more information now!

*Applicable to blogshops only. Terms and conditions applies*


Lenses worn in this post: Princess Mimi Sesame Grey from

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Kiss Kiss~ Heroine Make Princess Ball ♫

Blogger Event

Hi everyone!

About 3 weeks ago, I was invited to attend a event for Heroine Make!

Yes~ The brand that I mention EVERY TIME some one asks me for recommendations for lash glue. I must say that they have the BEST lash glue I've tried so far!

And nope, I have not changed the brand of lash glue I'm using ever since my very first bottle like... 2 years ago if I'm not wrong.

The range of Heroine Make products on the table!

*Note, these are NOT all of the product under their brand oh~*

Before the start of the event, we all had our eye length and width measured.

*Frankly speaking, I had absolutely no idea what was that for as was late.*
*Stupid jam~ Don't talk about it~*

And also, we were each given a pretty bracelet with our initials on!

So nice right~?

Yummy treats for every princess in the room, including MUA! ME! Lol~

Yes, we cannot start the event without some basic knowledge of the products under the Heroine Make line, right?

After the introduction the various products, we were given around 10 mins for a hands-on session!

And yup, above is the powder under Heroine Make!

I did not try it out as I already had base makeup on but I heard it's good!

Double eyelid tape from Heroine Make

It's very similar to eyelid fibre so of course! I must give it a try!

It is surprisingly very easy to apply on!

My second attempt only lor~

Bear in mind that I had base makeup on already so that's probably the reason why the ends did not stick on as well.

But I'm defintely gonna buy this product yo!

Eyelash curler~!

Love it that the width is wide so you won't have a problem using it even after you apply on your false lashes!

THE Impact Mascara

Want Volume AND Length? You Have to try this mascara out!

And here we have Tiphanie applying on the mascara!

My after look!

Without the help of eyeshadow and false lashes, does my eyes still look big?

The prizes for the girl with the biggest difference in length X width before and after makeup.

And yea! I'm proudly presented the girl with the biggest difference for our session!

And total difference of 2cm!

Thank you thank you~!

And here are all my goodies from the event!

Spotted this special edition of Kiss Me Heroine X Chupa Chups Lip Balm?!

Oh my~ I just can't wait to try it!

Nya nya~!

And here's my very beautiful pen from Swarovski for my prize for winning the small little challenge!

You can get your very own Heroine Make Products from Watsons!
Go check them out now!!!


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