Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Hong Kong Day 1

hey there everyone!
i'm in hong kong!
but then again...
this post can only be posted when i am able to find usable wireless
as this 5-star hotel dont provide free broadband in the room.

it's like 40HKD per hour lor...
which is around 8SGD...
and it provides the LAN cable in the room etc...
in the end still have to pay for it.
so diao~

hotel so expensive liao still charge people for internet.

oh well...

so ya....

shall start from where i stopped at changi airport

so my sister and i started out our journey
we board our plane
and watched movies on the plane.
it was kind boring for me
cause most of the movies they were showing
i've watch them all
and recently.

so ya...

i enjoyed the jpop radio station
as they were airing currently popular
and songs that are currently on my playlist too


so after around 3 hours,
we finally arrived at hong kong airport!!!

i may sound like some mountain tortoise
BUT i'm still gonna say it.


so we were here
and gotten the tickets for the hong kong express
that jaeson told me to take
and my sis and i made our way to conrad hotel at admiralty.

so we got here
unload our stuff
and went to causeway bay with our dad.

we went times square for a while
and got some salad sauces
before walking along the streets
where my settled at a "fast-food resturant" called
da jia le (dai ga lok) for dinner.

i got myself BBQ pork and sausage rice
whereas my sister got some minced beef rice
i forgot the name for it.
but it's like bologise sause with rice instead of pasta.

so ya...
mine was a better choice.

after that,
we went the sogo for some shopping.
i got myself a beach shorts
is a little big.
wanted to buy Small
but the lay gave me Medium.
*does my waist/hip look so big?*

oh well..
still can wear lah...


my sis got herself new swim suit
and my dad got himself a soyabean milk machine.

*i so dont wanna drink soyabean milk every time i go my dad's house*


so after that we went for more food
as my stepmom and her friend havent had dinner.

we went to a cafe i guess...
those cha can ting
and they had yu dan mian.
(fish egg noodles)

i had cold milk tea...

milk tea~~~
yum yum.

then we went to a wet market
where the level above it has a resturant...
they just walked one round in it
then we all took cab back to the hotel.

and ya...
"blogging" now...

see you people!

hope you can see this post soon.

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