Friday, 31 October 2008

the born-torture of all female!!!

hey there everyone!
it is such a horrible morning
that i had to drag myself to school.

i just hate being a female at times~

so ya,
i think you know what i meant
and know why on earth did i had to drag myself to school.

argh i hate it!!!

but then again i love it
cause i wont get fat during this period of time
even if i eat more than what i usually do.
but of course,
not too much still...

oh well...

despite all the pain,
school is still cruel.
they just wouldnt let you stay home and rest
even if you're in great pain.


because you do not have a piece of paper to certify that you're in great pain
while having your period.


sometimes i really wonder why dont guys get to experience what we female experience?
isnt that unfair?

you can say
"but girls no need to serve NS arh..."

but hey look,
NS isnt born in you!

it's not like you will be in the army,
every weekday in the army,
weekend book out,
for the rest of your life once you receive the "sweet love letter" from the government!!!

and when is the minimum you receive your letter?

female start their torture from as young as 10?!
can you imagine what we have to go through every single month
for around a week's time!?

but then of course,
there are lucky women out there that dont have to receive such pain
every single month...

some (including me) will feel that they are lucky,
they themselves might not.
and of course,
maybe it's also not good for them in the view of doctors.

people out there that doesnt have to receive such pain every month,
how about you telling me
whether you feel lucky?
or not?


if i have a webcam now,
or if my dear mobile does not make a noise when i take photos,
i'll show you how am i "resting" while doing my work.

i put my head resting on my water bottle filled with warm water
which i've almost finished it,
trying to relax my body even though i have to remain in a sitting manner on the chair.
and by legs freaking ache lah!

oh ya!
that's another thing i hate about periods.

your whole body aches like mad
and you can do nothing about it.
especially the legs!!!
it's like even though you're resting,
lyind down on the bed,
your legs just seem not able to relax.

out of a sudden,
your whole body just totally forgets the whole idea of relaxing!!!

and if you still have go up the stairs...
you really feel as if you're really using all the energy you have
just to finish that few steps that you walk so easily
when you're not having your period

( -_________________________-'")


hate periods!
it just makes everything consist of the taste of blood!!!
(or at least for me)
even plain water has bloody taste~

there's like so many other horrible things when period comes lor...

you get outbreaks!
even if you have born-beauty skin,
you'll STILL GET PIMPLES!!!!!!

and what else?

you cant eat nice stuff like ice cream,
cold soda,
beancurd (dou hua),
soya bean milk,
grass jelly,
pineapple etc etc
when it's like the best time to eat as you wont really get fat even after eating them.


cause they are cold!!!

the beancurd, soya bean milk, grass jelly and pineapple may not be literally cold,
but to us chinese,
they are food that will cool you body the inner whatever thingy
which will make you feel bad after eating them.

also sian...
also cannot eat mah...


so at this point of time,
what do i eat?


dont blame me if i just wanna eat them.

chocolates is a heaty food so you dont have to worry about having cramps again after eating them.

you dont really get fat during your period.
just eat lah!
but of course, again!
dont eat too much!!!

well come on...
how many woman out there dont at all crave for chocolates during this period of time?
it's like just a small percentage only~
to think that you're normal and just like anyone else,
just get maybe 3 small packets of chocolates
and settle your craving!
but hey hey hey!
i did NOT say finish that 3 packets at a time okay?
eat a packet a day,
starting from the first day of period
and after the third day,
you wont crave for it already.

plus, there's always the second reason for you to eat for just this three days.

but then again,
all these just works for me.
not sure what effects it will give others if you do what i usually do...


Wednesday, 29 October 2008

testing test~~~

hey there everyone,
i was just looking around the picasa web albums
where all my photos on my blog are uploaded to
and just went looking around
seeing what could i do with it
and i just uploaded most of my photos taken in hong kong
at the start of the month there.

i know i did upload in my friendster account too.
i kinda clear my friendster account photos abit as and when i like

so ya...
uploading it to another place is better,
and i guess picasa is even faster for everyone to view it too.

Hong Kong Trip 2008

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

trix tricks


good afternoon people!

it's already 11.23am but yet i still cant bring myself to just focus on my work.


ok. i shall cut down on hahahaha,
, etc...

cause there's the feedback i got from steve.
he say my blog like almost every few sentence
will have either a haha,
meow or just some other noise.

so i shall try to cut down.

when i really cant help it,
i guess i'll use lol instead?


ok ok.
i said cut down,
i didnt say not to use them at all!!!!!



so back back to today.
i woke up at 6.40am this morning,
wash up,
packed my stuff,
and got on my way school.

so freaking early?!


cause i wasnt travelling down from my home.

was from pasir ris as i'm on a short chalet time
Final Year Project doesnt allow people to be just absence for even a day without reason.

... (argh i so wanna type meow)


so while the rest were still asleep,
i had to wake up and leave.

argh~~!!! roar~~!!!

and when i reached yio chu kang mrt station
it was like ONLY 8.05am!!!!!!

should have just slept for another 15mins!!!

but forget it!
anyway i'll be going home tonight
so tomorrow's journey to school will be back to normal
(which may not be a good thing actually)



cause i'll be sleeping in my own bed
and just like ying zheng says,
"my bed is calling me..."


and i'm like so bored here today...
jie ying isnt around as she has an interview with creative for her attachment.

i also wanna go creative for attachment!!!
or just other companies like...


but then again,
it all depends on the school...

oh well,
i'm happy that today i can end my fyp earlier
as i have national education from 4-6pm.


i wanna eat bbq chicken!!!

cant wait!!!

but first,
i shall start thinking of what should i eat for lunch.
i can feel my stomach a little unhappy already.


Sunday, 26 October 2008

homey~ ???

hey hey people!
good afternoon!!!

it's quite rare to see my blog at this time of the day
on a weekend...

usually this time,
i'll be like getting dressed to go out...

oh well,
kinda sad.
today dont have wii time cause OZ is working...

so my sis, her boyfriend and i came over to my dad's house for lunch
(or rather bunch).

my dad made onion soup,
and my stepmom made fried rice.

yum yum~
onion soup is nice~~~

it's like,
my dad made soup portion following the recipe
which was like for 4-6 people,
and whenever we eat any meal,
it's like only my sis,
her boyfriend
and i 3 people eat only that kind?!
cause my stepmom dont eat alot,
so she's counted like half a person?
and my dad dont eat ever sinced months ago
so practically there's only 3 and a half people eating


yum yum~~~

oh well,
i didnt really used the computer last night
as i was busy packing my things
cause there would be someone coming over to see the house today,
later in a few hours time.


and below is a photo of my room currently:

say all you want if you think i'm childish
and like "aint i too old for such a room?!"

i love my room
and sadly i wouldnt be able to stay in it anymore
2 months down the road.

for people who have never come to my house before,
you may think that my room is like messy
and filled with things.

for people have have been to my house,
especially my room recently,
how is it?


it's like i can finally walk around in the room
without the need to avoid things that are lke liying all over the floor lor~

*still dare to say right?*

and i was kinda sad as i have to throw away some stuff.
and super sadly,


freaking sad~!

even now i am still kinda sad.

but no choice,
i dont think we will have the space to keep them after we shift anyway...

didnt take photo of them
cause it was really very late
and we'll really rushing to clear and clean the house
cause it was getting early arh~

after all the clearing,
i did mention cleaning right?


i sweep and mopped the whole house
and even clean the door knots and stair's handbar.
*dont know the exact word of it*

and as i was clean it,
i think my nails got too soft after all the mopping and stuff
i accidentally knocked my right ring-man finger into the metal bar,
and my nail just flipped totally backwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




whatever you can think of,
i was thinking of it too at the point of time.


after that,
i quickly cut my fingernails
and clean of the nail polish.
i cannot clean the nail polish of that finger
cause it was like bleeding already...


oh well~~~

i wouldnt have to chance to do so anymore too i guess...

and after all the cleaning,
i took a quick shower
and the time was around 5am already~!


slept in my mom's room
as she isnt in singapore these few days.
the big queen size bed all to mua~!!!


my stepmom just gave me 2 TY big teddy bears!!!




just when i was looking through the photos taken in my mobile,
i saw this photo i took when i was hong kong
weeks ago...

i thought that is was cute
and a great advertisement.

*advertisement for motorola on the mtr train in hong kong*
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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Girly Trix

Hey there everyone,
i'm on my way to JAS now to collect my cert for japanese language 1.
they just called my yesterday and tell me if i'm not going to collect by this week,
they're just going to throw it away.
and Ya...
i'm having long hair again...
*though i think the picture doesnt really shows so*
but oh well...
It's been a long time sinced i had my long hair already...
and jus an hour ago,
i realised that my eye brown is starting to grow back,
that freaking long one.
and how did i know?
cos my mascara got on it again.
so the bus is reaching JAS already...
so i shall end here.


Thursday, 23 October 2008

10 Secrets of the Effortlessly Thin

just so happened to come by this article on msn.

so ya,
it's time for more health tips!!!


original article on

10 Secrets of the Effortlessly Thin

No. 1 -- They don't diet

Or at least not in the traditional, all-or-nothing, deprivation sense of the word. "You need to get rid of that diet mentality and realize that what you are doing is making a permanent lifestyle change," says Anne Fletcher, M.S., R.D., author of the Thin for Life book series. She adds, "You do have to cut back on calories if you want to stay thin, but it's about reassessing what you eat and being more sensible in your choices, not about a quick-fix, crazy diet." Research has also shown that thin people tend to have a better quality diet than those who are overweight. They eat more fruits and vegetables and more fiber, and drink more water—all healthy things that provide more food volume for the number of calories.

By Sally Wadyka for MSN Health & Fitness

No.2 -- They keep track of their weight

Thin people know how much they weigh, and they monitor that number by stepping on the scale frequently. It's not about a having an unhealthy fixation on that number on the scale, but it's a way to catch a 5-pound gain before it suddenly turns into a 20-pound gain. "Aim to keep your weight within a five-pound range, and if you see it go above that buffer zone, make sure you have an immediate plan of action for how to address it," suggests Fletcher.

No.3 -- They exercise regularly

"In my research, 9 out of 10 people who've lost weight and maintained it exercise regularly and make it a critical part of their lives," says Fletcher. Even if you've never been a fitness fanatic, it's not too late to get moving. Even taking a few 15-minute walks throughout the day will be a move in the right direction. Once you start to enjoy the mood-boosting and calorie-burning advantages of exercise, start looking for ways to keep your workouts interesting. Join a local gym and try a variety of classes and cardio machines, find friends to walk with, or experiment with at-home exercise DVDs.

No.4 -- They don't solve problems with food
Almost everyone is guilty of occasionally drowning their sorrows in a pint of Ben & Jerry's or taking out frustration on a batch of brownies, but thin people definitely don't make it a habit. "They tend not to eat purely for emotional reasons," says Fletcher. When you are upset (or bored, lonely, frustrated or angry), she suggests asking yourself: Is food really going to solve the problem, or will it just end up making you feel worse after you finish eating? Chances are, the food won't fix what's bothering you, so it's important to come up with a list of other small pleasures you can turn to instead of food. Some ideas include going for a walk, watching a movie, calling a friend, playing with your kids, or taking a bubble bath.

No.5 -- They stop eating when they're full

Most thin people are not members of the clean-plate club. Instead of mindlessly eating however much they are served, they pay attention to internal hunger cues and satiety. "Thin people are tuned into noticing when they are satisfied, and they stop eating even if there is food left," says Jill Fleming, M.S., R.D., author of Thin People Don't Clean Their Plates (Inspiration Presentations Press, 2005). "They often report that they don't like that feeling of being uncomfortably full, so they've learned how to stop before they reach it."

No.6 -- They don't surround themselves with temptation

Rather than stocking the cupboards with junk food, thin people's kitchens tend to be filled with healthy foods. That doesn't mean you can never have any indulgences in the house, just that you shouldn't have so many that you're likely to overeat them. For example, if you love to bake, give most of your sweets away to friends, or have your kids bring them to school or soccer practice, leaving just a few behind to enjoy yourself.

No.7 -- They allow themselves treats

It's the opposite of the deprivation mentality that many overweight (but dieting) people espouse: Thin people let themselves eat what they crave, sometimes even indulging in a treat every day. "The difference is that they do it consciously, choosing exactly what they really want to eat and then eating slowly and enjoying it," says Fleming. So if it's chocolate you want, don't try to eat around the craving with an array of foods that don't really satisfy you. Instead, allow yourself to have a small but really delicious chocolate bar and put the craving to rest.

No.8 -- They eat breakfast

According to the National Weight Control Registry, which tracks the habits and strategies of more than 5,000 people who have maintained a significant weight loss, nearly 80 percent of these successful losers eat breakfast every single day. And most of their naturally lean counterparts do the same, and make sure that eat within about an hour of waking up. "Breakfast is literally breaking the fast of the night," says Fleming. "Until you send food into your system, your metabolism doesn't really start to kick in."

No.9 -- They move, stand and fidget more

"Thin people are rarely sitting," says Fleming. Beyond their regular fitness routines, they simply move around more—and consequently burn more calories—throughout the day. And a study at the Mayo Clinic confirmed this: Researchers found that on average, a group of lean subjects sat for two hours a day less than the obese subjects, potentially burning up to 350 additional calories.

No.10 -- They don't skip meals

There are two problems with skipping meals—and thin people are careful not to fall prey to them. Going more than six hours without food will slow down your metabolism, plus you'll likely get so desperately hungry that you'll grab anything (as opposed to something healthy) and eat too much of it. "Thin people keep their gas tanks [i.e., their stomachs] between one-quarter and three-quarters full all the time," says Fleming. The best way to do that is to eat frequent mini-meals every three to four hours.

All images' credits from Getty Images

So how people?
well for me,
i guess i'm like only doing 4 out of the 10.

guess maybe that's why i aint fat,
neither am i thin.

so how about you?

More health information from msn

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

what song was that???!!!

listening to Yes93.3FM now.

i like the song that is playing now
but the info on Yes93.3FM's website shows the next song
it has a little old old song feel,
i mean those you will hear in the gu zhang xi that kind.

the song has little of hokkiean in it one
it is sang by a male artist.

anyone knows that song?


Giant robots are coming to Singapore, Hollywood???!!!

i just read a news on yahoo!
stating that there will be a transformer theme park!!!

though i dont think it will be in singapore due to the lack of space and stuff
if you set it up in singapore,
who will go after 6 months?

will still have lah...
just that not so much i guess.

and to think about entrance fee,
i wonder how much would that freaking cost lah!

Giant robots are coming to Singapore, Hollywood @ Yahoo!

Monday, 20 October 2008

walking through torned road









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quiz re-did!

3rd post of the day...

i was just looking through the info gotten of views of my blog
and i so happened to come across this 'quiz' that i did 2 years back
copied from jess's blog then.

and now that i'm bored,
i shall re-do it with updated info.

1. Full name: Trixy Mok Zhi Qi
2. Name backwards: iQ ihZ koM yxirT
3. Meaning of name: Happiness
4. Nickname: trix, xixi, trix trix
5. Screen name: Trixy 。 特理克丝。 ツリキ。 Ardorythmatics
6. D.O.B: 13 August 1989
7. Place of birth: Tan Tock Seng Hospital ???
8. Nationality: Singaporean
9.Current location: Nanyang Polytechnic
10.Star sign: Leo
11.Religon: Christian
12.Height: 160cm (last measured in 2006)
13.Weight: 49 kg
14.Shoe size: 3 1/2 (22.3 cm to be exact)
15.Hair color: Dark Brown
16.Eye color: Dark Brown
17.Who do you look like: some hong kong actress?
18.Innie or outtie: Depends...
19.Lefty or righty: Righty
20.Gay, straight, bi or others: Straight
21.Best friends: Gerry, Sok Hiang, Jess
22.Best friends you trust most: Gerry, , Jess, Xiang Min
23.Favourite pals: Kathy, Li Jin, Gerry, Sok Hiang, Jessica, Xiang Min
24.Best friend of opposite sex: Xiang Min
25.Best buddies: Kathy, Li Jin, Zhi Hui, Jess, Gerry, Sok Hiang
26.Boyfriend or girlfriend: Boyfriend -- Dann
27.Crush: I have a boyfriend~
28.Parents: Daddy and Mommy~
29.Worst Enemy: well... still my mom! lol
30.Favourite online guy: to chat online -- Lue Song
31.Favourite online girl: to chat online -- Jess
32.Craziest friend: and like i've said, who's normal?!
33.Advice friend: Gerry
34.Loudest friend: erm... Gerry?
35:Person you cry with: Gerry
36.Any sisters: Jac Jac
37.Any brothers: Nope.
38.Any pets: Nope, unless virtual pets count
39.Any disease: Nope.
40.Pager: still like the previous answer, does anyone still use one?
41.Personal phone line: Mobile line counted?
42.Phone: LG Shine 3G
43.Lava Lamp: I STILL dont mind getting one
44.Pool or hot tub: BOTH!!!
45.A car: None
46.Your personality: Act Blur, Unstable, will get high for no reason.
47.Driving: NO! i dont wanna endanger anyone's life.
48.Room: Yup! still the same old pink room.
49.Whats missing: Same answer -- Space
50.School: Nanyang Polytechnic
51.Bed: Single
52.Relationship with parents: Average?
53.Believe in yourself: Depends on what you're talking about.
54.Believe in love at first sight: yes i suppose... lol
55.Good listener: eh... yes? why not my friends answer this question for me?
56.Get along well with parents: mom, unstable. dad, not bad.
57.Save e-mail convos: Yup
58.Pray: Yup
59.Believe in reincarnation: No...
60.Make fun of people: I shoot people! =p blah~
61.Like to talk on the phone: alright only...
62.Want to get married: Yes
63.Like to drive: yes for video games
64.Motion Sickness: Nope
65.Eat stem of broccoli: Yes!!!
66.Eat chicken with fork: depends on location and the type of chicken.
67.Dream in color: Totally!!!
68.Type with your fingers on home role: i still dont understand the question, but i type using my nails.
69.Sleep with stuff animals: my doraemon cushion wendy and jasmine gave me for birthday.
70.Next to you: right now... chairs, PCs, jie ying... lol
71.On the walls of your room: currently nothing much.
72.On your mousepad: i no longer own a mousepad.
73.Dream car: None
74.Dream date: a great day out to a theme park followed by great dinner and the guy to send me home -- my doorstep.
74.Dream honeymoon spot: Rome, Paris
75.Dream husband or wife: erm...
76.Bedtime: between 12mn - 2am
77.Under your bed: the floor and dust.
78.Single most important question: i still dont understand the question.
79.Bad time of the day: 6am. hahaha.... time to wake up!!!
80.Your worst fear: that stupid idiot freaking horrible doll!!!
81.The weather is: i'm not sure about outside, but it's freezing in here!!!
82.Time: 5.26PM
83.Date: 20 October 2008
84.Best trick did on someone: i dont really remember tricks that i've done, so...
85.Theme song: gen zhe gan jue zou
86.Hardest thing about growing up: still, accepting many facts that I dont even wanna face
87.Funniest experience: meow~ doing/saying any stupid things?
88.Scariest experience: Anything to do with dolls
89.Silliest thing you have ever said: i can only think of one now. "why is it a quiet (acquire) taste and not loud?"
90.Most desperate and funniest thing i have done to get the opposite sex : still that confession? lol
91.Scariest thing while you are with your friends: Priya scaring me and wan qi with C****Y? or is there others... erm...
92.Worst feeling: Empty, Lost, Unwanted, Forgotten, Invisible
97.Best feeling in the world: Loved

original quiz here



just came back from lunch.
and ya...
i went for lunch again.
it's already the second time
where i just go buy take-away from north canteen,
and just sat alone along the corridor at BLK E.

just now as i was eating,
of course the feeling is the same,

but then why i thought of
"why do i choose that place?"

maybe i really miss the days,
the saturdays,
that after morning jmd sessions,
we may just sit around there,
chi chat,
eat our lunch for some.


i wanna dance again!

but when is adorthymatics really restarting?

20th century boys, what's next?

it's a monday morning
and yeah~
i managed to drag myself to school on time.

( ____ _____ ) zzzzz....

still sleepy though...

actually i wasnt on time,
i was a little early actually.
but when i realised that i reached yio chu kang mrt station at 0820,
i started to just take my time to cheers,
get myself a packet of soya bean milk
then walk over here to the lab.

and i'm like super not in mood yet
like every other morning
to start my work immediately.
so ya...
i shall blog.
like that i dont have to spend too much time at night to blog
after i've reached home.

and to not let my DTs see,
or any other lecturers in the room beside to catch me for accessing non-school related sites,
i always type my post in notepad first,
then just link the photos that i'm uploading in another window.

now everyone knows!

uncle xiang min,
Oz and i,
we went to the cathay to catch the 20th Century Boys.

the movie is nice,
there were many parts that i thought that it was ending
but just when i just shifted my body a little,
the movie continues.

maybe like 3/4 way through it started to get a little draggy.
or at least,
that's what i think...
and plus all the lack of sleep over the past 2 weeks,
i was kinda dozing off in the cinema.

but like i've said,
the movie is nice.
can't wait for part 2!!!


after watching the movie,
even till now,
the creepy voice still keeps ringing in my head.



after the almost 3 hour movie,
we went over to OZ's house to play wii!!!

merloin did not come along
as he didnt really had much time
because he has to pack his stuff
and book in...
so sad...

though merloin always 'bully' me at times
but without him,
i'll still feel alittle...
dont know how to say.

so ya,
we went over to OZ's house to play wii.
we started out with tennis
but dann and i are just not on form i guess...
we didnt even win a single game lor...
but then again,
uncle xiang min is our opponent leh...
the person that always go home and excerise
by playing tennis on wii...

after like 3 matches,
we switched to ramen 2.
*not too sure the name actually*
but then from that game i conclude one thing,
OZ's hands cannot move fast.

after playing all the trips,
and also unlocked and played the new trips,
we switched to a game that need thinking.
and meow~
i forgot the name of the game.

but it's like so funny where in the end
everyone just started bombing OZ's castle first.

after dinner,
we went back to OZ's house
where the guys played yu-gi-oh
( - _ - )
and as for me,
i played resident evil
where i suck at it!
i keep pressing the A button
and wondering why isnt it shooting
where i'm supposed to press the B button,
not A!!!

soon when i reached the first boss,
i died a couple of times
and decided to play doraemon monopoly instead.

and horrible!!!
nobita kept winning!!!
though i didnt finish the game
as it ws already late,
but when the time that we prepare to go home,
doraemon(controll by me) has only 7 stars,
shizuka 8 stars,
next time i play i dont wanna choose nobita as computer liao...
he wins almost every mini game lah!


above wallpapers' credits from

Saturday, 18 October 2008

day out! wahahahahaha

this morning i dragged myself out of bed
and went down to the ICA building
to collect my passport.
all my fault that i didnt check properly
what do i have to bring last week.
i didnt bring my old passport~~~
so i had to go down another time,
which i chosed today.
*if not my mom will nag nag nag everyday*

so i went down,
took my queue number
and went for breakfast
as there were like 300 people before me!!!

so i walked to army market
folowing the path that dann brought me last week there.

so i got there
and wanted to eat the lor mee that dann ate last week
cause it looked soooo goooood!!!
when i reached there,
i saw alot of people in front of that stall.
at first i thought they had a long queue
it's because of some filming going on...
and ya...
they are not opened for the day.

so i bought some 水粿
and ate super slowly.

after around one hour from the time i've gotten my queue number,
i walked back.
and soon after i've reached the ICA building
it was my turn


so after i've collected my passport,
i went to school.
'see' the singing discussion go on
while the GST chating again FINALLY!!!
it's really been a long itme sinced we can just sit down
and have a good chat.

so after their singing discussion for open house,
worried ar...

we went down to mac for lunch
and all of us ended up sitting down on a long table
including jia hui and the juniors.

it sure is more comforting to see more juniors turning up for practise.
though sok hiang did ask bryan and i
if we were to want to perform for open house.
but for me...
i stand my point that i would only perform singing
if they really need me
and i will not be performing dance this time round.

as for dance for me now,
i will only be joining adorthymatics's practises.
i state here that unless our vice-head takes his responsibilty seriously,
i will NOT turn up for jmd dance sessions.

super angry at THAT CAT!

so after lunch,
dann and the guys went to play basketball
whereas gerry and i just sat at the area outside clubroom
talking from health science topic,
to friendship,
to game,
to even my family issue.

but then again,
i always enjoy talking to gerry.

oh well...
she is our ah ma~

i left school around 5pm,
and made my way to my dad's house for dinner.

ever sinced my dad is unwell,
he has never cooked before.
so today is the first time!
though my dad cant eat,
and dont feel like eating either,
he still cooked for all of us,
he still cooked 'blindly' for us.

and why do i say cooked 'blindly'?
cause he cant test taste the food as he cook.
everything dont taste the way it's supposed to taste like
to my dad.

we had cream of cauliflower soup,
some italian bread,
salad with wasabi dressing,

sauteed mushrooms,

and some green apple baked pork.

it's not the best that my dad had cooked
but sure is great having my dad to cook again.

after diiner,
we just sat down and watch chupacabra together
then exorist: the beginning on channel 5.

as my dad cant really hear properly,
he was busy reading the chinese subs
which is certainly cant read as fast as me.

so came home...

i just got to know somethings.
and i really wonder how much difference is there
between a girl's and guy's thinking.
and when one is actually spending time,
quality time with another,
how well can one actually see facts that would never change
but change totally after things had happened.

some people are so...
but well,
sad to say,
i'm happy for my friend for making that choice.

if some people just couldnt think
or undertstand you,
then just let it be.

彼は 最低です!
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whatever that i've blogged above are all my own opinion of my world currently.

Friday, 17 October 2008

complicated feelings day -- 16 Oct 2008

hey there everyone...
i'm bored...
and as li jin isnt coming to school to have lunch with me,
i'm all alone again
and again...
i dont feel like eating.

anyway i did ate bao just now...
so i guess it's alright.
i shall go and eat later when i'm hungry ba.

yesterday i met jess and zhi hui for lunch.
it's really been a long time sia~
we went to north canteen for lunch
and we met a bunch of horrible people.

imagine that there's 3 tables joined together,
we found seats at the 3rd table
and jess and zhi put their bags down on 2 of the 4 chairs there
before we all go and get our food.

i was queuing for the malay food
so ya...
i saw the whole story.

when i was queuing,
i saw a group of people,
around 4 people,
they went over to the table
they talked among themselves
and somehow asked the guy queuing in front of me if they are sitting there
(something like that)
2 guys shifted zhi's and jess's bags
to the other 2 chairs of that table their bags were at,
to the end of the table.
and they just sat down.

slowly i saw more people joining them.
and soon it's my turn to buy my food.
and when i got back to the table,
i found jess's and zhi's bags on one chair
placed in the middle of the walkway at the table.

i told the person there that we had already put our bags there all ago
and this girl just kept saying that they were already there long ago too,
and that there bags were there long ago too.
but the thing is that when we got that,
that table was empty.
like what the....FREAK!
soon jess and zhi came back with their food,
the zhi decided to just move away.

it's like so freaking horrible lah!
all these people!

and the problem is that i saw the table behind,
that 3 tables behind empty when the 2 guys were still discussing among themselves lor!
and that girl in white came after we left our things there.


horrible people~
sad to say,
but i've encountered horrible people before in mac.
but this is just freaking worst lah!

i thought only people from certain places will be like that.

and when we finally walked away from the table,
a girl said "sorry" very unsincerely.


other than whatever that i've blogged above,
lunch was great.

and yesterday after fyp,
i didnt meet dann after school
as he ended work later...
plus travel blah blah blah...
mind as well...
so i went wondering around myself.

walked to amk hub after passing my supervisor my work.

so as i was walking,
i was deciding what should i do...
so i've decided to get some sushi
then go to the cinema.
if there's anything that i wanna watch,
then i shall catch a movie myself.
actually thought of asking jin to join me.
but in the end,
i still ended up watching alone.

so when i got there,
a poster caught my eyes!

this is one of the few movies that i wanna watch.
and just nice it was released yesterday,
and the next movie is only like 15mins away,
so why not?

though many people tell me
that nowadays hong kong movies arent very nice
blah blah blah...
i still like to watch them.

i still havent watch connected...!!!
i wanna watch...~~~!!!

i've watched quite a few versions of 梁祝,
like the movie wu qi long acted,
and also show luo zhi xiang drama series etc...
but when i watched this movie,
it did feel a bit weird.
it's like watching hana kimi (hua yang shao nian shao nui)
but only that ella has being changed to ah sha,
and that the setting is in ancient china
instead of ying kai xue yuan.


for people like me that likes 梁祝
this is one movie that gives a new feel to it.
it started of funny
and i mean that the whole cinema laughed hard that kind.
then with the lovey dovey feeling.
wu zun's fighting scenes were nice.
(his hard works sure showed results)
then ended sad like a normal 梁祝 story.

and the plus point to this movie,

"hua chi"-ing...

when i got home,
i just heard the news that my current house has to be sold in 2 months.
where will i be in jan?
i seriously dont know...

Surprising Signs You'll Live Longer Than You Think

just came across this article on msn.

article from:

What you're doing right, and how to do it better
Consider this: In the 20th century, the average life expectancy shot up 30 years—the greatest gain in 5,000 years of human history. And this: Centenarians—folks who make it into the triple digits—aren't such an exclusive club anymore, increasing 51 percent in number from 1990 to 2000. How to account for these dramatic leaps? Advances in health, education and disease prevention and treatments are high on the list, and that makes sense. But what you may not know is that seemingly unimportant everyday habits, or circumstances in your past, can influence how long and how well you'll live. Here, the latest research on longevity—science-based signs you're on a long-life path, plus tips on how to get on track.

Sign No.1: Your Mom Had You Young

If she was under age 25, you're twice as likely to live to 100 as someone born to an older mom, according to University of Chicago scientists. They suspect that younger moms' best eggs go first to fertilization, thus producing healthier offspring.

By Sandra Gordon

Sign No.2: You're a Tea Lover

Both green and black teas contain a concentrated dose of catechins, substances that help blood vessels relax and protect your heart. In a study of more than 40,500 Japanese men and women, those who drank 5 or more cups of green tea every day had the lowest risk of dying from heart disease and stroke. Other studies involving black tea showed similar results.

You really need only one or two cups of tea daily to start doing your heart some good—just make sure it's a fresh brew. Ready-to-drink teas (the kind you find in the supermarket beverage section) don't offer the same health benefits. "Once water is added to tea leaves, their catechins degrade within a few days," says Jeffrey Blumberg, Ph.D., a professor of nutrition science and policy at Tufts University. Also, some studies show that adding milk may eliminate tea's protective effects on the cardiovascular system, so stick to just lemon or honey.

Sign No.3: You'd Rather Walk

"Fit" people—defined as those who walk for about 30 minutes a day—are more likely to live longer than those who walk less, regardless of how much body fat they have, according to a recent study of 2,603 men and women. Similarly, overweight women can improve their heart health by adding just 10 minutes of activity to their daily routine, says recent research. So take a walk on your lunch hour, do laps around the field while your kid is at soccer practice—find ways to move a little more, every day.

Sign No.4: You Skip Soda (Even Diet)

Scientists in Boston found that drinking one or more regular or diet colas every day doubles your risk of metabolic syndrome—a cluster of conditions, including high blood pressure, elevated insulin levels, and excess fat around the waist, that increase your chance of heart disease and diabetes. One culprit could be the additive that gives soda its caramel color, which upped the risk of metabolic syndrome in animal studies. Scientists also speculate that soda drinkers regularly expose their taste buds to natural or artificial sweeteners, conditioning themselves to prefer and crave sweeter foods, which may lead to weight gain, says Vasan S. Ramachandran, M.D., a professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine and the study's lead researcher. Better choices: Switch to tea if you need a caffeine hit. If it's fizz you're after, try sparkling water with a splash of juice. By controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels, preventing diabetes, and not smoking, you can add 6 to 9 1/2 healthy years to your life.

Sign No.5: You Have Strong Legs

Lower-body strength translates into good balance, flexibility, and endurance. As you get older, those attributes are key to reducing your risk of falls and injuries—particularly hip fractures, which often quickly lead to declining health. Up to 20 percent of hip-fracture patients die within one year because of complications from the trauma. "Having weak thigh muscles is the number-one predictor of frailty in old age," says Robert Butler, M.D., president of the International Longevity Center–USA in New York City. To strengthen them, target your quads with the "phantom chair" move, says Joan Price, author of The Anytime, Anywhere Exercise Book (Adams, 2007). Here's how: Stand with back against wall. Slowly walk feet out and slide back down until you're in a seated position, ensuring knees aren't beyond toes and lower back is pressed against wall. Hold until your thighs tell you, 'Enough!' Do this daily, increasing your hold by a few seconds each time.

Sign No.6: You Eat Purple Food

Concord grapes, blueberries, red wine: They all get that deep, rich color from polyphenols—compounds that reduce heart disease risk and may also protect against Alzheimer's disease, according to the new research. Polyphenols help keep blood vessels and arteries flexible and healthy. "What's good for your coronary arteries is also good for your brain's blood vessels," says Robert Krikorian, Ph.D., director of the Cognitive Disorders Center at the University of Cincinnati. Preliminary animal studies suggest that adding dark grapes to your diet may improve brain function. What's more, in a recent human study, researchers found that eating one or more cups of blueberries every day may improve communication between brain cells, enhancing your memory.

Sign No.7: You Were a Healthy-Weight Teen

A study in the Journal of Pediatrics that followed 137 African Americans from birth to age 28 found that being overweight at age 14 increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes in adulthood. Adults with diabetes are two to four times more likely to develop heart disease than those without the condition, according to the American Heart Association.

Sign No.8: You Don't Like Burgers

A few palm-size servings (about 2 1/2 ounces) of beef, pork, or lamb now and then is no big deal, but eating more than 18 ounces of red meat per week ups your risk of colorectal cancer—the third most common type, according to a major report by the American Institute for Cancer Research. Colorectal cancer risk also rises by 42 percent with every 3 1/2-ounce serving of processed meat (such as hot dogs, bacon, and deli meats) eaten per day, the report determined. Experts aren't sure why red and processed meats are so harmful, but one of their suspects is the carcinogens that can form when meat is grilled, smoked, or cured—or when preservatives, such as nitrates, are added. "You can have an occasional hot dog at a baseball game, but just don't make it a habit," says Karen Collins, R.D., a nutrition advisor at AICR. And when you do grill red meat, marinate it first, keep pieces small (kebab-size), and flip them often—all of which can help prevent carcinogens from forming. If you're baking or roasting it, keep the oven temp under 400°F.

Sign No.9: You've Been a College Freshman

A recent Harvard Medical School study found that people with more than 12 years of formal education (even if it's only one year of college) live 18 months longer than those with fewer years of schooling. Why? The more education you have, the less likely you are to smoke. In fact, only about 10 percent of adults with an undergraduate degree smoke, compared with 35 percent of those with a high school education or less, according to the CDC.

Sign No.10: You Really Like Your Friends …

"Good interpersonal relationships act as a buffer against stress," says Micah Sadigh, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at Cedar Crest College. Knowing you have people who support you keeps you healthy, mentally and physically: Chronic stress weakens the immune system and ages cells faster, ultimately shortening life span by 4 to 8 years, according to one study. Not just any person will do, however. "You need friends you can talk to without being judged or criticized," says Sadigh.

Sign No.11: … and They're Healthy

If your closest friends gain weight, your chance of doing the same could increase by 57 percent, according to a study in the New England of Journal of Medicine. "To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it's important to associate with people who have similar goals," says Nicholas A. Christakis, M.D., Ph.D., the study's lead researcher. Join a weight loss group, or train with a pal for a charity walk.

Sign No.12: You Don't Have a Housekeeper

Just by vacuuming, mopping floors, or washing windows for a little more than an hour, the average person can burn about 285 calories, lowering risk of death by 30 percent, according to a study of 302 adults in their 70s and 80s.

Sign No.13: You're a Flourisher

About 17 percent of Americans are flourishers, says a study in American Psychologist. They have a positive outlook on life, a sense of purpose and community, and are healthier than "languishers"—about 10 percent of adults who don't feel good about themselves. Most of us fall somewhere in between. "We should strive to flourish, to find meaning in our lives," says Corey Keyes, Ph.D., a professor of sociology at Emory University. "In Sardinia and Okinawa, where people live the longest, hard work is important, but not more so than spending time with family, nurturing spirituality, and doing for others."

so after reading all these...
how many signs do you fall under?

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Photos of 12/10/08

gonna just post up these few photos
then go to bed.
i really need some sleep man~

so here's some photos
out of the hundred over photos that i took
that day after singing contest and dinner
at liang court's mcDonalds.

dann and i took some other crazy photos...
but i think i shall not post them up.
dann is too unglam in them

and here's the guys
playing yu-gi-oh against each other
making me sitting at the table there like some idiot.
so ya...

good thing dann's camera's battery was quite full.

and dann join's in the fun!!!
(above is the just one photo i think he wouldnt really mind posted up)
i supposed so...

and later on
i got bored again
so i cam-whore with the stuff i got
from the goodies bag
gave by the contest organisation.

limited Go Japan Matsuri fan...

animax file...
which after i took one a photo similar to the above one
dann then started taking photos the same way too...

and his photos look freaking freaky lah!


and of course!
at mac,
we drink coke!

i dont know why
but dann just seemed like he didnt want to let me drink his coke
in the photo above.
dont you think so?

too many cam-whore photos...
above is the 十连拍 continuous shots i took
ending with one of the photos
that i like of myself
of the night.

dont i like 熟女 in that last photo?

maybe wrong word used ba...

oh well...
that's all for the night.

good night everyone!
お休み なさい!
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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

tick tock! tick tock!

1024th post...

the time now is 12.45pm.
it's my lunch break alright...
but i seriously dont feel like eating.

i dont want to be eating lunch alone.

dont really feel like walking... but actually,
but yet i have to walkeating lunch alone is still alright for me.
cause its like freaking cold in hereespecially these few days
my body just cant stop shaking sia~where eating lunch for people
and my fingers are like numb numb already...will still let me feel as if i'm eating lunch alone.
i can see my hands' colour changing...
meow~they will be playing their psp,
cannot really feel my finger tips already...talking about yu-gi-o,
=ptalking about magic cards,
and all i can do is eat.
ah~~~ eat eat eat.
though one said that he would come to school and accompany me
roar~eat lunch with me.
why do i have to be at this lab~however in the end it just feels like
IN BLOCK S!!!!one come there to play yu-gi-o with one
argh~and very shun bian
here air-con free one lor!just eat lunch with me.
freaking cold then still cannot adjust temperature~!
and now that today is the last chance
meow~that one can have lunch with me
on such a normal weekday
i so ke lian~one didnt come.
i dont know why...
haiz...but these few days whenever i see one turning with one,
today dont really have thei just feel sad,
wanna chiong project feelingangry,
just keep thinking that i'm feeling freaking coldlonely
*shocked*and etc...
i just turned and look at my handit's a very complicated feeling.
i can see red veins liao!which i myself just cant find an exact word to describe it.
one promised to send me home for a long long time.
sia lah~however,
will my blood flow get affected sia~?as many things comes along,
meow~many things happened,
one always didnt send me home
the whole day hereeven just to the mrt station only.
can only will think of 3 things lor...
1. projectone decided to send me back last night.
(obiviously...)and of course,
2. the cold temperaturei'm happy!
(cause it's so cold you cant type properly...)BUT!
3. i wanna go toilet!!!one wanted to ask one to follow
it's like so coldthen they take the train back together.
that i keep going toilet lor...
meow~i dont understand...

and the toilet is like mostly washingwhat am i these few days,
whenever i am the those super urgent kind.these few weeks?
sorry if i make anyone feel's like i'm not even better than some game,
=psome machine,
some paper.
and the thing about BLK S,
whenever one toilet is washingseriously i've thought...
almost all the other toilets are washing too.
so i always ended upwhy not you just come back and find me
walking to BLK A to use the toilet.when your yu-gi-o craze is over?
meow~i dont wanna be just sitting there
*thinking of toilet...*like some non-living thing.
*i wanna go again liao...* always say i waste his time
when i get one to do some things
tomorrow will be wednesday...or go some places.
boring wednesday...
cause i cant fine anyone to eat lunch with mebut have one ever thought that i am feeling the same everytime this happens?
jess and zhi hui no lesson sia~
meow~i also have things i wanna do,
anyone avaiable tomorrow for lunch?better to do.
i can use the time to sleep,
hmmm....recharge for my lack of sleep ever sinced july last year.
though i'm thinking of food now...
i still dont really wanna eat.i'm tired already...
not hungry.physically,
it's kinda weird these few days.
at times i feel super hungryi know this road is hard...
but when i start eatinghowever,
i'm like full after 2-3 mouths only!i believed that you will always be there beside me,
hmm....holding my hand if i tripped over some rocks.
is there something wrong with me?but was it just me holding on to your hand
i dont know...and not the other way round?


Monday, 13 October 2008

experience of japanese idol singing competition

home early today...

oh well..
since i have time,
i shall blog about yesterday.

after picking my clothes
for the singing contest at central yesterday evening,
i went to OZ's house and played wii!!!
wii again~
wii sponsored by uncle xiang min!!!

as the guys all wanted to get together and play yu-gi-o
so it's a very good thing that uncle xiang min brought his wii over to oz's place
though he didnt want to bring it to lessons
then to oz's place
and around central and later...

he still brought it.
and wahahahahah!!!!
he brought the doraemon game too!!!

so while the guys were playing their yu-gi-o,
i was happily play doraemon monopoly.
and i won!!!

next we swtiched game to...
(meow i forgot the name of the game)
it's a fighting game
as there were 5 of us
but only 4 people can play at a time,
the 4th position person of each game
have to give up playing for the next round.

and yeah!!!
mario and pokemon trainer is the best!
or at least for me...

easy to use.

but then again,
in the end i won in the last round
by using peach from super mario,
with a super kick!
(actually just normal attack)

so it was 3pm plus
and we all went down to central
where i meet the person in charge for the j-pop idol contest.
sound check and stuff.
then we were given a short time to prepare whatever that we had to.

i know myself that i didnt put up a good performance
and could already predict it actually
during sound check.
but it got worst during the actual performance itself
as they changed the mic
and it has serious "feedback" when you go closer to the speakers
even slightly.
(hope i didnt use the wrong word)

but oh well...
all i can say is that
i was kinda confused then.
too used to dancing and singing wait and see at the same time liao~

in the end...
i lost alright.
but it's ok
cause i know japanese songs isnt what i'm good at,
my throat has been bad ever sinced the end of natsu's performance,
i didnt really practise much,
didnt have the one key lower version
when i had to send my song...

but all...
it's over.
and i told myself already,
i'm there to gain experience.



so after the competition,
we went for curry rice at liang court
the mac for coke.
then the guys started their yu-gi-o AGAIN
for hours~

and all i did was to watch video,
and keep cam-whoring.

shall blog photos up after dann send me.
i think it would keep a long time to upload
as i took like over hundreds of photos!!!

but then again...
it was fun.
cause dann also gone crazy with me!

we first started out taking normal photos
then slowly we got more crazy
and took stupid crazy photos with the goodie bag i got
from the competition sponsored by central.


but meow~
after cam-whoring
i still had a long way to go
so i had happy meal!



and i was looking through the thread on sgcafe when i got home
then i realised that actually 4 of 5 (including me) that took part yesterday are from sgcafe.
such a coincidence...

guess only the person that won can even be found ba...

my fyp project

hey there everyone!!!
good afternoon!!!

i'm blogging because i'm bored
and hungry...
cannot make myself to continue to work for now.

just finished making a flash banner
for the project i'm working on.

i'm supposed to improve on a web site
that was created by a ECC student previously
last semester
for the online registration web site
of our school.

and here's what the student had done during his fyp.

and here's what i've done so far for the past one week
and the past few hours.

u see a green box at the bottom left.
i cant change that.
it's some counter that can only be changed with user log in
which i do not know the password and stuff.

*oh ya! i shall read his report later*
*maybe it's there...*


so i've changed all hardcoded stuff to "softcode"
dont exactly know the term for it.
so ya...
call it "softcode"

like you've seen,
i'm changing the colour scheme for it too...

added flash
and going to add more photos too.

thought to do online registration is a sad thing actually
cause that means that most likely you've failed a module or so?

so ya...

i'm thinking of not making it like such a bore
and still sticking to nyp's current colour scheme
that their using.

update all e-service stuff
to e-service's new name
"myNYP Portal".

it's time for lunch
where's dann~~~



Thursday, 9 October 2008


hey there everyone!
good morning!!!

it's my 5th day of FYP
and sinced there isnt much people here yet,
i shall blog about yesterday
cause last night i was like super tired.
it's really like lie on the bed,
and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........


so yesterday i spent my whole day in this S430A
after i stepped in after lesson
and a drink at mac with theam huat.

i didnt even lunch...

i just came in,
and keep doing my work.
and when my lunch time was over around 1.40pm,
i just went to cheers
and got myself a bottle of green tea
and came up
and continue my work.

the only time i left my seat was either to go to the toilet
or when zhi hui and jess came to look for me.

it's weird cause yesterday
like alomost everytime i go to the toilet,
i'll see them both there.

so after a day of work,
i met dann and the rest outside clubroom.
and yeah~
dann just got his new job for nike!!!

but if i am just a normal stranger customer
and were to be served by him when i'm buying shoes
i'm sure i can get a good one.
he's like one working catalog of nike (basketball) shoes lah!

after that we
(dann, steve, ban theng, kim kai and i)
we went over to AMK hub to catch 風雲決

i like it lah...
it was a nice movie
with great drawings.
but maybe it's just because i'm not really very sure of 風雲's story
so half the time i'm like trying to figure out
what's going on...
but it's still nice.

dann told me that this movie continues from the movie that arron kwok acted in.
so for people like me,
i suppose watching that movie (again) will help?

and i just kinda realised why i dont really like to watch anime

cause everyone looks like everyone to me!!!!

tired to figure out who is who~

quick update

just a quick post for people going down to central
for the japanese idol competition this sunday.

the event will start at 5.30pm.
however i'll be there at 4.00pm for sound checks and etc.

for all of you that will be coming,
i see you there loh~!



currently in lab
(still very obvious)
but then i'm not in my FYP lab.
having lessons...
so ya...
abit kinda free to use whatever i want.

plus now we're give a 30mins break.
i dont feel like eating
nor oging anywhere...
so i mind as well stay here and use the computer.

see stuff that i may not even have the time to see when i'm home.

was just looking through sgcafe,
seeing the thread for go japan matsuri.

for thoe people who wanna come down this sunday,
i'm still not sure what time is my slot.
the event will begin at around 5.30pm
(if i didnt remember wrongly)
hope i'll be able to receive a confirmed slot timing from the person-in-charge as soons as possible.

come to think about it,
maybe changing my slot date to this sunday instead
is a good thing afterall.
after knowing that the twins from campus superstar 1 joined the competition too
and one of them won last week's female solo,
i am kinda relieved.

i can still recall how was i feeling the other
when i went for campus superstar audition
and they were will only a few people before me!!!
seen their performance during the competition?
they were so much even more better during the audition.
and those after them hardly anyone made it,
including me.

but oh well,
i'm happy now just performing for jmd.

and this japan matsuri competition,
i'm just joining for the fun of it.
no one knows if i may just win something
or even a consolation prize.

get some vouchers to shop.

so like i was saying,
i was taking a look at sgcafe
and i saw the thread for the Anime Festival Asia that dann was telling my about last night.

and May'n,
a japanese singer,
will be coming down to perform some hit anime series from Macross Frontier too.

Macross Frontier photo credit to

『Anime Festival Asia 2008』へのライブ出演が決定いたしました!

Anime Festival Asia 2008 (AFA 08)
    午前10時開場 / 午後9時閉場
◆会場:Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Center, Singapore Halls 403 & 404
◆住所:1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City, Singapore 039593



または までお問い合わせください。

2008.10. 8
“ May’n Act ” 追加公演決定!!

above source credit from May'n official web site

photo credit to AFA'08

and of course,
for such an event
there's usually a cosplay event too...
so ya...
that's a cosplay competition going on too

photo credit to AFA'08

Competition Details:
Date: 23rd November 2008
Venue: Suntec Halls 403-404
Time: 2.00pm – 3.00pm

for more details,
check out
AFA'08 official web site.

i guess going down on the 23rd is better?


価格(税込) 5,040円
発売時期 2008年10月9日
販売 株式会社バンダイナムコゲームス
公式HP マクロスエースフロンティア


source from

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

AVA to test animal feed, pet food for melamine content

SINGAPORE: Singapore's Agri—Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) is more than halfway done with testing food samples for traces of the industrial plastic, melamine.

Of the more than 2,200 samples, 1,450 have been tested. Moving forward, the AVA said it would expand its test on animal feed and pet food.
Some pet owners may not be aware of this, but pet food such as doggie treats contain milk and some ingredients used are from China.
While industry estimates put the proportion of China—made pet food at about 5 per cent of total market share, retailers whom Channel NewsAsia spoke with are not taking any chances.
Even though the AVA has not issued any advisories on pet food, one company has stopped the import of a doggie treat that is manufactured with China—made milk. It estimates a five—figure sum loss but said it would rather play it safe.
The last time reports surfaced on melamine—tainted pet food was in March last year when there was a massive recall of China—made pet food in the US. Thousands of cats and dogs were reportedly ill, and hundreds more were said to have died from eating the tainted food.
In fact, since the melamine fallout in the US last year, one company has stopped selling pet food made in China.

click here to see the full news report on Yahoo! News.

this china's milk product thing is like so freaking scary lah~
not even human food products are affected,
now even pet food...

hope all these things will end soon...
i miss my chocolates!!!
it's like everytime i go buy snacks now
i'll have to read super detailed on where the product is produced
and some other stuff.


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

waste electricity~

hey people~
i just got home like 5 mins ago
and came into my room like 2 mins ago
and why on earth can i blog so fast?
cause i accidently left my lappy on the whole day!!!

oh no man~

i remember pressing the power button to shut it down
like i do every other day...
maybe i didnt press it hard it i guess...
oh well...
i shall do whatever nessesary
and faster let my lappy rest for the night.

Ministry of Sound closes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey people,
i've been dozing off,
on and off for the past one hour or so.
but now something just woke me up.
and i'm kinda really awake for this moment.

just like my title of this post says,
"Ministry of Sound closes"

for the past hour or so,
i've been reading news online.
from yahoo,
to channel news asia.

and i just came across this headline on yahoo's home page.

Ministry of Sound closes; venue to be turned into another nightspot

Channel NewsAsia - Tuesday, October 7SINGAPORE: The curtains have come down on Singapore's Ministry of Sound (MOS). Lifebrandz Limited, which brought the popular club to Singapore in 2005, announced in a statement that it was ceasing MOS' operations from October 6.

The two—storey nightclub just hosted Ferrari F1 driver Felipe Massa two weekends ago.
Lifebrandz said it had terminated its licence agreement with MOS' UK—based brand owner, Ministry of Sound International Limited, in accordance with the terms of their contract.
Lifebrandz added it had also instructed its lawyers to file a lawsuit against the Ministry of Sound International Limited in the Singapore High Court.
But Lifebrandz is retaining tenure of the 38,000 square foot space in Clarke Quay.
It plans to turn it into another night entertainment venue different from the Ministry of Sound. Details are expected in the next few weeks. — CNA/vm

article above from Yahoo! News.
click here to go to original article.

start of 2nd day of FYP

good morning people!
just reached school like 15mins ago...
was on time today.
but i super sleepy sia~
i rested on the train
and when the train reached yio chu kang,
i seriously had the thought of not waking up
and just continue sleeping.
but then,
i cant.

just hope that break faster come,
then i dont have to face this computer,
relax abit.

gonna carry on the rot now still...

have a good day people!

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Monday, 6 October 2008

after my first day of FYP

jO: do say when's ur competition date..will go down n support..XDDD
trix: competition will be this sunday, 12th oct.
however time hasnt been confirmed. =) thanks girl~


yo people!
i just got home after a whole day rotting
and also movie
and dinner with jmdians.

so i woke up late this morning...
my fyp starts 8.30am
whereas i woke up 8.30am

i set my alarm at 6am.
however when it rang,
i off it instead of snoozing it i guess.

so i rush rush rush,
even took cab to school
it's like $10 exact.
good thing my mom's paying.

so i got to know what am i supposed to do for my fyp
and for today...
finish searching and installing the programs needed
and rot the whole day from around 11am plus?
to 6pm?

hope tomorrow i'll receive the php project that i'm supposed to improve on.
though i slack,
but really having nothing to do sucks.

after my fyp today,
went to meet dann and steve.
they were playing yu-gi-o again~
good thing zhi sen was there outside the clubroom too
so i got to see the photos that they've taken during the japan trip.

we went to AMK hub to get some snacks for the movie
ban theng and kim kai joined us as we were reaching fairprice.

so we got out stuff
and went up to the cinema area.
steve waited for his friend
whereas the rest of us including OZ went in first
when entry is allowed.

we watched 畫皮 (Painted Skin)

it is an interesting movie
not scary
fighting scenes were not bad
and some parts were really funny.
still worth the money and time watching.

but then again...
singapore censored quite a bit i guess...
i wanna watch uncut version!!!

after the movie,
we went for dinner st S11.
steve didnt eat his food as he had something urgent and rushed off.
talked about their japn trip stuff with kim kai
and quite abit i didnt understand.

i guess it's a guy's thing ba~
i dont understand~


oh well...

wasnt a really good day
but at least things went not too bad...

just hope that tomorrow will get better.

night people!

Final Year Project

i'm in lab now...
will be in the lab for the next 15 weeks.

blogging through email cause i dont wanna go to blogger web site.
oh well...

i'm done with whatever my supervisor told me to do
which was supposed to last me 2 days,
today and tomorrow...
but i'm done i guess.

now waiting to find her,
and get the project for me to improve on.
the sian part...
it's php.
and i suck at it.

oh well...
things will go well..
i hope.


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Sunday, 5 October 2008

some photos in HK DisneyLand!!!

just came back from the airport not long ago
and here are some photos i managed to get online
when i was in hong kong.
will reload i gues...

but not now...
here they are
and you can find them in my friendster photo album.

*guess i update there...*


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