Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Last post of 2013.

Hi everyone!

As 2013 is gonna be ending in about 20mins, I would like to take this time to post a short post.

Firstly, I am very sorry for not blogging much ever since my job change a few months back. 

Although things are slowly getting into place and by right I am supposed to have settled down and get back on track onto blogging but things just isn't easy for me.

Just mid this month, my dad was diagnosed with cancer, again, after a full clean health report just a few months back in September.

But the worst thing, it is not a relapse. It's a total new cancer. My dad seemed to be getting better before I flew off to New York just a week before Christmas but on Christmas Eve, I received really bad news of my dad's condition when I was in Japan. 

And no, my dad has not been getting any better since. 

My dad is still in ICU and is getting worst every single day. 

To everyone reading this, I know you most likely do not know my dad but if possible, could you just pray for him even once? 

Just before flying off to New York, my dad was still telling me that we wanna go to Korean next year to visit my sister when she's gonna be there studying just like what they did when I was in Japan for my training. 

And also, I wanna bring my dad to see sakura no matter how not interested did he looked, I could see that he was still happy that I wanna bring him on a vacation.

And now, the only response my dad can give me is a blink or shake my hand.

This may not be the best post to be read or be posted right before ending the year but this is how I feel now.

I believe there are many families out there that don't actually have the heart to celebrate just like me. 

May all your loved ones stay healthy and if they are ill, to be healed and get well soon. 

In prayers,

No more dry skin with NIVEA


Hi everyone!

Sorry I have not been blogging regularly as I am hardly in Singapore.

Seriously, I spend more than half of my time overseas everywhere except at home.

And now that it’s winter everywhere else on top of me flying, spending a lot of my time in the plane, my skin becomes really dry. Especially when I’m in places like New York and Helsinki where not only it is super cold and snowing now, it’s also very windy which makes my skin even drier!

So I have been investing my money into body lotion, body butter but I must say that it can be quite annoying at times when I am already super tired or rushing for time but yet I still have to wait for it to be absorbed else it would just leave the sticky feeling and stuff. Thus, I tend to skip applying lotion some times.

But now, NIVEA has come out with a brilliant, awesome product that would help me solve this problem!

I used to always wonder why there is only conditioner for hair and not body. This way I need to necessary always apply on lotion after each shower isn’t it?

Well, NIVEA sure could read my mind.

NIVEA has produced their new In-Shower Skin Conditioner which helps solve the problem of dry skin!

This Skin Conditioner works just like hair conditioner!

It is really simple to use!

Oh no not only do I face this problem because I am traveling to cold places a lot recently. My skin has been getting all these time as in Singapore, we actually depends a lot on air-conditioning to keep us cool.

A very high percentage of us study or work in air-conditioned environment.

A very high percentage of us sleep at night with our room air-conditioned.

A very high percentage of us spend a lot of our time daily traveling on the road in trains, buses, cabs, cars. And what? Aren’t they all air-conditioned, too?

So yes, even living in this warm and ever-Summer country, our skin do get dry and sometimes even worst as compared to those in countries with all 4 seasons.

So go on and grab one of the NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner now!

It’s really easy to use and efficient, too!
Try it to believe it.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Hi everyone!

It's been a long long time since I last posted a blog post on my daily life.

Well, I have been really really busy with work and all. 
Too many things have been happening recently so I really don't have the time and mood to just sit down in front of my laptop on post a proper post. Not to mention edit photos.

So yes, finally everything is settling down and I now am more ready to get back to blogging proper, too.

So mid last month in November, once when I went to Japan, my senior at work, Chloe, wanted to go see the maple leaves at 成田山 (Narita-san) so I decided to go see the maples leaves together with her before she accompanied me to 千葉 (Chiba) for shopping as I wanted to go GU to get some heat tech and winter coat.

Ok. It's gonna be just photos from here on.

Enjoy the photos!

Ok, that's all for this post.

Hope to be back again soon to share on more!

Which reminds me I have yet to post on my DisneySea and DisneyLand trip.

Will be back soon!

Just in case, Merry Early Christmas Everyone!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

In New York City

Hi everyone! 

Sorry for not blogging regularly once again.

I am right now in New York City and since I have some time now, I shall post a short post on my mobile.

I have been traveling a lot nowadays because of my new job and I sure miss home and my friends and families every time I reach the airport to depart from Singapore. 

And now, everywhere is starting to get really cold. As a Singaporean, it's somehow really the first time I experience the change of season and the cold in different countries. 

I did get to go Korea during winter when I was like 4? Which is just too long ago that I can't even remember a single thing. 

I can finally understand why people buy the ear mittens (is that what you call them?) as whenever the wind blows, your ears really feel the torture of the cold. 

Well, it's still early towards winter. If gonna get worst and I can't really expect how it's gonna be like soon.

Oki! That's all for this short post!

Gonna head out to the mall nearby now!

See you next post!


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Get ready for bed faster with NIVEA


Hi everyone! Sorry I have not been blogging regularly for quite a long time.

I'm still trying my very best to spend whatever time I have to get back into blogging.

So before I begin this post, let me ask you a question.

Have you ever gone home at night and am so tired
you just can't wait to get into bed?

But then again, all the trouble of going through makeup removal, cleansing and skincare before heading to bed.

Going to bed is still a long way to go, alright.

Yes, I'm gonna be writing about the NIVEA 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes, again!
Have not read it before? Read it here!

Like mentioned before, I really find the NIVEA 3-in-1 Exfoliating Wipes are really useful and fast for people like me who are always rushing for time.

Sometimes I get home really late and I am so so SO tired I just couldn't bring myself to get myself to go through all the steps.

With the NIVEA 3-in-1 Exfoliation Wipes, I can remove my makeup and cleanse my face at the same time!

Next, just flip it over to the special surfaced side and wipe in circular motion to exfoliate!

After that, just apply on some basic skincare lotion and moisturiser and I'm ready for bed!

Not to forget NIVEA 3-in-1 Exfoliating Wipes are really really gentle!

Get a packet for yourself and try it now!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

In Singapore!

Hi everyone!

Here's a short post after I'm back in Singapore but! I am now on my way to the airport, again, for my flight to Japan tonight! 

It've been only a few days since I touched down back in SG on Tuesday evening. 

And these few days I've been busy settling stuff like my current house's rental, recontracting my mobile plan etc. and of course meeting up with people! 

I couldn't meet with many people as I only have this limited time. 

Hope to be able to catch a movie with my friends when I'm back next week!

Ok. My cab is reaching the airport already.

I shall end this post here. 
See you soon! 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Long time no see!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for not blogging regularly as I've been really busy with work and studies here in Japan. 

I was editing photos on my day at DisneySea yesterday but am not done yet so I'll post it up soon hopefully within these few days.

As for now, I'm in my hotel lobby blogging this using my phone as I don't wanna disturb the cleaning lady.

Today is a public holiday here in Japan so I don't have work but then again, I have 2 tests tomorrow. So soon later I will have to go back to my room and study! 

Not forgetting Friday having another test~ 

Ok so here are some photos to share with you first even though they could be quite back dated already...

My Doraemon sushi with collaboration with the anniversary of Doraemon back in... July? Or August? I can't remember already...

And as Monsters University was coming up and is still showing now in cinemas here, there's a huge loads of Monsters products around and yes! I love Mike yo!!

And yup! Got to know that there's a Limited Edition Monsters series of Unibearsity bears before I went DisneyLand a couple of weeks back so I went to the Disney Store hoping to be able to get any and I manage to get only the mini mobile strap Sully. The only shop that has Mike is in Nagoya. 

OMG~ anyone in Nagoya can help me get? #thickskinned 

I love convenience stores especially 7-11 here as I can somehow get proper food even if I don't travel out to get food. 

Just look at the meat in 7-11 udon bento! Huge love! Plus they will help me to make it hot which is good cos I'm always taking forever to figure what how long must I heat up my food in Singapore's 7-11. 

Here's a cute plane bun Aiza bought for everyone. 

Super sweet of her... 

Well, time passed so fast we have already been here for 2 months and soon in just 20+ days, we'll be going back to Singapore!!!

Although yes I miss everyone, everything (except foreign "talents") in Singapore, I think I will be missing the times all 10 of us here and one another just 1 meter away from each other. 

Ok. I shall end this post here.

Take care everyone! 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

I miss everyone~

Hi everyone!

Well, it's been one and a half month since I've come to Japan and I must say I miss everyone.

I don't exactly feel homesick but I sure do miss Singapore's food and of course my family and friends.

Maybe it isn't as bad for family part as my sis, my dad, my brother-in-law and my stepmom just came to Japan last week and we did get to have dinner together and also I got to spend some time with my sister and brother-in-law before sending them off at the airport back to Singapore.

It was a little hard I must say and seeing the tears in my sister's eye as I send them off is just hurting.

*Gosh. As I'm recalling this now, tears are in my eyes*

But ya! I'll be back in 38 more days so don't be too sad!

I'll work hard here so that I can go back home on time!

As for my mom, well, she's the only person I don't get to see at all as she doesn't own a 3G phone and she's just not IT savvy, I can't video call or Skype her or anything.

All I can do is give her a call over the weekend and talk to her.

We don't talk much to be begin with so our calls are usually really short but it's just enough knowing that everything's fine back home as she's living all alone for these 2-3 months.

As for my friends, I miss hanging out even if it's just a couple of hours or catching a movie over the weekends.

And I must say that really cried when I was watching their performance for Natsu Matsuri this year.

Well, yes, I was not able to join the performance last year, too, but it didn't feel as bad as I was still able to be there on the actual day itself. But this year, I'm just so far away...

Although yes I did get to enjoy myself at Matsuri here in Japan but it's just different without everyone.

No one to do ondos with me and etc.

But ya! I'm gonna be back soon and I just wanna give everyone a hug when I'm back!!!

Ok. That's all for this post.

I'm supposed to be scheduling posts but all these thoughts just came up so I decided to write this wordy post, first.

And oh ya! I found this .gif image in my Google folder so I decided to post it, too.

I'll try my best to blog as often as possible.

In the meantime, subscribe to my YouTube channel tsuriki13 and tsuvlog13 !

See you again soon!


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A filler here!

Hi everyone!

Long time no see!

First! I am very sorry for the lack of updates because I have been super super busy and the only day I can relax every week I really take the time to sleep well and stuff. I have quite a lot that I wanna blog but I have yet got the time to sit down and edit the photos so not to mention blog.

My time is all spent on studying, travelling and baths.

Time is really running short I don't get to enjoy my relaxing baths often anymore!

Talking about baths, here's a video I posted 2-3 weeks back on bath products.

Sorry I've been uploading more videos again (almost weekly) as they really don't really need much time to edit.
And internet here is fast so uploading is not a problem, too!

So ya! Please subscribe to both my channels tsuriki13 and tsuvlog13 !

Oki. Sorry but that's all for this post.

I'll try my best to blog proper this week!

See you soon!

XOXO Tsuriki

Wednesday, 24 July 2013





先週の土曜日に 同僚と一緒に原宿へ行った!

Hi everyone!

It's been already a week since I've arrived in Tokyo.

Well, work has been busy and tiring but I am very happy to be able to have really awesome batch-mates to go through all these together.

So last Saturday, I went to Harajuku with my batch-mates!

はじめた スカイライナーに 乗った!

My very first ride on the Skyliner!

We got the promo priced ticket that comes with a one day Metro pass!
Shall use it another day when I'm really just gonna travel from place to place to sightsee.

Aiza and Cherie in the back and Jasmine and I in the front on our Skyliner ride!

Seriously can't believe it that after so many years, I am now working with my Secondary School senior! LOL

Changed to JR line to Harajuku!

We headed to Meiji Shrine first and here we are with our wish board!

Cherie and Aiza!

As usual, must camwhore a bit LOL!!!


Aiza putting our wish board up!

May our wishes come true!


And it's such a coincident there was actually a wedding going on!

So pretty, so elegant!!

Headed to the very same shop I had my awesome ramen back in 2009 in Harajuku and the shop is still there!

Cherie wanted to go back to the exact shop, too, as she has really awesome ramen, too, during her Japan trip a few year back!

After lunch, we just kept shopping and shopping from clothes to shoes to cosmetics to daily necessities!

And later, we decided to WALK to Shibuya.

It's walk-able alright...

And the weather was awesome so, yea, we had fun along the way.

We passed by KFC and decided to stop by and get some Krushers!

See!!! KPP is there to welcome us! LOL

One Piece items coming soon!!!

Guess I'll be going back to KFC this weekend... Heehee~

I tried the latest flavour of the Krushers -- Hawaii Jelly.

It actually taste like our normal Blue Coral at bubble tea shops in Singapore which I like so yes! I enjoyed my Krusher!

Cherie and Jasmine had Peach and Cookies & Cream Krushers.
They all taste really nice, too!

How I wish Himeko is here with me. I think she will like the Cookies & Cream one!

And soon, we arrived at Shibuya!!!

Ok. We didn't do much things there as we wanted to meet the rest for dinner so we headed back to our hotel soon after reaching Shibuya.

My milk coffee at Ueno station before changing to Keisei line back to our hotel.

I don't usually drink coffee but coffee in Japan just taste awesome (to me)!!!

Ok. By the time we got back, it was quite late already as we took the wrong train, so the four of us decided to just have dinner on our own.

More Iced Coffee for me! Heehee~

Jasmine's Mushroom and Cream Pasta

Aiza and I both ordered sandwiches!

Cherie's Strawberry Pancake


And so, here's my shopping for the day at Harajuku!!!


I didn't wanna spend money cos I know I will spend when I go to WC in Shibuya when I meet my friend this weekend.

BUT! They are just so reasonable!!!

Cap - ¥1995 from PinkLatte

Geita - ¥995

Sandals - ¥1565
(If I didn't remember wrongly cos I shared discount with Aiza)

Fake Lashes - ¥1260 each from SugarVeil

Makeup Base - ¥500+ from Kanebo

Eyebrow Pencils - ¥300+ each from Bibo

Some stuff - ¥105 each from Daiso

And some stuff from Meiji Shrine that my friends ask me to help to buy.

And yea!!! Dango for only ¥105 from Daiso

Yea! Finally bought these lashes produced by 鈴木奈々!

Love these sandals!!!

They look 100% like my previous sandals I bought in Harajuku back in 2009 except that the heels is a little higher.

AND! It's even cheaper! LOL

Yeah I love my new cap!!!

Fell in love with it the second I saw it!!!

Oki that's all for this post!


XOXO Tsuriki


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