Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Kiss Organic + Giveaway!

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Hi everyone!

Mentholatum lip care has always been one of my favourite brands when it comes to lip balm simply because not only does the lip balm works well for me (which is like number ONE important on the list) their lip balms also comes in various scent which I absolutely ADORE!!!

*Ok. I know. Not a word I use commonly but I am just so affected by Himeko because of the video filming session we had at EK Media the other day*

That aside. But to Yeah! My love for Mentholatum lip care Lip Balms!

I mentioned before that the scent of the products that I use place a very important factor to as of whether will I use it which of course means would I even buy it in the first place.

Nowadays, everyone is like going "organic".

You see more organic vegetables sold in the market, organic cheese and etc etc..

Well, our dear Mentholatum lip care is going Organic, too!

Mentholatum lip care launched a Organic lipbalm range with the Highest Eco-Cert accreditation:

1. Free of artificial chemicals, preservatives or colorants.
2. Healthy, safe and gentle enough for healthy lips.
3. Recyclable and biodegradable.

And as you can see, I was sponsored 2 different flavoured lipbalm from their organic lipbalm range!

Lavender & Orange and Raspberry & Strawberry

And yup! Here I am, gonna try their Lavender & Orange flavoured lipbalm!

Frankly speaking, I am not a fan of Lavender but yes!
I am going to try it!!

*See! I so professional right?*

When this lipbalm was first applied on, I could really smell the scent of lavender on my lips! And slowly after that, I could smell the slight scent of orange that blends really well with the lavender!

For Lavender lovers, I would strongly recommend you to get this!

Not to mention that my lips are left really well moisturised for quite a long period after application!

So yea! I really LOVE this product!

It fulfiled the 2 very important factors of what I look for and want in my lipbalm!

Total PASSED!!!

So now here's your chance to try the new Mentholatum Organic lip balm in Raspberry & Strawberry flavour yourself!

I'll be giving this lipbalm out to ONE lucky reader!

Just leave a comment stating why would you want to try this lipbalm out together with a valid email address so that I can contact you if you win this giveaway!

Closing date: 20 July 2012, 2359 SGT.

I'll read through all the comments and pick the winner myself after I'm back from my vacation!

*This giveaway is open internationally*

Hugs and Kisses,



    Why I would want to try this lip balm b/c normal lips balms usually dry out lips and doesn't absorb properly into my lips, they just sit there until finally my lips being to crack again. I love scented lip balms and the fact that this lip balm is moistueizing is added bonus=D.Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. I would like to try it since I have so so dry lips and no product has worked for me these years :(

  3. I want to try this lipbalm because right now in Australia it's the middle of winter and my lips always get chapped so easily! T_T
    E-mail: lidool_baybee_angel(at)

  4. I would like to try it because my lips have been "cracked" for more than half year. Consulted doctor and she recommended me to use lipbalm that is free of artificial chemicals, preservatives or colorants.So Mentholatum Organic lip balm has all the requirements mentioned by the doctor,so i would like to try it.I don't want "cracked" lips's annoying and awkward when meet with others.

    Email :

  5. Hi Tsuriki.:) Thanks for having this giveaway. I'd like to try the new Mentholatum Organic lip balm in Raspberry & Strawberry flavour because it's natural, fruity and good for the lips at the same time. Besides that, Mentholatum is famous for their wide range of lip care products. I'm really looking forward into trying out their new range of organic lip balms. Here's my name and email. (Angeline Lee) (

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  7. I don't want dry lips!

  8. haha yap i don't like lavender, too. but i love strawberry XD i think it's soooo delicious, yes this is why i want that lip balm :D


  9. >o< NYAH, well, I've never really had a chance to try decent products that work for my lips and it's difficult to find one that does some good now a days since there's so many products out there! It's hard to choose, and being a gullible consumer I usually fall for the stuff on commercials... It's bloggers such as you that help me discover products or things that might be worthy to try/ make use of. I'd really love to try this lip balm because I've been dying to find one that's not harmful and filled with chemicals and all, and that lasts to go through my daily activities. Also, I doubt I would be able to find a product such as Mentholatum around in my area that does such wonders as you have mentioned. It'd be a relief for me if I could find a product for my lips that I can stick to, use daily, and not be concerned about the stuff that's in it. Thank you for considering my response, I hope you have a good vacation!

    Thank you so much. ^^

  10. Hello!

    My first time commenting in giveaway since i've started reading your blog! Hope to win this so i can give lip balm a try, i never use lippy regularly and ended up having cracked lips quite often! :(

    Thank you for the giveaway! ^^

  11. Hi tsuriki, I would like to win this lipbalm because my lip is always very dry and dark. I hope after the apply of this lipbalm, my lip will be more moisturize. Furthermore, it is also very small and easy to carry anywhere I go. <: Thankeuu and have a nice day.

  12. i wanna win this lipbalm because i have really dry lips ):

  13. Yay giveaway :) I would like to try out these lipbalms because I love to keep my lips moisturised all day long. I have heard of these lipbalms so it would be great to try them out !
    my email adress :

    Bye xxx

  14. Why would I want to try this lipbalm : I really like the colour and the shine . I also have a problem on my lips . So, I think i should try this product. But, I really dont know where to buy those. In Fact, Im just 15 years old. It is impossible to me to buy this such an expensive product.


    Why would you want to try this lip balm out because a lot other lip products are too waxy and don't absorb properly into my lips so this so hoping this will satisfy my lips.

  16. Cos you make the lip balm looks so good. I also want one now...teehee

  17. Hi,
    I would love to try this lip balm because until now i have only been using Nivea one and i really want to try a different brand one (plus that one is not available in my country).
    My e-mail address is

  18. Hi Tsuriki![; my name is Stephanie and I would like to enter to your giveaway^_^ I would like to try the organic raspberry and strawberry lip balm because I really like berry especially strawberry (they are sweet and cute ^_^). I have tried a few products of lip balms before and some are okayish but some doesn't help much with moisturizing my lips. I have a really dry lip and I would like to try an organic lip balm and see if it helps my dry lips. Thank you for reading my comments(: I appreciated it <3
    loved your lovely reader, Stephanie

  19. Hi there! I would like to try this new lip balm cause it is eco-friendly. Besides, I'm also interested in the unique flavour it has. Hope I'm the lucky one who will win this again!
    Love Metholatum's products like always!!! <3



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