Saturday, 28 February 2009

flying off soon

hey there everyone, this is gonna be the last post in next 4 days as i will be flying off to shen zhen in just a few hours time and i'm not bringing my lappy over. (it's just too freaking heavy lah!) i've just finished packing my stuff after coming back from sakuran camp 09 this afternoon.

dann lent me his cap for my holiday. heehee... oh my. i'm starting to miss him, miss gerry already lor~

ok. so sorry i didnt had the time to blog about any of the stuff i said i would try to blog about in my previous post. lol.

ok.... that's gonna be all till the 4 March where i'm back in this tiny island.


Friday, 27 February 2009

tired Trix.

ok... i have so much to blog about from my sentosa trip 3 weeks ago, my stepmom's birthday celebration, the wonderful buffet dinner like 2 weeks ago, nike singapore's official opening (though isnt alot on it), dance work 09 category 1, a day out with my jmd batch people (though not all was here), my craze on reading magazine (again), my first experience of clubbing, the decor i helped my sister last weekend and some others (i think).

but now, i am just super tired after uploading the photos to my lappy, selecting photos to be blogged, simple editing and uploading to my picasaweb album. for me i prefer to upload all the photos that are to be blogged soon in my picasaweb album first and not uploading by blogger or uploading using picasa's application (though i have it installed) as i can only upload 5 photos each time which will take me super duper long time lah~! plus, not only the time to get them all uploaded, think of the time needed to organise them into one post! oh my goodness lah!

okay~ that's all for now. have to go and sleep soon if not i'm so gonna be late for work (again) later! but i'm sure gonna post them up (or as much as possible) before i leave to shen zhen for me short vacation.

ok. 3am. really gotta go.

good night everyone!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

i suck at make-up, still.

feeling alittle upset on myself, abit down. cause it feels like no matter how hard i'm i trying till now to learn the art of make-up, i'm just not that good at it. someone used to tell me that my eyeliner always smudge onto my lower eyelid, my eyelashes are always stucked together with clumps and stuff and the most common thing even till now, my flashies are always falling off, not being put properly, too short, not of good quality.

well, i seriously know why is it falling off all the time ar... cause i buy cheapo eyelash glue. why? cause i dont wanna spend alot of money on it. if i were to buy all my cosmetics stuff of good quality and stuff, i dont have to eat anymore, nor even take public transport i think. all of my money will just go to my cosmetics.

i know i'm not good at putting on make-up, and suck at putting on flashies, but i am still learning, trying very very hard. i have no one to teach me cause none of my family members put make-up. my close friends dont really put make-up. all i learn from is from tv from 女人我最大, from magazines or online which are only pictures.

i know i'm not like celebraties, famous people, some famous bloggers who so super good at make-up even though they may be years younger than me. i am really trying very hard already. i do so much wanna go for workshops and stuff but who's gonna pay for it? the sickening thing is that many of those workshops stuff are held around end of the month(s) which i'm already broke and dying for my pay to come in (if i worked).

right now, i'm just dying for march to come and see what workshop of whatever that Ettusais is gonna have or cozycot is going hold which various brands. i seriously never get selected to go for workshops for brands that i like and am able to afford and Fasio and ZA. argh~

dying to learn, dying to earn my own money!!!!!

Saturday, 21 February 2009


what on earth else should i say?


i saw the sight of my mom went crazy again and this time the person that's freaking off mind already is my sis bf. the sight of them both angry, furious, mad, crazy, out of their mind, and any other bigger words to describe anger, seriously made me think of the scene where my mom actually took a knife and point it at me, threatening to kill me if not then kill herself when i was 10 in primary 4 just came back into my mind. i seriously was, am, so terrified even now thinking back about it. no one ever knew about this incident until i broke down a few weeks back in front of my dad and stepmom. after all these years, that freaking scary sight, face, look on my mom still is so freaking clear. i really do not know what on earth am i to do now.

i cant leave my mom.

but i seriously can't stand living with her anymore.

she broke down too, threw chair which destroyed the wooden ship that i love most as i always feel that that ship really means a lot to me, a lot about my happy family that is so being missed as i had no chance of having one ever since i was 8, in primary 2. that year, it was the last time my family actually went on a holiday, to KL. and ever since then, all i get to fell, experience in the house is anger and hate. only the times where i get to be with only my sister was so wonderful and enjoyable. 

once in primary 5 when i was 11, i can still remember so clearing that i couldn't stand all the cursing my mom cursed at me every single day ever since my dad had left this house for good and no longer coming back to stay. that was when i was in primary 3, when i was 9. 2 years of cursing, swearing, asking me to go and die, telling me how wonderful it may be if i wasn't even born in the first place. i seriously couldn't take it anymore. i opened the door and gate and made my way up this HDB building i'm in right now. now that i think of it, why did she even bother to stop me from killing myself? isn't it a better thing for her that i'm no longer around? she don't have to care about me anymore, she don't have to pay my school fees (which she didn't till now in the first place), she don't have to give me allowance, she will one lesser person to make her angry, etc etc. whatever.

i don't really know why am i blogging this whole thing. but all i know now is i really want someone to talk to, someone who can just tell me that everything will be fine. 

my stepmom told me to bring my mom to a doctor. 

but how? 

and i really can't bring myself to do so.

for years, i've always stay quiet, not saying a single thing when quarrels and arguments take place in this house which i've stayed in for more than 11 years ever since i'm 8. for everything, anything my mom tells me, scold me, accuse me and stuff, there is only one thing that will make me break down, blow up.

every other day she will compare with people saying people's children are so filial and listen to their parents etc etc which i think other parents do, too. i'm ok with that. but i just can't take it when she says that i am NOT filial and does NOT listen to her, does NOT do as she says. to her definition of being "filial" is to LISTEN to her, DO as she says, NOT speak loudly at her. or should i say, a dog. i seriously can't on earth always LISTEN to her cause whatever she says is 90% wrong and just shouldn't be listened to. neither will i DO as she says. well, I AM NOT DUMB! I HAVE A BRAIN! I THINK! i've already been a remote-controller of hers for years. I've had enough!!!

"Trixy! help me tape(record) show!"

"Trixy! help me on air-con!"

"Trixy! help me close window!"

"Trixy! help me do this..."

"Trixy! help me do that..."

she always say we treat her like maid, but she treats me like a remote-controller! a maid is still human, BUT I'M A FREAKING BRAINLESS, HEARTLESS, LIFELESS REMOTE-CONTROLLER! at least after my mom helps me to do things, i will say a "thank you". but for me? what? nothing!

it IS hard no to talk loudly, which is what she defines at "SCOLDING AT HER" as my mom DO NOT LISTEN TO PEOPLE. she talks to you freaking loudly WHEN YOU ARE JUST IN FRONT OF HER! when you talk to her nicely in your normal voice, she wont notice your existence. so of course, you have to speak louder! so you try louder then Louder and finally LOUDER!!! but apparently she can only hear you LOUDEST which she then say you shouting at her~! if not the both of you "are" having a conversation. you're trying to tell her super nicely something or just that you're busy and wanna talk later BUT here's the problem again. SHE NEVER LISTENS. so you try again, louder, Louder, LOUDER to fight with her voice cause she IS shouting her sentences out right in front of you and when you try your LOUDEST! here she goes again about you shouting at her, DO NOT listen to her, being unfilial and etc etc all over again!

another thing that will make me break down, blow up, is she will say that i don't want her anymore, won't take care of her, only want my dad, so close to my stepmom as if i'm treating HER as my mom instead of my real mom. WHAT THE FREAKING BELL FISH ON EARTH!!!

FOR A MILLION OVER TIMES I'VE TOLD HER. IF I DO NOT WANT HER, DON'T LOVE HER, DON'T CARE FOR HER, I WOULD HAVE LONG GONE OFF AND NO LONGER BE IN THIS FREAKING CURSED (all the cursing by my mom) HOUSE! this is what made me seriously blew up on Thursday that i was so pissed off i didn't even freaking bell wanna answer any of her calls. i was so upset that i didn't even wanted to go home that night. ARGH~!

i seriously can't take all these nonsense anymore~!

but on earth can i do?

i can't do a freaking thing?!


and now what are earth are you left here on this blog?

a totally bruised Trixy.

i'm hurt all over.

physically, mentally. and most of all, emotionally.

and allow me to say one last thing.

whatever you've seen Trixy am today, nothing positive was actually taught by my mom. EVERYTHING POSITIVE of what i am, who i am now, mostly were taught by teachers in my primary school. if it weren't for my teachers, i wouldn't even know what on earth is manners.

G-T. Where's S?

Today after meeting Dann and Daniel in school where I also got to meet Fook Yu and talk to her a little, I made my way down to Bugis where I was to meet Gerry there!!! hahaha... It's like the second time the both of us are going to just walk around, window shopping and stuff. We actually wanted to watch movie and decided to just go the the ticketing booth there and see what movie interest us then decide what to watch cause we seriously couldnt make up our minds!

photo taken in school while waiting for Dann.

So we met up and started our window shopping around Bugis Junction and I just realised that there are quite a few new shops around but *ahem* the price of stuff just keeps going up and up and up lar~ We saw some really good bargains for dresses sold for only $19.90SGD!!! And I mean those formal dresses that is sold in Bugis Junction itself and NOT Bugis Street okay~? Oh well, shall see I actually will back there after my short vacation.

OH~! I got this cute wrist rests!!!

I got the Egg for Dann and the Mushroom for myself. heehee...

We got hungry after window shopping so we went to the basement to get ourselves some food! We decided on otah rolls in the end. We each bought 2 flavors which means we tried a total of 4 flavors of the 6 available! hahaha... We tried the crab, prawn, mushroom and cheese, and chicken. They all taste nice but for me I like the crab otah the least as I find the crab taste a bit too strong for me.

when Gerry see Stitch!!!

otah rolls!!!

Gerry and her otah rolls!

photo taken by accident which I find it nice in a way~

me and my otah rolls!!!

After finishing our otah rolls, we went to take neoprint!!!

photos of a neoprint process...(lol)

Ready? 3..2..1..


Gerry spots the camera!!!

And the final product mah...

(ok. the scanner kinda sucks)

After we've taken our neoprint, we went back down to the basement for ice-cream as we saw earlier on that Uzumaki is currently have promotion for their 3rd Anniversery!!!

3 Scoops of ice-cream for $3 ONLY!!!

So of course Gerry and I will get ice-cream!!!

I had Milk Tea, Red Bean and Green Tea.
Gerry had Milk Tea, Red Bean and Mint.

Apparently the mint doesnt go well with the milk tea. It just made th milk tea taste like plastic! The red bean is nice!!! (Both of use agree on that)

After having our ice cream and Gerry getting her slippers (the first time I see Gerry buying someting for HERSELF!), we went to Orchard where I wanted to pass Dann the Egg wrist rest i bought for him but in the end he asked me to bring home first. So ya, that's the reason why I still can take a nice photo of both wrist rests above.

We soon left the shop and went to Paragon for awhile where Gerry got her Stitch keychain for the がざがざ machine outside Toys'R'Us and a quick walk there too, we went over to the building where Ezzat works at and waited for him after his lessons before we all took the train upwards. I went home, Gerry went for her lessons and Ezzat went to play magic (-_-'")

After I've reached home, I found a letter being sent to me in the mail box!

hmmm... no "from" address at the back. I seriously wondered who is it from.

and it is my Twin! Li Jin!!!

So sweet of her to send me this. Known her for like around 7 years already and this is the first time she sent me stuff! This silly girl ar, wrote silly stuff on the card.

Hey girl, come on... what are friends for? Friends may not always be with each other but will always be there when you need a shoulder, ok? No need to say sorry for that silly thing lah, it's nothing. Like I said in this SMS, it's all part of life, too. *HUGZ*

Ok. That's gonna be all for now.
Have a good night everyone!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Bad Day

today is a freaking bad day of mine, of my dad.

i did post a freaking angry post with my mobile in the afternoon when i was on my journey to meet dann for dinner earlier on as i've freaking had enough of my mom's nonsense. but i dont know why did it not be received by blogger!!! freak it! stupid blogger! and i've already cleared my outbox of my mobile and i cant re-post it up! what the hell...

oh well.

it's also a bad day for my dad.


cause he just got into a car accident at around 5.15pm today all thanks to a reckless taxi driver! bloody freaking bell dont know traffic rules huh! stupid! cause an accident where my dad hurt his neck and the passenger got a bad cut over his forehead! idiot driver! i dont know what on earth happened to him but after the accident and all he did was to tell my dad "sorry"?! and you know what? this old man (my dad) just didnt wanna let anyone know! not even my stepmom lor~ i only got to know like almost 8pm when i'm about to reach home after my super long train and bus ride home!

i soon met up my sister where we then went to my dad's house as my dad told us not to go to SGH(Singapore General Hospital) as he will be going home soon. after we reached my dad's house, we soon went down to get food as we were both hungry and also to buy food back for my dad too.

we had pasta at Pizzardone at the coffee shop near my dad's house. the pasta is nice but there came a horror. after we've finished our food, my sister found a worm in the bottle of chilli flakes! what the fish! ok. i snapped a photo of the bottle and the worm with my mobile but i'll upload it maybe tomorrow when i'm using my own lappy. (i'm using my sis's lappy now) and here it is now!


yuck! but wait, there wasnt only ONE worm. after taking the photo, i spotted ANOTHER ONE! BUT WAIT AGAIN!!! my sister then asked me to go and tell the person about the worm in the chilli flakes, as i was walked towards the shop, i saw more worms and EVEN MORE WORMS when the person actually opened the bottle to check! and guess what? the freaking irresponsible person just gave me the indifferent look and didnt even say a single thing, no sorry or anything lah! what the bell!!! then he came to clear our plates soon after i walked back to my table, he still didnt say a thing lor! my sister was the only one that ate the chilli flakes so of course she is worried about geeting food poisoning and stuff which she gets super easily~ she told the guy that she'll "find him if i get food poisoning"! and guess what? THE FREAKING GUY STILL DIDNT SAY A SINGLE THING AND STILL GAVE THAT INDIFFERENT FACE LAH!!!! WHAT THE FREAKING BLOODY FISH!


so everyone! beware! be super duper careful at the stuff you eat! especially those that may be placed open-aired for sometime!!!

anyway, so by the time we went back to my dad's house, he's already home with my stepmom and their friends.

haiz... i'm just really greatful and happy that my dad is safe though not really totally injuries-less, but this is already the minimum already. oh thank God. i was so afraid that anything serious would have happened to my dad and was so afraid of losing him.

Thank You God. Amen.

:: posted edited with uploaded photo at 1.13am, 21 Feb 09.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Happy Silly Apple.

Hey there everyone! Valentine's Day is just over like 2 days back and how was your day?

Well, I had a great day!

It first started out me doing my duty as a staff of Love Droplets to send a bouquet to one of our customer which is my friend. Not gonna blog out who is it. If you know it, ya you know. If not, it shall remain the way it is as my friend's boyfriend actually asked my friend who else knows that she is actually giving him flowers that day.

So after delivering the bouquet, I made my way to the MRT station to meet Dann for our date. (heehee...)

We first went to the Cathay's Billy Bombers's for our lunch as that's the place we had our very first dinner at on our very first date more than one and a half years back when we were still unofficially together. So sweet of him~ (*^-^*)

We had the Valentine's Day Set Meal and this is what we had there's for 2 persons. It taste yummy!!! We also had milkshakes which Dann likes.

We also got this collar pin each! Not sure if it's because we didnt eat the dessert or what. It was chocolate cake/brownie which none of us both take.

It is always fun to be eating outside, by the window, especially with Dann. Why? heehee... I shall keep it to myself. Please allow me to be selfish for awhile. =p

After lunch, we had a walk around Plaza Singapura for awhile before making our way back to the Cathay for our movie.

Fotunately, Dann booked the tickets online the night before if not we would have to queue like mad or might not even be able to get a ticket.

We watched "Slumdog Millionaire" and the cinema was like fully packed lah! Dann told me that when he was booking the tickets, the cinema was already half-booked!

The movie was great! I seriously love the ending, the dance! hahaha... "what's an indian movie without the dance?" hahaha...

Movie Rating: 5 Stars!

After movie, we went back to Dann's house area's supermarket to get some food first as Dann was cooking me dinner!!! YEAH!!!

On the train back...

Dann still in his glasses

Without glasses

So what do you think? Does Dann look better with or without glasses?

So after alighting, we got our food stuff from NTUC Fairprice before heading back to Dann's house for our lovely dinner!!! While Dann was cooking, I was watching TV. heehee...


We had pasta then sparkling juice then ice cream to end of our lovely meal! heehee...

My valentine's day may seem simple, but it was really a sweet one to me.


Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!

Come on everybody!!!
Be it whether you're single or taken,
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

and sure hope that you will enjoy the rest for this wonderful day as i enjoy mine!!!

my sponge rose from dann!!! i didnt ASK him to get my flowers this year but he got me this!!!

Have a nice day everyone!

good night for now!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Celebrate this Valentine's Day at Swensen's

hi there everyone!

today when i went to work, the first thing i notice at the outlet was all the pretty and sweet decors put up for this valentine's day! for the past 2 years, there werent much decor being put up except for all the heart-shaped balloons being put up all over the place, this year the decor seriously is so good! hahaha...

ok... here's 3 photos that i took secretly cause usage of phones are not allowed during work time alright...

see all the heart-shaped stuff hanging all over the place!

small heart-shaped balloons on the bars which will also be given out to customers who order the special valentine's day set meal. (details of set meal at the bottom of this post)

look at the lamp!!! all of them have this heart-shaped card hanging on it!!!

ok... i'm not too sure about this year but when i worked on valentine's day 2 years back, we actually had all the tables separated to seats for 2 only and every table has one flower balloon sculpture and a small candle. the lights are also being dimmed that day (and the night before) for more mood. hahaha... for once then i felt that swensen's isn't a family restaurant! hahaha...

ok... so here's the menu if you're thinking of having a meal with your love one this coming friday or saturday!

(click to enlarge)

for this promotion set meal, it is $68++ per couple.
(set meal for 2)

each set meal includes:
1 side dish from the A la Carte menu
2 main course from the A la Carte menu
2 yogurt smoothies, coffee or tea
1 special valentine's day ice cream cake which serves 2 person!

there are 2 choices for the valentine's day ice cream cake -- Be Mine and Lovingly Yours

Be Mine -- Peachy Mango Ice Cream with crumble bits, topped with peach chunks, strawberries and blueberries.

Lovingly Yous -- Delicious creamy chocolate ice cream with pitted cherries, generously topped with strawberries and mixed berries.

for each set meal that you order, you will also received a "Love Pack"** which includes:
a free photo to be taken and printed instantly
a heart-shaped balloon which is super cute!!!!
and a discount voucher for the chocolate fondue

ok... my colleague actually went to calculate the actual price of the meal IF you were to order the most expensive items on the menu and it is seriously very worth it. the total cost is already more than $72 even before she could key in the ice cream cake and some other more stuff which i forgot what was it already.

if you would like to take a look at the menu first, you may click here. just a slight note, items that can be ordered with this set meal is only under the food menu since drinks are somehow standardised with the yogurt smoothies which could not be found on the swensen's website.

for people who may wanna get a dinner or lunch at swensen's but intend to celebrate at say vivo city or how-would-i-know changi airport, you may wanna visit Earle Swensen's instead!

(click to enlarge)

at Earle, each set meal is at $88++ which includes:
2 main courses
buffet salad bar
2 glasses of True Love (mixed strawberry and lime sparkling drink)
1 special valentine's day ice cream cake

each set was includes "Pampering Love Treats"** which includes:
spa vouchers, complimentary chocolate vouchers and more!

what if you only wanna get the ice cream cake? no worries! they are being sold that $16.90 each! and what's more? special privileges for valentine's day ice cream cake!

there is 10% off the valentine's day ice cream cake for HSBC credit cardholders!
and who says that only people who have credit cards get privileges?!
come on full-time students of junior colleges, polytechnics, NTU and NUS! take your student pass out, flash it! and you also get 10% off for the valentine's day ice cream cake!

not forgetting swensen's own members of course!

all cool rewards and kids club members get 15% off the valentine's day ice cream cake!

so no more worried about budget and stuff for a nice meal with your love ones!

you may check out swensen's website here for more information.

**All "Love Pack" and "Pampering Love Treats" are while stock last only!

All women please stand up!!!
it's time for Nike Zoom Sister One+

Having researched and understood women’s sporting headway, Nike Women recognizes that it is essential to create a product designed specifically for women’s multi-directional training. The Nike team aims to further enhance training in lightweight support, assuring a more confident and sturdy sports experience.

Inspired by the dynamic movements of today’s women, Nike Women has just launched the latest product this Spring, the Nike Zoom Sister One+.

The pinnacle of Nike’s Sister Series collection of footwear, the Nike Zoom Sister One+ is a bold shoe that incorporates some of Nike’s most innovative technologies- DiamondFLX and Fylwire to deliver a youthful style and colourful excitement without compromising on performance. Its DiamondFLX technology allows athletes to increase muscular strength of selected muscles while helping to increase foot flexibility for more effective training.

(hover mouse over for different view)

The above is designed with Fylwire, a performance architecture that uses very thin and incredibly strong fibers to support the foot. Adding on to being light weight, it helps improve stability. Exercising on wet grounds can be much more manageable now!

For more information, please click here to go to

Log on to now to create you vey own Nike Mini where you get to keep track of your own training! Click on the button that is shown below on the webpage to start creating your Nike Mini!!!

(hover mouse over for different view)

Let's Get Started!!!

Firstly, customise you very own Nike Mini!!!

this is how i normally dress during my dance practices which includes running ever week!!! My instructor is NOT HUMAN!!!

of course i wont leave my Nike Mini looking as though it's gonna faint anytime!!!

here's my end product of my Nike Mini!!! (hopefully one day i can run looking like that!)

Next, after you've customised your Nike Mini, it's time to select your training course!

for core, strength or cardio?

for me, i chose strength!

okay.. you're almost done... just 2 more steps!

Set the start date of your training and also your workout level.

and Lastly, invite your friends to join you and be your personal cheering squad!

and Let's all work out together!!!

wait! there's more!!!

If you own a iPhone, you can get your Nike Training Club Application installed in you iPhone itself!

(hover mouse over for different view)

and one day i would be as strong as my Nike Mini!!!

credits of all pictures' related to Nike used goes to

Nike Zoom Sister One+,
The ultimate training shoe for women


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Makeover by Ettusais!!!

yesterday i met up with jess after her paper at orchard.

we first went for lunch at far east plaza where daniel joined us too before he left to wisma whereas jess and i went window shopping around far east plaza before going to isetan scotts for our makeover at the ettusais counter there. if you're wonder where is the ettusais counter at isetan scotts, it's at level 2, just go up the escalator and walk straight in and you will see the ettusais counter in no time!

ok... here's some photos taken before our makeover while also testing out jess's new camera! hahaha... ya... her sony camera had finally given up serving jess like last week after eugenia's 21st birthday chalet.

outside Tangs...

along the way...

and soon we reached the Ettusais's counter!!!

their range for the lips!
(photo taken secretly by jess when the lady was doing my foundation)

and the makeover starts soon once we reached!!!

the lady that helped us with our makeover first helped me to remove all my makeup then followed by skin care before starting with the makeup proper


start on my makeup...

first time getting my eye browns drawn. i felt weird... lol

makeup makeup!!!

and soon after all the interuption is over, my makeover was done and here's my new look for the day!

close-up on my eyes...

i chose a green eyeshadow as i didnt want brown which i like what i use every other day! hahaha... and see!!! my lashes so freaking super lah!!! and THEY ARE MY REAL LASHES!!! NOT EXTENSIONS!!!

and next up is jess's turn!!!

clean clean all the oil and skin care first...

see!!! so clean!!!

start on makeup!

jess's before look

jess's after look

jess chose brown eyeshadow as she didnt want her makeup to be to 夸张.
first time putting brown for her, too!!!

jess's eye's close-up

and yeah! we're all done!!!

okay... and here's the pretty lady Shiya that helped us with our makeover!!!

she so pretty lah!!!

we also got these free samples which was actually used on us for skincare before our makeup during the makeover!

so cute~! mini sized!!! hahaha...

i was like so freaking tempted to get the liquid foundation that was used on me after the makeover to get the rainbow makeup pouch lah! but i didnt... heehee... i just got my ZA foundation okay?

but the foundation is like seriously good lor~ natural and it doesnt really smudge that horribly like my previous foundations where i always get dann's and my clothes stain which seriously isnt a good thing.

guess i shall get that after i'm done with my ZA foundation...! and maybe some other stuff too~ i feel good after the skincare thingy before the makeup!

special thanks to Fidelis for the information for this complimentay makeover by Ettusais. this promotion ends this thursday, 12 feb. for more details, you may refer to Fidelis's post on this complimentary makover here.

so what comes after a pretty makeover?


and next we went over to the white wall near galleria

and then we went ZARA for "window shopping" again!!!

i like this dress...

but i like this dress even more!!!

ok... compare me and jess in the same dress...

the feel so different lah!!! lol

then we went over to MOS at takashimaya for some drinks and fish burger for jess

see! her camera is good~~~ hahahaha...

next up! PARAGON!!!

oh no! i looked into the camera!

ah~ now this's better!

soon after that, jess went home whereas i met dann for dinner before movie. we had botak jones again at the youth park and i realised that mini-me sized meals are just enough for me. i shall NOT buy the regular sized set again. hahaha... i simply cant finish them lor~ though it IS super yummy!!!

while waiting for our dinner to be served, dann posed for a watch ad?!


apple pair that night!
(oh my! i look like a ghost! freaking white lah!)

after dinner, we met daniel, pei di and uncle xiang min before going for the movie.

for me, i feel that it is a great show and is worth watching. it's a sad show and i actually wanted to cry. however, apparently the starting may be quite a bore that people actually fell asleep, snoring, during the start of the movie.

i would rate it 5 stars!!!

after movie, daniel drove us to have pungol nasi lemak for supper. okay... i didnt eat. i only had prawn chee cheong fan. hahahaha...

ok... that's all for now!

good night everyone!


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