Monday, 28 January 2008

Big Happy Birthday to GERRY!!!

i wan my room back...

hey people...
havent been blogging for a very long time i know...

i'm very sad right now...

putting all problems aside
i'vejust lost my bed,
my pillow,
my huggy pillow,
my favourite bedsheet,
and i have to part with my favourite blankey
for quite some time.

my mattress,
pillow and huggy pillow thrown away before i could come home.

i didnt even have the chance to see my favourite bedsheet one last time...

i've lost some precious stuff from my coke collection
the limited edition valentine's day vanilla coke bottle
limited korean coke can
rare petitide coke can
all being thrown away by my mom.

the remainings of my coke collection

*you can try to find a post on my blog*
*of you great coke collection*
*and compare it with what i have now and then*

='( (BIG CRYS)

worst thing next
i have to sleep with my mom
which equals to i no need to sleep already.

i notice one thing...

i kinda always dislike the pre-chinese new year
almost every year
ever sinced a decade ago.

if you know what major happened that year,
you know.
if not, just let it be for now.
dont wanna say...

Thursday, 17 January 2008

open house over for a week already...

ya people...

open house is over for one whole week already...
and it've been dont know how long sinced i blogged.

oh well...
i'm happy it's over.
i guess i'm really too tired...
i fell so easily to sleep every night
and woke up feeling super good everyday.

oh well...
(no what the hack here)
here's a video of our performance.
this is the only one i have that is full in one single video
though it isnt the best...

i'll upload those videos
of what happened on saturday after open house another day.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

open house starts today!!!

hey peop;le,
these are the time slots for sjcc
the time for our hard work to be shown

please do come support!

10/1/08 (Thurs) : 5.30PM
11/1/08 (Fri) : 11.55AM & 1.30PM
12/1/08 (Sat) : 1.05PM & 4.15PM

Friday, 4 January 2008

why oh why oh why~~~???

Somethings i may not understand in the past
but now...
maybe Ya...
i just got to know
and understand why.

some people may choose to hide
some may choose to avoid
some may choose to make things worst
while some others may just ignore

as for the people of the situation
some people may then give up
some may choose to go against their own wills
while pleasing others
while some may just stay on and try to ignore the horrible stares coming their way

so who are you?

where do you categorise yourself?

as for me...
as for the person affected
I'll choose to live as how i used to
which somehow equals to
as for being the person in that situation
i used to choose to go against my will
to please others
maybe I'll ignore for the moment
and wait for the sun to come out again

Thursday, 3 January 2008

"get lost" survey

hey people,
here's a situation.
if someone that is of great importance to you

(eg. your boyfriend/girlfriend)
told you "get lost" when you're leaving an event
and not only once but twice
how would you feel?

please leave your answer under comments to this post
or leave your answer in my tag board.

thank you.


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