Monday, 3 November 2008

NBA team of legends, current players may play in Singapore!!!!?????

SINGAPORE: Locals could be catching some of the slick action of NBA legends in Singapore in about three years’ time, as plans are afoot to set up an ASEAN Basketball League as early as 2009.

The NBA — always a hit with fans — has been making its presence felt. Two road shows were held in Singapore recently and there are plans to make next year’s event bigger, such as having one of the NBA teams take to the court in Singapore.

Mark Fischer, senior vice president, NBA Asia, said: "Maybe not a full NBA team, but a collection of players — including NBA stars, NBA legends and some development league players — to Singapore to play with some of the local teams."

click here to read the full story on Yahoo!

how many people out there's excited,
and really want this thing to happen?
i'm one of them!

and if the team could play with singapore's Slingers,
or just any other teams,
i think it would sure be worth the time,
and price i suppose.

oh well,
everything will just have to be decided 3 years later as said in the article itself.

( > . < )

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