Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Japan Trip Day 6 - Disney Sea


This is another super delayed post on day 6 of my trip to Tokyo last year

- Disney Sea!!!

Ok... This post is gonna be one filled with mostly photos. I'll be blogging my Hada Labo Product Review tomorrow night as I'm still preparing it.

I used my dad's Canon IXY DIGITAL 210 IS that day as I realised my camera's battery is not enough to last me a whole day at Disney Land the previous day!

And one more thing, I did not really put on makeup cos I know that I'll get like super wet and my dear eyeliner I brought there was non-waterproof! So please bear with my naked face for this post.

Map of DisneyLand, Disney Resort and of course Disney Sea!

Hopped on the Disney Line!

Everything so Mickey-ish lah! 可愛い!

A peek at Disney Resort
*Man~ I wanna stay there, too!*

And soon we arrived at Disney Sea!!!

Don't the globe reminds you of Universal Studio?

Was welcomed by various Disney Characters

And of course, MICKEY!!!

I did not queue to have my photo taken with them as I just can't wait to take the Tower Terror and Journey to the Center of the Earth rides!!!

TADA!!! Disney Sea!!!
Of course, this isn't all~

The vocalno looks so mini like that! LOL

Believe me, you can really feel the heat when the fire is on

Along my walk to the Tower of Terror!


Day view of Tower of Terror
*Wait till you see the night view*

Can you spot me?

Nice buffet resturant. Heard from XM that the food is not bad.

Black pepper popcorn! The popcorn I had that day!

Cute bear with a cute girl~

I don't know what bear is that what apparently it's pretty famous and popular among the Japanese.

Across the river

Yum Yum Yum~

My number 1 favourite ride in Tokyo Disney Sea!!!

I got my fast pass which was like around 5pm plus when the time I went to take it was only 11am max?!

I just keep getting lost in this centre portion. ニャ~

Mickey Submarine!

Sea salt popcorn. It's like SUPER popular among the locals. The queue never stopped throughout the whole time when I was queuing for the Storm Rider ride!

Another cool ride~ Photography is not allowed inside the buiding for this ride so you'll just have to go there for yourself!

Huge queue opposite. Trust me, the queue is way longer than what it looks like from the outside.

I took the wet course and regreted it. Man~ Only after the ride then I understand why SO MANY people actually bought the towels from the gift shops even though they are super ex.

After the wet course ride my WHOLE body was wet and water was dripping from my hair!

Water parade

Curry popcorn! I wanted to try this and thought of getting it after I finish my black pepper popcorn but in the end, I didn't manage to finish my black pepper one.

The curry one seriously smell super good okay~

More popcorn stands.

My number 3 ranking favourite ride in Disney Sea.
Partially because they have single rider queue.

Can you spot me?

I took that ride like 3 times I think. I wanted to capture a nice photo of me but oh well... I failed. Can't get the camera timing correctly.

Ok. It's summer. so...

Yeah! Pretty girls in yukata!!!

There's also cute kids in yukata later on~

Under the sea~ I tried capturing a clear photo but due to the lighting, this was the better I could get.

Took this ride as I wanted to rest my legs~

View from on top of a jelly fish~

Lunch time! Had teriyaki chicken bento

Bon Bon Fire Parade Venue

Water was heavens on such a HOT day!

My number 2 ranking ride in Disney Sea!
The only rider with a 360 degree overturn in Disney Sea!

Went back to Journey to the centre of the earth ride for my ride.

As you can see from the timing of the photo taken, I went back at the wrong timing.
(Timing stated is Singapore time which is an hour slower)

But still, I got to sit the ride!

SUPER DUPER UPER COOL RIDE!!! You just HAVE to take it if you're there!!!

Relaxing ride through the story of Simbad.

Magic show outside the magic shop near the 4D Genie show area.


Ok... This is gonna be random...

A "trans" in Disney Sea!!! He's like so handsome but WHY~~!!!???

Haiz... Lue~ You kena beaten liao~ LOL

A ride on the Genie~ Yuhu~!

Almost 6pm and everyone was already waiting the Bon Bon Parade to start!

Ok. No photos for the parade as I was too far away and most photos are blurred.

More roller coaster ride. LOL

I took that ride like 5 times?!

Chocolate popcorn!!! I could smell the sweet chocolate smell from far far away lah!

Tower of Terror at night~

Gift shop

I was like super tired so I slowly walked out and left Disney Sea at around 8pm. That's like an hour more than I was in Disney Land. *Phew*

My train ticket back.
*Ignore my nails. They cracked like mad the 2nd day I reached Tokyo!*

Didn't notice the Disney vanding machine till the 2nd night. LOL

Selling all disney stuff!

My shopping stuff from Disney Sea!

Here's a photo of all the stuff I bought from Disney Land and Disney Sea.

Not a lot but they already cost me a bomb!

Okay~ That's all for now!



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