Friday, 28 October 2011

New hair @ Shunji Matsuo

Hi everyone!

Okay~ I', sure by now many would have already noticed my change of hair sponsor and even watched my YouTube video where I did a vlog for my new hair process at Shunji Matsuo.

Finally I'm bloggin on it proper now!

I'm really really sorry for the lack of updates as I'm really caught up with work recently and if you're following me on twitter, you would have realised that I've been ending work like 11pm plus for quite a few nights already and even after I reached home after work, I do sometimes continue my work.

Not only that, my work recently starts earlier, too.

So basically what do I do when I get home is just shower and straight to bed.
I don't even have the energy to switch on my laptop!

Ok. No more nagging.
Now back to the post proper.

So I've gotten my new hair colour and extensions last month at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio.

I would like to take this oppurtunity to tell everyone that Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio is not the same as I*CON Shunji Matsuo.
The main thing is still at their main hair studio which has been moved to the Heerens a few months back, on the 5th Level.

So here's my before hair colour

Thursday, 27 October 2011

This Halloween wih Singtel


Hi everyone!

So Halloween is just a few days away, do you have any plans?

Well, here's an invitation to all of you to join Singtel with a whole series of horror movies tomorrow, 28 Oct 2011!

This is the very first time ever, Singtel Mio TV will be showcasing not only horror movie but right in the heart of a cemetery!

Free flow of popcorn, candyfloss & screams included.
*Strictly 18 and above only.*

So come on down and join Singtel Mio TV in theis outdoor drive-in movie experience watching the horror films in an eerie ambiance all at once.

Event date and time: 28th Oct Fri. Show starts at 8pm
Please reach the venue by 7pm.

See you there~!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

☆ 父の誕生日 ☆

Hi everyone!

Once again I apologise for not updating much recently as I'm really tied up with work. Frankly speaking, I work 6 full-days a week that's why I don't blog as much and most of the posts up are ads or reviews.

Now here's another delayed post on my daddy's birthday on the 27 Aug!
*Yes, I know.. it's soooo long ago*

Once again we're back at Crab Party for dinner!

Everyone had Tiger beer that night

Except for me! Lol~
My lovely sweet awesome watermelon juice!

Here's the silly birthday boy!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Once Upon Carlo Rino

Sponsored Review

Hi everyone!

Today I'm gonna share with you my new bag and yess I'm totally in love with it and here it is!

TADA!!! It's my new handbag from the latest range of Carlo Rino!
It's the Bunny model from the FairyTale Satin Collection 2011!

So pretty right?

So I received this Bunny bag last Sunday morning and YES, I tweeted, I posted on my FB page, I brought it out that very day!

I just fell in love with the nice design of the bag immediately the second I opened the parcel!

Oh~ My pretty little Bunny~!

The strap is adjustable so I adjusted it to the length where by I can sling it on!


Not only do I love the bag because of the design, I love the size of the Bunny, too!

I'm a person who can't live without my camera and using a MFT, I really can't use just any handbags cos most of the time, either I can't even put in my camera OR yes my camera can fit in but that's about all that can fit in the bag.

But with the Bunny bag, I was able to put not only my camera in, I had my long wallet, makeup pouch, tissue pouch, hair brush, hair serum, handphone, card holder (practically the basic needs I bring around with me every single day) all in the Bunny bag!

I was totally amazed!

In addition, the quality, material of the Bunny bag is really awesome!

Frankly, ALL the stuff I put in my bag is HEAVY.
But the made of the Bunny bag is so good, I didn't worry a single bit that the bag may give way or anything throughout the day!

*YES. That happens quite a lot of times before with my previous bags as my stuff are SUPER HEAVY*

Yes! Finally I have a sweet, girly handbag that actually fits all my daily needs in!

No my post doesn't end just here!

I am now inviting all of you to VivoCity from Friday 14 October to Sunday 16 October for the Carlo Rino event!

(Click to enlarge)

And who knows?! You may just walk away with a Carlo Rino Wristlet and gift vouchers!

Carlo Rino Wristlet

$10 Gift Voucher

And below are some event highlights for these 3 days!

14 October 2011, Friday

  • Carlo rino wristlet free giveaway WITH 500 x $10 gift voucher to public for first 500 . Starts 4.30pm at vivo city atrium hall.

  • Hourly lucky draw - Stand to win grand prize A return ticket to Japan worth $2300 and many prizes (Hada Lado products, Carlo Rino vouchers, Bebe Poshe products, Rustic Nirvana vouchers and many more)

  • 15 October 2011, Saturday

  • 1st 100 customers with any REGULAR purchase, receive FREE Carlo Rino wristlet worth $55

  • FREE Carlo Rino wristlet giveaway to 1st 200 TANGS card members. Starting from 4.30pm

  • Hourly lucky draw - Stand to win grand prize A return ticket to Japan worth $2300 and many prizes (Hada Lado products, Carlo Rino vouchers, Bebe Poshe products, Rustic Nirvana vouchers and many more)

  • 16 October 2011, Sunday

  • 1st 100 customers with any REGULAR purchase, receive FREE Carlo Rino wristlet worth $55

  • Hourly lucky draw - Stand to win grand prize A return ticket to Japan worth $2300 and many prizes (Hada Lado products, Carlo Rino vouchers, Bebe Poshe products, Rustic Nirvana vouchers and many more)

  • And guess what?!

    I'll be making a guest appearance at the Carlo Rino event this Sunday!

    See you there everyone!

    XOXO Tsuriki

    Wednesday, 12 October 2011

    ♥ Love More Aqua Mask ♥

    Sponsored Review

    Hi everyone!

    As you may have known if you are on my FB page, I was trying on Love Mask's new Aqua Mask just Sunday night!

    Yeah! So here's my box of the new Aqua Mask from Love More!

    Check out who's the new face of Love More!

    It's Cindy Wang Xin Lin!

    Oh Baby~ 情话多说一点,想我就多看一眼!

    Pretty Pink packaging, ME LOVES!!!

    I got the box that is most suitable for dry skin and yes,
    I do have dry skin. *sigh*

    I really love the scent of the mask is it's light with a little sweetness.
    Like.. Floral~!

    As this mask unlike the previous Love More I reviewed on that is longer for the neck area, I'll put my mask on my neck area for about 2-3 mins after the 15 mins I used on my face!

    Read on my previous review here
    Heehee~ Learnt from one of my readers!

    I really like this mask as it's light, moisturising and leaves my skin nice and soft!

    Thank you Love More, once again!

    You can get your very own box of Love More Aqua Mask for $11.90 of a box of 7 pieces at any Watsons outlet!

    Monday, 10 October 2011




    Today I'll be blogging on a super delay post on this year's 夏祭り (Summer Festival)!

    So I went for our final rehearsal and stuff with only 3 hours of sleep the previous night as I was too afraid that I might have forgotten to pack anything needed for performance into my bag.

    Well, in the end I did bring everything.

    I was the makeup artist of the day so I was super busy after lunch, after everyone showered and were in their cpstumes. Iya~~~!!!

    Camwhored while waiting for the bus to come pick us up before heading to Changi Japanese School!

    With my costume like this I think you could probably guessed what were we dancing to already, ya?

    Oh my! You don't know?

    Wait for the video in this post!

    Cindy and Sok Hiang

    With Cindy

    With Girlfriend Sok Hiang

    Ok~ I didn't take much photos cos most of the time I'lm on stand-by for anyone who needs help with their makeup.

    Wendy snapping photos with Wings and Selphie peeking!

    With Wendy when we were already at Changi Japanese School waiting for performance's time

    With my inhuman instructor Danny

    OZ, Danny and Xiang Min

    Oh man~ Looking at this photo is making me miss OZ.

    OZ~ When you coming back?
    When you come back let's go AKB Cafe together!
    I'm still waiting for my Omu Rice~!

    Zita, where you looking sia?

    Lue's bro and Sky joined us, too!

    And soon, it was time for performance!

    Here are 2 videos I found on YouTube that were uploaded by random passerby.

    Another angle...

    So how? Heehee~

    After performance, I rushed to change into my yukata with the help of my Girlfriend Sok Hiang!

    And yeah! One of the highlights of Natsu Matsuri, Bon Odori!!!


    Find the yukata she's wearing familar?

    Well, it's the yukata I wore to Natsu last year. Lol~
    Lent it to her...

    Himeko and her Sheilamay

    With Michiyo

    I wonder why was she hiding her face... hmm...

    Er.. what were we trying to do again?

    And out of a sudden at the speed of light, the horrible Himeko, Michiyo and Silin dumped Himeko's friend, Shiyun, and I for some cute little dog.

    Butts caught in action!

    Ok. Here marks the end of this years Natsu Matsuri.

    Sorry I didn't snap alot of photos this year as I was really busy and tired.

    See you next year!

    Wednesday, 5 October 2011

    Avalon -- Japanese Flavored Fish Collagen
    Plus Giveaway!!!

    Sponsored Review
    Hi everyone!

    I believe everyone wanna look good and have heathly skin, good complexion be it you're a girl or guy, right?

    Well, I sure there's one thing that no one (I think) is not familar of and that is COLLAGEN.

    Many people are still asking like what is collagen and what does it do?
    Well, basically collagen helps to repair your cells and increase the elascity of your skin.

    Normal food intake is only at most enough to help repair your cells, be it your face or any other parts of your body, and not enough to do the extra step of increasing your skin's elascity.

    Thus, you need to take collagen drink!

    Here's the new Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen!

    It comes in 3 different flavours! You're sure to find one that you like!

    Yummy Mango Flavour!

    Refreshing Lemon Flavour!

    And my personal favourite, Berry Blueberry Flavour!!!

    If you have been reading my blog for quite some time, you would know that yes I do take collagen drink, those bottled one and never those in powder form.

    Why? Cos I tried once and it seriously did not taste... pleasant...

    But after trying Avalon's collagen that is actually in powder form, my idea of the no-human-should-drink-powder-form-collagen thinking changed!

    Like mentioned, I love the blueberry one!

    To a ceratin extend, it's actually sweet!

    And you know one good thing about the Avalon collagen as compared to all those bottled ones?

    I can bring them around with me!
    Great for busy people like me!

    I always forget to take my collagen drink in the morning as I'm always rushing out for work, for shoots, for anything to everything!
    And at night, I just can't wait to go to beed after a long tiring day, I just never take my collagen drink!

    With the Avalon collagen being in such small, light-weight packed form, all I have to do is to bring along a few stick packs in my bag (just incase I forgot to top-up) and take it when I reach work!

    No people, eating and drinking is not allowed on public transport! Lol~

    Just tear open one stick pack of your favourite flavoured Avalon collagen

    And straight into my mouth!

    Yummy~ I love the blueberry one!

    Don't forget to drink LOTS of water after taking the collagen powder as it's really concentrated!
    Plus! It's important to drink lots of water after taking collagen products to prevent outbreaks!
    (Info from one of my Japanese friend who's actually a doctor)

    And of course, if you do not like taking the powder straight like that, you can always mix it with a cup of water or even FRESH fruit juice!

    Still, don't forget to drink LOTS of water after that!

    So now! Here's your chance to try the new Avalon Collagen!

    I'll be giving out 2 packets of each flavour in which each packet consists of 5 stick packs randomly to 6 readers!

    All you have to do is to LIKE Avalon FB Page, @
    and LIKE my FB Page @
    and tell me why you wanna try the Avalon Collagen on my FB Page Wall itself!

    Giveaway deadline: 14 Oct 2011, 2359.

    Sorry but as it's food product, this giveaway is only available to Singapore addresses.

    Stay pretty everyone!

    XOXO Tsuriki


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