Monday, 30 August 2010



Finally I'm blogging over here on this year's Natsu Matsuri!

Woke up around 8.30am after 4 hours of sleep as I went clubbing with the Girls at Rebel the night before as blogged previously.

WHY? Not because I had to queue for my tickets cos I've already got my advance tickets but because I had a audition on.

Oh well... I did not get the role alright~ Acting just isn't my thing I guess. I'll stick to singing and dancing! (笑)

My eye makeup for the day!

I'm one person that hardly put on pink eye shadow but I used my Shiseido pink liquid eyeshadow that day and it looks great!
As for my lashes, I wore Diamond Lash Violet #1 (Upper lash) and #5 (Lower lash).

So after my audition, I head down to Tanah Merah MRT station to meet up with Yvonne and the rest before going to the Japanese School in Changi together!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Haircut at Artica
Clubbing at Rebel


Last Friday seriously was quite a day alright~

My outfit for the day!
Love this Minnie Tank Top!
By the way, if you have not checked out my items for sale page, do check it out!
I'm selling the extra Pink Minnie Tank Top I got that is the exactly the same as on Popteen August!

I met Jo in the afternoon for lunch and to get present for dear Lucas for his one month old birthday!
So happy for Emily and Zheng Hao~
Even though I couldn't make it for the celebration last Sunday, I'm sure baby Lucas is super adorable right?!

After getting the present for baby Lucas, we went down Artica at Far East Plaza for my haircut.

Washy washy hair!

After getting my hair trimmed, Juno helped curl my hair for me!

Thank you Juno!!!

I'm so going back next week to get touch up my hair colour.

After my haircut, went over to *Scape for some stuff with Jo, Boyfriend and Xiang Min. Once it was settled, I bid goodbye to them and join Kelly at Cineleisure's Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.

Pocky, Kelly's BF and a guy friend joined us, too, for dinner. Jiaqi and Hayley were supposed to join us, too, at 7pm, but these 2 ladies arrived only after 9pm! Tsk tsk tsk~

It seems like some sort of routine whenever I meet the girls but ya, we took purikura again!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Cosmetics I Use

Hi everyone!

Ok. I know I should have blogged this earlier... The cosmetics I used on the day I went to Universal Studios that stayed perfect all day even after soaking wet water rides and the super duper heavy rain!

Read my post on my date to Universal Studio here!

So here's ALL the items I used that day!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sales item page updated

Updated my items for sale page with new item and prices reviewed.

Check it out!

Japan #1 Lip Balm Giveaway - Closed.

Hi everyone! This is the very first Giveaway I'm holding!

I'll be giving away this 3 lip balms to 3 lucky readers!

1. Deep Moist Natural

2. Deep Moist Menthol

3. Fruity Lemon & Lime

One of this 3 number 1 selling lip balm in Japan could be yours in 3 simple steps!

1. Like my Facebook Fanpage

2. Like this photo of thesamplestore

3. Leave a comment under this post with your Facebook name, email address and your choice of lip balm from 1st - 3rd choice.

I'll select the 3 lucky winners randomly.

Giveaway period deadline: 31 August 2010, 12.00pm.

Winners emailed! Congrats!

21st Birthday Dinner!


On the 13th August, yes Friday the 13, was my 21st birthday.

Didn't really had a party or something. Wasn't really in the mood for celebration due to many many reasons but I really had a great dinner with my friends at one of my favourite Japanese buffet resturant.
Okay~ Used it...
After that night, I realised their standard dropped.
So if you were to ask me where is number on my list for reasonable and good Japanese buffet, I recommend Akira at Link Hotel.

So ya, we had dinner at Senki, which is just directly opposite Lee Wei Song's Music School near Somerset area.

With Fook Yu

Mio-san and Jo

Daniel in background, followed by Merlion then OZ in foreground.

Lovey dovey Pei Di and Daniel

Yes my dear boyfriend and Xiang Min

*Xiang Min! I left out that U word in this post okay~ LOL*

Boyfriend was bored and he made this face

As usual, I take forever to decide on what to eat even though I always ended up ordering the same old usual stuff.

My daddy always say I study the menu as if I'm going for an exam when making my choice for food.

Yes I was super hungry that night! That was my very first meal of the day!


Girls of the night!
*Where's Pei Di?!*

TADA!!! One of my favourite -- Oreo Cheesecake!!!

Happy 21 to ME!

*Welcome to the world of being an adult*

Present time!!!

Ok... If you're following me on my fanpage or twitter you would have knows that I got a DS Lite for birthday!!!

Thanks everyone!!!
*That was quite a long list...*

Cakey time!!!

Thank you everyone! And thank you Xiang Min for the dinner!!!
LOVES~! *hugs*

Monday, 23 August 2010

AquaLabel Workshop


I attended Shiseido's new brand, AquaLabel's Workshop on Thursday at Shiseido's main office!

See all your favourite brands under Shiseido!

And yes, being a blogger, what do you do when you reach the venue of an event?

Snap snap snap photos! I was so glad I remembered to bring extra battery out if not I would be photo-less for more than half the workshop!

Full range of AquaLabel products placed nicely on the table, waiting for the workshop to begin!

Yummy Hersey Kisses were served, too, for all bloggers!


Our very own work space for the workshop!

Waiting patiently for the workshop to begin!

Met Jiaqi there, too!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Secret to Soft, Kissable Lips!

Sponsored Advertorial


Like mentioned quite a few times, I have really dry and cracky lips.
I totally really love and thank the person who actually invented lip balms man~
The person is a life (or rather lips) saver!

Being a lover of japanese products which usually rocks cos japanese are people who just can't let a single thing of them get wrong especially appearance and presentation, I just can't stop but love their products!

If you have been shopping around Watsons recently, you must have spotted these new cute babies from Japan!!!

TADA!!! The new babies from Mentholatum Japan!

Seriously, they are super affordable and comes in great 5 juicy fruity flavors that are all made from real fruit juicies and contain honey which heals and renew our precious lips!

Here's 3 of them!

Lemon & Lime for a refreshing feel

Almost every girls' favorite - 苺 Strawberry!!!

Well for me...

I like this! Orange & Mango!!!

Even though I aint really a fan of Orange, but this lip balm gives a refreshing feeling with the goodness of sweet Mango!!!
Like who can resist MANGO!?!?!

I know I can't!

Other than these 3 juicy flavors, there's also Grape & Berry and also White Peach!
I'm soooo gonna get white peach next!



*Oh~ I hope Singapore will bring in these lip gloass, too!*

If you're someone that don't really like flavored lipbalms, here's the ultra hydrating lipbalm with Hyaluronic Acid for you!

It's comes in 2 different variants!

Deep Moist Menthol which leaves a cool, menthol feeling after application

Deep Moist Natural for people who prefer your lipbalm fragrance free

These 2 babies are in a unique oval-shaped design that fits the corner of your mouth well due to the wide dimension which also makes application easier!

Mentholatum Lipbalms are number #1 in Japan!

Do you have any idea who's the celebrity spokesman for Rohto Mentholatum Lip Balm in Japan?

It's Kat-tun!!! Loves JIN!!!!!

See! That's the secret to Jin and Kame's Sexy Kissable Lips!!!


So now you know the secret to Soft...

and Kissable lips...

Try the Mojitate Kiajitsu & Deep Moist lipbalms today too & share your experience story to stand to win attractive prizes!
Available at any Watsons outlets near you!

All you have to do is to purchase the lipbalm, try it and post your experience onto this facebook wall
3 lucky winners will be selected!

Don't forget to 'LIKE' me photo, too, to support me!

Contest period: 16 August 2010 - 17 October 2010

My favorite Mentholatum lipbalm is now offically a member in my makeup pouch!

Grab yours now!


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