Monday, 31 May 2010

JFS Photoshoot + Misc


A couple of weekends ago, JFS had our very first mini photoshoot for some of the clothes and misc items that we may be bringing in.

Here's one of the photos of me in the Floral Dress (Design 1) of our previous apparel preorder!

Ok... More photos will be up on a later date.

I finally received the KERA Magazine I got from SgCafe!

It's last year's August issue so there's like lots of Yukata os various styles. Punkish to even Waloli! LOVES~!

Got myself this new Vaseline Lipbalm as I lost my previous Body Shop Lipbalm.

I'm one person that always lose my lipbalm / lip stick / lip gloss.
I don't know why but it just happens.

I have super dry and cracky lips. Have been using this lipbalm a couple of days since I got it and it's GOOD!

I still remember the days when I was filming with MFP and the editor had serious problems with my lips as they cracked like mad!

Got another lip gloss from Ettusais and Shiseido foundation case from the Shiseido sales 2 weeks before on the 2nd day.



I bought the lip gloss cos I lost my previous Majolica Majorca lip gloss

*chio right?*

My current Majolica Majorca foundation case is like super old already~

Next, my latest nails!

Cut my nails short as one of them chipped off.
Extended them and painted this Mermaid feel nails!

Are they nice?

Lastly, this year's Cosplay Arts Festival is already in progress! I just can't wait for July to come!!!

My manager has not come to a decision with the management on what am I performing this year. Oh man~ I can't wait!!!

Hope that they can faster decide then I will have more time to prepare!

Oki. That's all for now!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Review: (Part 2)

Hi everyone!
Here's the post that many many has been waiting for,'s Review Part 2 - Lens!

If you have not read my previous review, read it here!

Like blogged in my previous review post, I only got all my lens 2 months after ordering which was in Feb. In total, I got 3 pairs of Japan lens from fallineyes.
NOTE: All lens are supposingly Yearly Lens.

I wore the supposingly Candy Magic in Summer Blue first.

Here's a photo me of with the lens on.

Yes alright, it looks really nice and really 可愛い.

But look at my eyes after wearing them for one month.

Just see how red my right eye was!

I though that it may just be because I did not wash my lens clean enough or something just like the 2nd King Brown lens I wore around 2-3 weeks after opening the blue lens.
But there was just something wrong with it! My eye got super duper red, pain and itchy whenever I wear the Blue lens on.

Ok. Sorry for the following slight freaky photos in this post but I just have to show you all how red my eye was!

With Lens still on...

Without Lens...

After taking all these photos, I threw that pair away immediately.
I'm super duper afraid that I get infection of something.

So that was the first lens.
So far, the 2nd King Brown Lens have not been giving me any problem other then a few weeks when I did not wash them super clean after filming with MFP with all those makeup and stuff flying into my eyes for 2 whole days.

Here's how it looks like when they're being worn.

Last pair of lens, Violet.

The very first day I wore it, it already gave me a HUGE problem!

I did check the bottle for the degree and stuff but everything is still blurr after wearing the lens! I'm like still half blind lah!
I thought it was just my problem so I wore the brown lens and even my own normal lens I got from optical shop and it's seriously the violet lens' problem!

So instead of seeing things sharp and clear like this

My world is like this whenever I wear the violet lens!

Anyway... this is how it looks like when they're being worn.

Just threw these lens away a few hours ago when I was out as my eye was super duper pain, itchy and red!

(Above photo taken with my mobile)

Jo kinda freaked out when I turned and looked at her and she saw my eye THAt red!

So in short, their lens are horrible! They suck other than looking great!

I've been getting views and links from many many sites on how horrible' lens are!
Here are some of the links:






  • On one of the sites, I remember it stated that has a sister site which is actually managed by the very same seller.
    DO NOT BUY from the other site, too!

    There's also one of my reader that read my previous review and left a comment, telling me that fallineye's lens are a TOTAL FAKE!
    An authentic lens' bottle has "EOS" printed on it!

    And like I mentioned in my previous post, my friend Jo got her lens from another blogshop.
    Her lens are all bottled with professional looking packaging with "EOS" printed on them. There's also a website URL stated on the bottles and Jo even went to check them out.
    The lens ARE from approved and safe overseas seller.

    I know that everyone wants 可愛い eyes but seriously, *touch wood*, if you're blind then what's the point?!

    Happy Safe Shopping Everyone~!

    Read Part 1 of Review for service here!

    Monday, 24 May 2010

    Tag reply

    Lolly: heehee... I do have dry AND frizzy hair~

    I would say not to blow-dry your hair too much. It's necessary but don't over do it. Washing your hair on alternate days helps, too.

    For for hair products, you can check out the video I did with the hair products I'm using here @ Hair Product I Use. In the video I explained which products helps in what and when do I use them.

    Although I'm currently using Kao Essential's Hair Mask instead of the Loreal one in the video, I personally prefer the Loreal one better.

    Generally, Kao Essential helps to smooth the hair but does not really help as much as Loreal for anti-frizz.

    I also recommend Loreal Professional Expert Serie Absolut Repair Conditioner. I use that whenever I stay over my boyfriend's place. It's really good~!

    The only thing about it is that it's pricey~

    Hope this would answer your question. (^^)

    Thursday, 20 May 2010

    Updates! Hair Dye, Food, Shopping~!

    Hi Everyone!

    I've not been blogging much lately as I was busy handling the orders for blogshop JFS (Japanese Fashion Street) with Jo.

    Thank you all for your support for our apparels and yukata pre-order!

    OK... I've been repeating this many a times but I guess many people just missed it in the whole chunk of words.

    We'll be opening our next pre-order in 3 to 4 weeks time!
    We'll be having a pre-order for apparels & yukata, too!

    Fear not if you've missed our 2nd pre-order for yukata. The yukata will defintly still make it on time for Natsu Matsuri this year!

    Ok. Back to my own updates.

    If you have been following my tweets and noticed in the photo above, my hair colour has changed! It's slightly reddish and less yellowish to the hair colours that I've been having for the past 4 years.

    Some people have been asking me what colour is my hair colour so now I'm gonna share with you can you get the hair colour I'm having!

    I've mixed these 2 dyes together.
    You can get them like $9.90 each from Watsons.

    So here's all the things you'll need to colour your hair

    I mixed half each tube in each bottle of oxide and bottle to bottle a couple of times to make sure that the dye is even in both bottles!

    It's not difficult!

    And seriously... to me following instructions of the dye to apply dye section by section just doesn't work! My hair will just end up patchy.
    So usually I just hack care what it say and apply on my whole head, rub it even and leave it on for 30 - 40 mins with a shower cap on.

    Ok... by right you shouldn't put the dye on for more than 30 mins but I like my hair really really light so I'll leave the dye on longer.
    I do not recommend that you leave the dye on for so long either.

    Next, FOOD!!!

    My cha soba that I cooked for lunch yesterday before going out for part time job interview.

    Curry Udon I bought from 313 @ Somerset's Cold Storage

    TADA!!! It's really easy to cook and yes it taste good~!

    That brand's food item is nice~
    If you like udon, you can give it a try.
    The curry udon or even their yaki udon!

    Next, SHOPPING!!!

    The stuff I ordered online are finally here!

    Love my new heels, too!

    You can't see what's so 可愛い about the black heels.
    The heels part is of heart shaped~!

    Went to Shiseido sales after lesson this afternoon, too!

    My grabs of the day!

    I love the Ettusais bag! Not only is it 可愛い and big, it cost me $10 only!!!

    Ettusais foundation + Sunscreen & Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow + Gloss!!!

    LOVES~! Foundation was $15 and Eyeshadow is $5 ONLY!!!

    Oh Oh Oh!!!
    I just can't wait for the cosmetic stuff I ordered to arrive!!!

    Dolly Wink

    Ordered a box of this 2 designs!

    No. 1

    No. 2

    And also... CandyDoll!!!

    Peach Pink Blush

    Loose Powder!

    The current KATE loose powder I'm using is gonna be used up real soon. It's good but I've decided to give CandyDoll a try~!

    I was like soooooooooo tempted to get some Melliesh blush, too~! (><)

    My Ettusais Lollipop blush is finishing...
    *ahem* So I buying isn't too much right?
    I shall decide again~

    Anyway~ JFS may be opening pre-order for Japanese Cosmetics, too, next month!
    Do let us know okay? We'll only open it if response is good!
    Brands like CandyDoll, Dolly Wink, Melliesh, Kiss Me...

    If you're wondering what lip stick did I use for the photos above, it's Maybelline's Lip Smooth.

    It's like a colour lip balm. Love the sweet pink~!

    Lastly, I've been receiving emails from people asking me where I got my lens.

    The current 2 lens that I'm wearing are Candy Magic lens and I get them from
    However, I strongly discourage anyone to get lens from them!

    I got 3 pairs from them and I face problems with 2 pairs!
    My eye got super red after wearing the 1st lens after 3 weeks, and I'm still half blind even though I had the 3rd pair of lens on when there isn't anything wrong with the degree stated!

    I'll do a full and proper review soon.

    Happy! Will be having lunch with boyfriend tomorrow as I do not have Jap lesson! Yuhu~!

    Ok. That's all for now~!
    Good night everyone!


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