Friday, 26 March 2010

New Whip Hair Colour from BeautyLabo!

BeautyLaboの 新しいヘアカラーは とても かわいいです。

I was reading the latest issue of Popteen awhile ago and just stopped reading as I really am seriously tired after the swim I had after lessons today with Gerry.

Something caught my eye within the first few pages and it's the new hair colour by BeautyLabo!

BeautyLaboの 新しい、 可愛いヘアカラーです!

I know that it is a bit horrible of me blogging about it when we don't even have it in Singapore! But I just can't stop myself from sharing something THAT cute!!!

I checked out BeautyLabo's official website immediately!

The colour range for their new Whip Hair Dye.

And of course, I'll go for the lightest colour alright~!

It even has a cute name for the hair colour!
キャラメルカズタード (Caramel Custard)

Sounds so 美味しいでしょう。

It's the hair colour of the model on the left!

Jo likes スイートブラウン (Sweet Brown),
the hair colour of the model on the left!

Man~ I just wish I have one of them now!

Lastly, the CM for the cute Whip before ending this post!

Will post up more from Popteen magazine tomorrow after I've read through full.

Gonna sleep now.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I just love shopping online!

Am like going gaga over sprees lately.

hmm... Suddenly have the thought of opening a blogshop selling Jap fashion and yukata and stuff. Will anyone be interested if I do open one?

Anyway.. Here's the list of stuff I ordered for sprees this time round!

Ribbon spree I held:

The red one

The black one

This hairpin in rose pink

That's all I ordered for myself for the ribbon spree.

Also ordered more stuff together with Jo.

Hair extensions as those that I have are kinda cui already~

A simple handbag.

Boots to replace my current brown boots. I wear them too often they're falling apart already!

Wedges. I feel that this is pretty cute!

Floral dress. LOVES~

Lace dress

Checkered dress. I just have a thing for checkered clothings!

Fluffy dress. It just look so soft~~~

Polka dot top.

Fireworks print yukata

金魚 pre-tied obi

桜 traditional obi

And some batteries for my LED mirror.

Yuhu~ I just can't wait for all my stuff to arrive!

Okay. That's all for now.
Gonna rush off for Japanese lessons!


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Filming with & Misc


First to start this post, here's some stuff that boyfriend got me at the Anime fair at Takashimaya on Tuesday!

I wanted to get a レイ to accompany my アスカ then boyfriend bought me another lucky bag. \^o^/

And here's my レイちゃん! (・∀・)

Then I got bored and swapped their heads just for fun!

アスカ don't look that bad but レイ just looks weird~ (ж>▽<)

Stuff bought from Daiso on Tuesday before meeting boyfriend

Wednesday was a busy day as I had to rush here and there the whole day.

First I went to meet Ying Jia to get the Wa Loli and Goth Loli together with some lolita accessories that I borrowed from her for filming.

Next after a little chit chat, I went home, showered then rushed out to meet Jo to get the 浴衣 and Lolita outfit that I borrowed from her for filming, too.

Then rushed to Cityhall to meet Kate to return her the uniform for the Nescafe roadshow and also meet Kai to get the Japanese textbooks I borrow from him for my Japanese lessons.

And Yes~! My full-time Japanese lessons is starting Monday! Yuhu~ It's been quite sometime sinced my last Japanese lessons. Hope that I haven't return my Jap to 永井先生. LOL.

Oh well... I guess it's stil fine since now I'll blog in Jap sometimes and I do get to practise my Jap from time to time even at events like the Shunji Matsuo Wig Event where I tried to speak as much as possible in Jap to the hairstylist(s).

After a whole day rushing from place to place, it was time to prepare stuff for filming the very next day!

Stuff needed for nail art tutorial videos

And just LOOK at all the bags after bags of clothes on the floor filming!!!

And Thursday! Filming day itself!!!

Here's a little sneek peek of the hairdo, makeup and nail art tutorial videos that is gonna be up on next month!

First makeup and hairdo!

Personally, I like the eye makeup a lot. Of course, I will wear it out without the blings alright~

After first makeup and hairdo makeup video which took up 3 hours!!! Makeup video took 2 hours!!! Oh My!

Time for lunch!

Yippe! We had Mac for lunch that day!

And back to work after lunch!


Camera-man was fun! LOL

In process of hairdo video 2!

I was wearing Jo's 兔の浴衣 for the second makeup and hairdo videos.

Final look with makeup and hairdo 2!

Cat cat 猫 eyes~

I seriously love the hair! But I seriously wonder how many girls will actually do that hairdo out!

I shall not explain why for now. Wait for the video and you will see why I said that. (´∀`)(笑)

We then called it a day for day 1 after ice cream nail art video.

Day 2! Crazy makeup day!

Makeup number 1

Super photoshopped! (ノ*′・∀・`)

With the Editor of MFP

With the camera-man!

Fruity nail art! If you love the fruity nail art I did previous and wore it out for food tasting the other day with Miyake, stay tuned to the videos and you will know how to do the exact same one your own!

Messy filming area during lunch time

In Ying Jia's Wa Loli

Makeup number 2

Last makeup for the day

Last video, hairdo video(撮影中♪)

How? Do I LOOK like a doll?

Happy! End of filming!!!

I look as if I'm in some winter country~ haha...

Yeah~ Can't wait to see the final product of the videos!

Will have to go down MFP office for voiceover recording next week for some videos.

Yesterday, I met boyfriend and we had dinner at Bugis's Billy Bombers

My shy shy boyfriend

My nails for the 2nd half of the month!

It's actually the set of nails used for filming. heehee...

Dinner!!!! 美味しい~

After dinner, we went over to the National Library with Jo, Xiang Min and Steve for show 24 of To Kill A Mocking Bird. Ezzat joined us after the interval.

No bad~ I actually thought that I'll fall asleep of something but it's surprisingly really pretty interesting!

The ending song is still stuck in Jo's and my heads!

Good job Jae!

And of course, great thanks to Jae's parents for the tickets!

On my way home. I went to Shop and Save and bought some instant Yaki Udon

It looks tempting plus I was hungry so I decided to give it a try.

Added crab stick and fish flakes.

And it's actually pretty not bad~! Easy to cook too!

Ok. That's gonna be all for now!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone!


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