Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Late for lecture by 80mins!

Yo people...
and Ya...
I'm bored alright...


Went to orchard with jess just now to get my gift for exchange program tomorrow...
got a female partner this time...

But then...
i like cant play games with them i guess...
stupid ankle...

oh well...
I just look forward to photo taking...

i'm weird

had been easily emo-ed for the past 2 weeks,
ever sinced school reopened.
and now,
i'm still easily emo-ed.

i dont know why...

come to think about it,
it started the weekend before school reopen i gues...
around there...

it's just me,
getting over the whole holiday thing,
not having that amount of time for people around me
causing me to leave people out
which i know
i cant spend time everyday with the people i want
and even the amount of time each day with the people
or person i meet even.

i'm just rushing around places.

just like what i told jinshan...
even eugenia who complained to me that she doesnt have time to rest.


i'm havin lessons from morning to evening.
followed by personal time.

also lessons from morning but to night.
then home...
or maybe practice for performance.

2 hour lessons
followed by lunch
or performance.

rest 2-3 hours
them jmd practice
from evening to night.

morning lessons to evening.
then either i rush to work
or personal time.

3 hours lessons,
then rush to work
from noon to night.

jmd from morning
ardorythmatics from afternoon to evening.
dinner with jmd-ians till night
then "bonding session"...
by the time i reached home,
it's almot midnight.

either i spend my whole day with my dad,
or whole day out with my personal time.


though school has only began for 2 weeks,
currently 3rd week,
i'm already having this thought
"i really wanna spend one sunday at home,"
" just sleep till i wake up on my own."

i'm tired...

Monday, 29 October 2007



havent quite taken notice of actual dates,
and i forgot to wish my dear a happy birthday...!!!

so sorry dear~!
i missed your birthday.
i'm so sorry~!

Happy Belated Birthday Dear~!

i'm such a lousy valentine~


(_ _) *knee and bow down*



yoz people!
right now,
in it2844 lab.
you should know what i mean...
if you dont,
then it's okay.
forget it.
that means i dont really intend to make it known to you,
or just...
i never had the chance to.

on saturday morning,
i woke up
and ended up spraining my ankle a little.
the thing that hurt alot,
was me knocking into the cardboard,
and little bookshelf.

after that
prepared then went to school as usual for jmd.

didnt really dance during the normal jmd session
just using brain power to set formation stuff
for this coming wed
hamamatsu exchange program's performance.

after settling the formation,
tried a few times
to make sure that everything by right
everything should falls nicely into that 4 sets.

after that,
sok hiang, kaka and i had a little mv session,
and games session.

oh ya!
i missed out something

before we started playing our little game,
ban theng bullied my girlfriend sok hiang,
so i got a chance
i snatched his lucky cap
and ran off.

he was chasing after me or course.

but then here comes the funny thing.
he was behind me,
telling me that i cant run away
cause he has good stamina.

oh well...
i ran to the girls' toilet.

so what if he can run long distance?
i run faster for short distance,
which i have enough energy to cover
to the girls' toilet
without slowing down


so game...
at first it was only sok hiang,
kaka and i playing

later on,
jaeson and yvonne joined us.


after game,
practice for NEA performance...

but before that,
we had to do lots of stretching,
warm up
and excersies.
motive is to make jaeson tired.

cause they had this birthday "celebration" for him.
and i'm the photographer of this little event.

during the excersises,
there's shuttle run,
wa ha ha.
my ankle kinda...
got a little worse...

after the "celebration"
went back to the room
and practise...

funky town...
all the turning and stuff.
my ankle decided to scream.

sat a side...

later on...
i got scolded by dann...
(ok. danny)

he said that he's d**m angry
cause i had not been practising for 2 weeks already.

i was hurt...

i admit that there is this thingy in me
taking that as a girlfriend role.
but then,
even as a student,
i will still be hurt.

it's not like
"i dont want to practise"
so i sat a side
and do nothing.

it's not.
i want to practise.
but if practising would cause the possibilty
of having one person down for performance,
causing more trouble,
i think i better stay out.

(here comes what happened when i was missing)
(for that i dont know how long time)
feel like crying...
i went to the toilet to wash my face.
after washing.
i sat down at the side of the toilet
and ended up crying.

so i was thinking,
"if i'm really gonna cry,"
"i think i shouldnt sit here."
"what if someone comes in "
"and get a shock seeing me sitting at the side"
"and crying."
"i think i look like a ghost..."

so i've decided to go to the handicap toilet instead.

so i sat down on the floor
cry cry cry...
and i cried until i fell asleep
until the point when gerry shouted my name.

(above was what happened)


blogged till here right now...
lazy liao...
shall finish the post when i get home or something...

Thursday, 25 October 2007


i was just testing out blogger's whole blogging on mobile thingy
and i accidentally sent the mms to my normal blog email add
and not the blogger mobile add.
and i come to realised
that right now i can blog photos directly to my blog
unlike the past
when i could only blog text through mms
ok people.
i guess i'll be updating slightly more often
not gonna leave my blog un-updated for a week plus time...
or update just titles.

Jay Chou in Singapore?!

Jay Chou anyone?

Friday, 19 October 2007


my dear dad & sister!!!

hey people...
i was just thinking just now
while emo-ing a little in my room..
about this whole holiday thing...

i asked my dad yesterday,
and no.

but then,
it's like i said before
places that i wanna go
that is affordable
he just doesnt wants to go.

i wanna go hong kong
my dad,
my sis,
even my mom,
has went there before.
they went at least twice?!
for my sis,
she went there 3 times already?

and what?
my sis tells me that hong kong isnt fun
and ask me not to go.
ask me save more money to go japan.

oh ya...
like when am i ever going to hong kong like that?
it's a place that i wanna go alot
and what the...
my dad just doesnt wanna go!!!
even if we go,
he would never go to a place that i want!
ocean park.
like what's the point?!

i know...
they had been there before already
like before i was born?!
what the...

you've been there before
feels that it's not fun
or what so ever
just dont wanna go there again
that is like...

then what about me?!

"i can go with my friends some other time"?

stupid lah!

now i can go,
you people just dont allow!!!

what the...

not only hong kong,
so is taiwan.
my dad condem the place
just because of that few places he went
and my sis and i know
that those few places he went
wasnt fun at all!!!

i just think that
it is very unfair

i've always known that my dad treats my sis better

now about coming home late...

when my sis was 18,
or even younger than that
maybe 16 or 17,
almost every saturday i would stay up
and watch japanese dramas in my sis room
i may stay up to 2 or 3 am
then only my sis will come back
or sometimes even not yet.

and the thing about it,
my mom didnt scold,
my dad didnt say a thing!

i know...
my sis has bible study on saturdays then
how would bible study be till 2 or 3 am?

and this april after natsu practice started
i've been home like 11pm plus plus
almost every saturday.

and what?

my sis unhappy,
she reflected to my mom,
my mom nag.
she reflected to my dad,
my dad also unhappy,
warned me.

like what lah!

both 18,
for my sis even younger!
why treatment so different?!


and ya!
i am very unhappy right now?!

and i know!
this is family stuff that should just stay within my family
but i just seriously dont know
how am i going to let my sis and dad know
what on earth am i
trixy mok zhi qi!!!

cause i know!
my dad reads my blog,
my sis ( or rather raymond ) does!

and ya!
i blogging all these just to let you people see!!!
so !
take a good good good good look for yourself!!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

I hate my holidays!

No holiday this year again...
Always like tt one...
Everyone got places they wanna and can go
leavin me the only one stayin here spendin holiday in singapore
where they get to go overseas
like for the past 3 or 4 years i only went for holiday once
last year
for a short short 3 days only
which i didnt get to do much things i wanna do
nor go to a place i like...
Places that i wanna go and more affordable
they all went before and dont wanna go again...
Always say i can go next time with who who who...
I would never get to go like that lor...

Tuesday, 16 October 2007


went to k with dann, jaeson and jessica
happy to be able to see bear bear on sunday
cause the initial plan for me was to plan my day with my dad and auntie

so after meeting dann,
we went to mac and get bear bear his lunch.
i accidently dropped his handphone!

so sorry dann...

and i can see
his face changed immediately
and very very very black.


we went to meet up with jaeson and jessica
went in for k
i was still very afraid.

sat at the corner of the sofa...

but after quite sometime,
dann wasnt that angry...
and he ended up cheering me up
when he was the one that was angry.

after k,
jessica went to lessons with jaeson,
whereas dann and i went for a little walk around orchard

i have my other doraemon!
(need to eat kfc again this week)

watched taxi.


really wanted to spend great time together...
cause now that school has reopened
lessons began
i cant stay out that late
max i limit myself to reach home by 11pm,
sleep at 12mn,
latest 12.30am.

like right now.
gonna go sleep right now.

good night everyone~

(i have this feeling that both his handphones are on silent)

Monday, 15 October 2007

status: in lab

hey there people

currently in lab...

hey people!
i was early for class today!!!
i reached lecture at 7.55am!
5 mins early!

but i somehow fell asleep alittle during comm skills lesson
at 9am plus plus.


during comm skills...
the lecturer was talking about team roles and stuff
then she asked arron
followed by eugenia
to step forward and we played "simon says"
eugenia best.
she said
"simon says pack up your bags and leave"
and our lecturer said
so see you next week.

and ya.

early lunch break!!!

at 10am plus.

so we had lunch...
chit chat for an hour near the pond
and here we are now in lab
and i'm like so sleepy...
mr. ooi is teaching alittle slow today...

(_ _) zzz...

school's in again

hey people
gonna see you in school in a few hours time
school's in again.


oh well...

gotta work harder this semester.


Tuesday, 9 October 2007

yum yum~

hey people
just came back some time ago

went out for dinner with ign and darz.

we went waraku...
belated birthday celebration for iggy...

i had macaroni.

nothing much...
just plain dinner...
and of course.
they will talk alien.

oh well...
my food was nice
wasnt really affected by their alien talk.
focus on my food!!!

so after dinner...
waited for 56...
quite some time...
talk crap on the bus with ign
while darz just listen
and speak a few words from time to time

alighted at toa payoh for mac ice cream
and continued talkin talkin...
oh well...
goos thing they switch from alien to human from time to time
if not
i would bo SO LOST
(maybe even fall asleep)
i was stoning for some time already...

oh well...
i felt that it isnt a good birthday celebration.
but sure a good time to just gather
and talk like we used to do so

it just feels...

*ign!!! remember to lend me the show you're talking about*


Thursday, 4 October 2007

chalet videos

i'm kinda lazy to blog what happened exactly during our still thinking class chalet.
i'm always the first to go to bed
watching about of tv
even when the others were out at the beach
kinda bored
but i had a great time when really all of us
were spending class time together
during the bbq
and when watching the 9pm ch8 show on monday night


the rest,
i'll just leave the blogging to all the stupid videos i took

above video was taken when everyone was planning to go to the beach
and i was slacking on the sofa
watching tv
taking this stupid bo liao video

as for the rest of the videos coming up
they were all taken during the bbq

the main and most interesting video
is the first and second coming up
the rest
i can say...
getting more and more wu liao.


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