Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Jakarta Trip Day 2 - Back to nature.

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Hi everyone!

So it's now time for my second day in Jakarta last December.
I'll add the previous posts' links onto my side bar soon so that you can refer to them anytime easily.

So after breakfast that morning, we all set off on the road heading out of Jakarta to a place called Bogor to see the tea plantation.

Mint and I totally knocked out after we got on the mini van for about an hour.

As expected, there was a jam so we were all on the van for a good 2-3 hours.

Some views along the way

Along the way, we dropped by a milk farm!

And I was totally awoken by a breath-taking view

It seriously is just amazing.

And yea, blogger at work y'all~

Of course not to forget taking photos at such a beautiful place, right?

Oh ya! Both Mint and I were wearing the Batik given to us by Alleira the day before!
They're just so pretty and comfy!

Yeah we!


Not forgetting, camwhore!

I know this photo is overexposed (thanks to my gaga-going camera lens) but still, I like it!

Now there's a place for kids to play around!

A playground with many moo moos around!!! So cute right?!

Oh! Sorry mama moo moo. LOL

Yo Moo Moo Yo!

There's just so so much laughter and smiles!

Of course... Not forgetting our Youth Mike...!



We soon carried on on the road, heading further away from Jakarta to the tea plantation!


We got to see how tea bags we bring packed

So cool sia, the machine.

*I apologise for typing Singlish*

So we walked up a lane where there are little huts you can actually rent just like chalet

*So not a good day to wear sandals.*
So people, if you're going there, I would suggest that you wear proper shoes.


Off to pick tea leaves!

Photographer: Agung

The little kids were having so much fun!

Aren't they just cute~~~

2 little girls playing Zero-Point.

Oh man~ I used to play that game like literally every day in Primary school!
And Starfish!

*I wonder how many people actually knows what am I talking about here...*

Photographer: Mint

A big family

Got back down and headed for some snacks!

Yes that's the place yo!

Time for a break!

Know what am I holding in my hand?

Yes it's obvious, LEAVES!

But to be exact, they are fresh tea leaves for Green Tea!

I actually ate the leaves...
How does it taste like?

Well... Wait for my video to be up!


We had a pot of Black Tea and Green Tea

A plate of lemon is served for you to add some freshly squeezed lemon juice into your tea.

Green Tea + Lemon Juice = Nice Refreshing Tea! <3

Would you like a cup of tea, m'am?

And after some testing, Mint and I came to a conclusion that Lemon juice goes well with Green Tea and not Black Tea.
We (the both of us) concluded that Black Tea should just be paired with simple sugar. LOL!

Tofu served with special chilli sauce

OMG! Super duper yummy Pisang Goreng!

Yes people, Pisang Goreng not Goreng Pisang!

The top layer is shredded cheese on top of the sugar coated fried bananas!


After our break and to head to our next location!

By the way, there are also little huts like these that you can rent for the night available!

Yeah us!

To be continued...


  1. Haha, so cute photos.
    I like your nails in the tea leave picture!
    In one photo you look like a waitress serving tea for the customers. :D

  2. OMG so many cute photos in one post! I love all the views they city looks wonderful! And I love the landscape! Looks like you're having so much fun! xx

  3. Gosh, it's super beautiful town indeed!!!!! I wanna go there someday too!!! Thank you so much fro sharing the photos girl!!! xx

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun in Jakarta! Would love to go there! Btw cute nails! ;)

  5. ouuu , looks so much funn! All the cute smiles & laughters. Loved the little cows in the playground! Omg ! C: Thanks for the lovely picture.

  6. So cute photographs! >3<
    Really looove your blog! Is wonderful, congrax n.n
    I follow you! N_N



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