Monday, 24 November 2008

Little Miss LONELY

here i'm in lab.

it's been almost 4 hours with jie ying here sitting beside the computer next to me.
the lab whole has been so quiet,
even more quiet than usual.
though the guys did talked among themselves before new students came in.
and now,
everything has went back to the quiet quiet lab.

many china students this time.

i miss jie ying~~~
and dinesh~~~
so sian...
now FYP is even worst than before.
not only do i have nothing to do (for the time being)
i do have jie ying to talk to even!!!

i dont see familar faces.
so dont even bother about thinking whether do i know them or not.

and so sian the blings on my sandals came off.

so weird...
i think i didnt stick it properly the other time cause after realising that 3 blings dropped off,
i quickly check the other side and even tried to peel off 3 blings on the other side so that it may be balance but i cant.
it's stuck that.
so i freaking dont know why or how did that 3 blings came off THAT easily.

i just hope that the remaining half time of my FYP will fly pass fast.

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