Thursday, 22 January 2015

爱台湾 Love Taiwan


Hihi everyone!

Before I say anything else, Happy New Year Everyone!

And once again, sorry for being MIA for such a long time.

Hope that all of you enjoyed your holidays?

Ok! So today I would wanna share with you on my trip to Taiwan with my mom last November.

Well.. I seriously spent a lot of my time there travelling or just doing nothing thus I don't have much to share actually. 

So, I'm just gonna summarize everything into one post!

So Day 1! Headed off to the airport with my mom early morning and after a few hours, we arrived in Taipei 桃园 Airport!

Took a cab to our hotel in 西门町, settled down then head out for early dinner.

Well, my mom seriously was not used to the short days during Autumn / Winter alright. 

Went to this place for dinner as recommended by the taxi driver!

Yummy goose meat!

Paired with a simple bowl of noodles!

After dinner, we shopped around 西门町 and just exploring, checking out what's around the hotel before heading back at night to get some rest.

Got myself a bowl of 阿宗面线 for supper!

Well, I like the taste of this as compared to our Singapore's Shilin's. However, my mom think otherwise.

Day 2 morning, had some local Taiwanese food for breakfast!

Yes, camwhoring while waiting for food to be served.

And yea, I love my hat from WEGO!

With my mom!

And breakfast is served!

Yup, this is for the 2 of us. 

After breakfast, we headed to 十分 as my mom wanted to go 放天灯

After more than an hour, we finally arrived in 十分!

Just love the old street in 十分! So pretty!

One of the four sides of my lantern!

After writing down your wishes, it's time to put it up into the sky!

And next is my turn!

Up, up, up you go!!!

Cutie mini lanterns that can be hung as decor at home or even accessories!

Not forgetting yummy street food!!!

Yummy chicken wings stuffed with fried rice!
Seriously, just ONE wing is enough for a meal.

After leaving 十分, we headed to.... somewhere that I forgot. LOL
Seriously didn't remember cos it was not supposed to be on our itinerary. 

Found this little cafe in the shopping centre.

I have yet to watch the movie for the cafe alright.

Day 3, started out our day at StayReal Cafe!

As usual, camwhore a little while waiting for food to be served.

And my mom sits like a boss.

And food's served!

Seriously, I don't understand why my mom just can't keep sit when taking photos.

Photos forever blurr

Iced Banana Mocha!

My mom's cappuccino!

Egg Mayo and Smoked Salmon Waffle!

Super yummy!!!

Day 4, Chillax.

Decided to get chill around 西门町 area that day. Taking our last day slow.

Shopped around and caught a local movie before heading to 士林夜市 that night!

Finally! A photo with my mom's face clear! 

Day 5, the day to head back to Singapore!

Didn't really got to do much that day as our flight was pretty early and many shops weren't open by the time we left the hotel.

Taiwan is a really nice place and I hope to go back, again, soon!



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