Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Hair Products I Use

Hi everyone~! Ok... I did wanna aim to finish one hairdo tutorial before I move house but I guess it's kinda impossible already since lots of my stuff have already been shifted to my new house.

Here's a short video of the hair products I use for now and hopefully I'll get to record another hairdo tutorial video soon in my new house!



  1. WOW you sure own a lot of hair products! This vid is awesome ttm cus my hair is frizzy too so thx! i believe these most of the products are suited for guys too right cus im one!

  2. haha... no choice cos I have really frizzy hair.
    I guess there isn't any restriction to which gender for hair products as long as it suits your hair. ( * ^ - ^ *)
    hope that my list of products is able to help you find something good for your hair.

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