Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Turn Out - 小孩不坏

i'm actually watching 舞林大道 while help my sister with the making of corsages.
and here's one super good one that i wanna share with everyone
even though it should be on next week's 舞林大道 on channel U.

after watching it,
i felt like crying.
it just makes me recall whatever that has happened ever sinced last year
when i went back to JMD,
and started with natsu practices.
even till now,
my sis and dad still dislike me dancing.
and with all the problems now,
i am not able to have a dancing environment.

so what about you?
how did you feel after watching this dance by Turn Out?

are you feeling the same way as me
with a feeling that you yourself cant really describe within you?

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