Saturday, 27 February 2010

Review: (Part 1)

As promised here's my review for blogshop - - after receiving my orders after almost 2 months after the spree is closed. The seller told me that the lens will be arriving in Singapore approximately 2 weeks after orders are being sent over.

Click to enlarge and read for yourself the screenshots of mails sent.

(Note: There's another time and time on the emails I sent out in brackets as that is Singapore time. Time stamp in the mails I sent are Japan time so they are an hour faster.)

Mail sent and answered on 12 Dec 2009

As mentioned above, the seller said that the lens will arrive in Singapore in approximately 2 weeks time after the spree closes on the 30 Dec 2009.

So I quickly decided on what I want and submited my orders together with immediate payment and sent her (I suppose the seller is a SHE) an email on the 30 Dec 2009 at 11:48 with my confirmed orders of 3 pairs of Candy Magic lens and tranaction reference number.

She then replied saying that payment has been verified and orders had been noted

So happily I thought that everything will then go on smoothly and just wait for my lens to arrive by end of Jan max since it should roughly be in by mid Jan right?

So after waiting and waiting, it was passed mid Jan already and no updates were being given at all. Plus I was shifting house and stuff which I'm afraid that the lens might be sent to the wrong address, I decided to ask the seller.

Mail sent and answered on 11 Jan 2010.

In the email I received from the seller, it clearly states that the lens are ready to be shipped to me the following Tuesday which is the 19 Jan 2010.

I thought that nothing much would be a problem then as like a delay by one or two weeks is understandable. And sinced she gave me such a clear day that the lens would be ready to be sent out to me, I supposed that the lens would be sent out within that week isn't it?

I waited for my lens till the 24 Jan 2010 which I was quite worried as the lens had not reached me yet. So again, I sent an email to ask her.

Mail sent on 24 Jan 2010 and answered on 26 Jan 2010.

She said that she was busy with the packing which caused the late reply. Ok. No problem with that right?

She also said that the lens were being mailed out the previous day via normal postage which means it should reach me by 28 Jan 2010 max right? Like everyone that sends stuff frequently be it normal letters or what-so-ever should know that normal postage only takes one day to reach the recipient. Like... the following day?

I received my lens on either the 30 Jan 2010's evening or 31 Jan 2010's morning. I was out from 30th's afternoon so I can't check the mailbox in the evening. The lens were not sent to me yet when I left the house.

Here's how the lens were being packed.

Remember I stated that I ordered 3 pairs?

I saw the 3 lens cover which was given whenever you order 3 or more pairs of lens at one time. BUT! That seriously DO NOT look that 6 bottles of lens!!!

Everything that was in the mail.

Confirm don't have 3 pairs of lens!!!

And here's a note in in the envalope with the lens and covers.

"Hi Dear, I will be sending you another 2 pairs once it arrived on Feb 9th. Thanks U much =)"

Seriously, who will not be pissed off any single bit when they receive THIS!!!

Firstly, you didn't even let me know that my other 2 pairs of lens won't be sent together be it all the mails I sent to ask stuff.

SecondlyJo ordered her Japan lens from another blogshop like one or two weeks after I ordered my lens and hers had already arrived 2 weeks before mine!

Thirdly, Thanks what sia~

So fine. Like what else can I do but wait right? Since it was like only 9 days away from 9 Feb 2010, I thought it wouldn't be of any further problem.

Wait wait wait~ Waited till 18 Feb 2010.

9 days after the 9 Feb 2010.

Angry already. Email and ask again!

Mail sent and answered on 18 Feb 2010

Super WTH! She actually told me that the lens will be arriving the following Monday which is the 22 Feb 2010!

I know that you're handling a blogshop and there's lots of stuff you have to handle BUT! COME ON! Like I said, you're opening a BLOGSHOP!!! It's still a SHOP!!! If there's any delays and stuff, shouldn't you at least let your customers KNOW???!!!

I got soooooo pissed off and sick of waiting I actually wanted to just go meet up and get it from her.

In the end the meet up place was at some wulu MRT Station at 8pm!!! What the~~~

Forget it! Shall WAIT!

Mail sent and answered on 22 Feb 2010

She states that she will send my lens out the following morning.

So... Send on 23 Feb morning, CONFIRM will reach by 24 Feb evening one lor~ Don't try to fake me!

Well... As expected (which is NOT good), my lens did not arrive on the 24th! Neither did it reach me on the 25th!

The stamp on the envalope states 25 Feb 2010 okay~ This means that the lens were only sent out on the 25th!

What the~~~

This is the very first time I actually had to send more than 5 emails to get my stuff from spree okay~!? And remember, NONE OF THEM WERE UPDATES!

So... Now I'm done with the seller's part.

Now, the lens part.

Firstly, I have absolutely no idea whether are the lens authentic.

They are ALL being packaged into bottles with the exact same packaging

I'm not sure if it all like that cos all 3 pairs I ordered are the Candy Magic lens.

Tranlation of the japanese words on the bottle(s): Soft Contact Lens
Sorry I can't translate the words written in marker was they are all too messy. I can't even read it myself!

These are the lens I received yesterday evening

Bottles of all 3 different lens

The 3 different lens I bought

I compared them with the original images of the lens from

Brown lens

Blue lens

Violet lens

They look very similar alright~ So I guess it's fine for the pattern for each lens.

Colour-wise, I guess no one can actually give a very difinite answer to whether is it the same or not due to lighting differences. I personally feel that they are also, alright.

Anyway.. here's how the blue lens look like

In the case they gave

Being worn

So~ As stated on and confirmed by the seller cos I asked her when I was making my orders that those lens I ordered are all 15.5mm in diameter.

Freshkon's Alluring eyes are 14.1mm in diameter.

So~ If you were to put something like is of so-called that big of a difference, you should be able to see the differences very easily right?

So let's put them to the test!

To be fair, I did not have any makeup on and I did not photoshop my eyes at all! Only photoshopped my under eyes as there's still some remains from my stupid Fasio pencil eyeliner.

The Freshkon Alluring Lens in Brown I wore for the past month

Supposing Candy Magic Lens in Summer Blue I just started wearing today

Seriously... I myself DO NOT see much of a difference and in fact feel that it may even be slightly smaller.

If I were to take it that the Japan Lens are 14.5mm in diameter as stated on their official website , I would believe cos it's really really a very small difference only.

So what do you think?

15.5mm as stated on

or 14.5 mm as stated on Candy Magic's official website?

I'll go for Candy Magic alright~

Okay. This is the end of Part 1 for review on fallineyes and some of the lens they sell. Will do a Part 2 a few months later after I've really worn the lens. Can't comment on comfort and stuff now.

Seriously, I am NOT the only one with those stupid problems with fallineyes. Fidelis also had, and am still having such problems because her lens haven't even reach yet where we actually ordered and our batches closed at most 2 days apart?!

So will I ever buy from them again, 100% NO!!!

Edited: Read Part 2 Review Here!


  1. hey babe, i once had a similar experience like yours but mine was worse.
    it took 6 months for me to receive my lens..
    i believe buys 14.5mm lens and repackage it claiming it as 15.5mm lens..

  2. Sorry, but that's totally a fake..
    the label on the bottle did not state "EOS" which the authentic one has.
    and i believe that the label on the fake one is cut from the authentic label.
    and yea, don't believe if they state 15.5 for the lens. It will be ridiculously big.
    It's just looks as 15.5mm lens when worn because of the thick black ring.

  3. i'm assuming it is a fake. and it's not real. the cover should NOT be in chinese. the chinese only make fake lens D:

  4. Awww~ Then did you complain?!
    I received an email from the blogshop owner and explained to me about the package.
    I'll do a part 2 for review likely to be in April or May.

  5. Ya I thought so too... Gonna put that in my follow up review

  6. omg wanted to buy from them cux it's reasonably cheap - $70 for 3 pairs including postage and handling fee...after reading your review i guess i'd rather buy from another blogshop but it's $30 per pair.. Pay more for 0 headache. thanks for this review!!

  7. Hi Claire, you can try getting from
    Her lens are less than $20 per pair.



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