Sunday, 2 November 2008

Movie Reviews

hey hey..
i forgot that i wanna blog about the 2 movies i've just watched like 2 days ago...

finally i got to watch 保持通话.

i heard from dann that's it's actually a english movie
titled cellular.
and yup.
it was mentioned in the credits after the movie.

and for someone like me who had never watched cellular before,
i think it's great.
to think that how on earth did 大S,
or rather Grace in the movie,
was able to connect that freaking spolit phone
and neven call out...
i think it's like super smart.
and to think that there's actually somone like 古天乐,
or rather 阿邦 in the movie,
to go and help a person who you freaking dont even know who she is.

action part of the movie,
古天乐 so shuai sia~

next movie.

another cinderella story.

i watched it without knowing what was it about.

at first i thought it was just another normal love story.
or even maybe a "sequel" to the cinderella story
which Hilary Duff started in or something.

so ya..
for people who still doesnt know what the movie is about.
i'll tell.

if you see the poster again,
you'll see "Another Cinderella Story"
and there's a "Dancing ever after" followed on.

i think that the movie is super nice!
and their dance are great too~!

after watching it,
i like it more than Step Up 2.

but then again,
like i said,
it's all my personal view.

dont think i could be serious about such a movie
being nicer than Step Up 2?
than you shall go watch it yourself.

it's nice!
and really...
you wont get bored through out the movie.
or at least,
i didnt!

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