Wednesday, 5 November 2008

good morning everyone!
rise and shine!

Listening now:
你走天桥我走地下道 - 何维健

i am bo liao-ing...

i missed out something in yesterday's post.
i am being nominated to attend a seminar on Microsoft this friday.
but then again,
it is kinda better than me just sitting in this lab doind nothing
cause the time when i'm in here,
i cant download the software i need to be able to view the asp pages
as our dear NYP has barred all downloads from microsoft and adobe within 8am to 6pm daily.
stupid lah!

i think they should let set aside like labs are allowed to download
and like only bar the wireless or "unauthorised" users only?

but oh well,
i just hope they will cut short stuff and let us go earlier.
can you imagine,
the bus will be picking us up at 11.45am,
the seminar starts at 1.30pm
and ends at 6.00pm!!!
it's like 4 hr 30 min of boring seminar!!!
and to make it worst,
i'm going with people from my lab
super sian~

Listening now:
我的家[不凡的爱主题曲] - 新歌

oh well,
at least i get to get out of this school for almost a day
and if i can "sneak out",
i'll have some time around town.

i'm done bo liao-ing.

see you people!

*dont forget to check out the POSB's Everyday Champions Award 2009before leaving*


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