Friday, 26 September 2008

3D nail art -- heart

here's a simple way to had 3D nail art
but you dont have to have your hands on the table
under the nail dryer (if you do have one at home)
for like an hour.


cause this 3D nail thingy stuff really takes a long time to dry
i remember once i helped kathy made her butterfly for prom
she was like unable to use her hands like around 2 hours
until the whole thing dries.

so here's what you can do.
instead of putting the nail art thingy directly on your nails
and wait for it to dry like nobody's business
you can put it on a plastic surface first.

so prepare a plastic surface
like those you can get from your stickers.
*make sure it's the plastic one*
*and NOT the white paper kind*
you dont want your 3D stuff to stick on it permenantly.

below is a picture of some nail stuff i use
and the 3D acrylic i use is the one on top left
-- the white tube.

you can get it from daiso
$2 each
and it comes in various colour
and texture.

mine is shocking glittery pink.

so here's how you do it.

1. drop two drops of 3D paint on the plastic.

2. use the pointed end of a wooden nail art used stick
and gently pull a drop diagonally towards the center of both drops.
(a small wooden stick is provided together with 3D paint)

3. pull the other drop like the same as the other to form the heart.

4. and TADA!!! here's your very own 3D heart.

leave it to dry for about 30mins before removing it from the plastic.
for me i use a wooden stick to remove.

*NOTE: always be gentle.*
you dont want your heart to break into half.
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