Friday, 6 March 2009

Shen Zhen Day 2

Yoyo~ Gonna continue on my trip to Shen Zhen last weekend.

So on my second day there, Monday, it was an "official shopping day".

Firstly, we took their subway to 罗湖(luo hu) station for breakfast and shopping.

I edited my face in this photo cause if not I look super exposed or just simply like a white-faced ghost!

Then my Dad took a photo of my sister cause her posture as kinda interesting while taking our photo.

and here is how my sister looked like!

She looked as if she was wearing a skirt lor~!

This is their single trip "ticket" there in Shen Zhen which is about the size of our 50 cents coin.


and here's my Dad. I think this is the most normal photo of my Dad throughout the whole trip there ba... lol.

and the train arrives!!!

Their train's frequency seemed to be quite fast around 5 mins like that. But then again, it may just seemed that way for the 2 times I took the subway there and both in the morning.

So we took the train from 大剧院(da ju yuan) station to 罗湖 station which is like only 3 stops away, around 10mins ride only.

OK. I did not stretch my arm fully so this is result of being lazy.

Camwhore alone...

and my Dad thinks I'm crazy!

After reaching 罗湖 station, we went to a restaurant for early lunch first before starting our shopping.

The view of 罗湖 from the restaurant we had our lunch.

Some 点心(dian xin) which I forgot what is it called.

Close-up of filling

The only thing I remember, is that it's super delicious!

There in Shen Zhen, the restaurant will take out the meat and stuff that's in the soup and put on a seperate plate and served with some special sauce.

and more and more food is served...!

yummy yummmy yum~~~

Not normal of my Dad again. He's like irritating everyone of us with his 强仔(qiang zai) thingy throughout the whole trip ever sinced we landed there in Shen Zhen lor~ irriating sia~ lol...

After lunch, we went on to shopping around the shopping centre there and the first stop was to get the fake stuff my sister have to help people buy.

We went to this shop where my Dad and Stepmom bought some stuff from the other time they went there. My sister got quite a number of stuff like necklace, cufflinks, pens, one suitcase and one fake LV bag which she helped her friend to buy. Well, I myself got myself 2 necklaces that's so called the T. and Co one and one bling bling small pen. Total of ¥95 which is around $20SGD?

We spent alot of time at that shop cause we have to wait for them to bring the stocks up to the shop and stuff. I also bought 2 coin purse, 6 pairs of socks, one pair of gloves, one pair of boots and some boxes from that shopping centre. Well, my sister got ALOT of stuff and my Dad's face totally changed when he saw the number of things we bought in total. Thankfully the people at that shop are super friendly and helpful so we could leave the stuff that we bought there till we collect them later on after our shopping.

My sister also got herself 2 fake Kipling bags, my stepmom got herself a golfbag set of bags of 2 and also a pair of bling bling slippers. hahaha... My stepmom was like kinda complaining that her slippers are more expensive than my boots! hahaha... My boots cost me ¥50 which is around $11SGD whereas her slippers costs ¥58 which is around $13SGD? lol.

We ended our shopping around 4pm after my Dad, sis and I got ourselves some wool top cause if we were to continue to shop, we will sure have a great problem taking everything back not only to the hotel but also back to Singapore!

My sister looking super contented with her big box packed with all the stuff she bought.

Super thankful of the Boss to help us carry all our stuff to the taxi stand!!!

That whole trolley seem SOOOO heavy lah!

The box is so BIG and so HEAVY that even one taxi driver refused to fetch us lor~ And also, we had to take 2 seperate taxis to be able to bring everything back to the hotel!

When we're back to the hotel, my stepmom and sister weighed the things my sister bought and they weigh 35kg lah! OH MY GOODNESS! Super gonna overweight when we check-in my baggage onto the plane lor! After weighing the stuff, my stepmom helped us (or should I say my sister) to pack the things my sister bought!

and like what my stepmom said...

OK. My stepmom bought 2 vintage book boxes, my dad got a vintage wine box I myself got 5 vintage handbags/makeup case which I'll be giving one to Fidel!

Ever thought of how a fake LV bag will look like?

OK. I know. You can still SEE that's it ISN'T the real thing... lol.

After packing, we took a shower before going out to the shopping centre, 帝王大厦(di wang da sha) which is across the road from the hotel we were staying in. And that night is the first time my sister wore boots!!! And seriously, it's also the first time I see my sister wearing something with 1 inch heel!!! Just imagine~

OK. I know she was having some problems... =p

Me wearing super exeggerated winter wear while she sister wore my stepmom's boots for that night.

My sister in my stepmom's boots and FINALLY not that auntie in a long time.

and ME!

My Dad just keep giving me the weird face whenever I camwhore.

We went for Japanese Food Buffet and then shopped around Watsons and a cosmetic store, COLORS, after dinner.

These are what I bought from Watsons!!! I got a Doraemon body lotion where I intend to reuse the bottle to put my own lotion when I've finished using it, Apple Whitening Eye Mask which looks super cute, Rose Facial Spray which is also super cute, hydrating overnight mask, various socks, legging and stuff that has slimming effect too, and 2 boxes of mint!

It's so good that there they have a Watsons membership thingy where you can earn points and buy things at like only ¥2 which is like only $0.50SGD!!!??? Singapore should SO have a Watson membership thingy also lor~!!! I like always spend quite alot at Watsons one lor~

Ok. That's all for my second day in Shen Zhen. Will post about the last day tomorrow I guess.

Good night Everyone!

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