Saturday, 3 April 2010

Japan Trip Day 5


This is a super delayed post and beware cos I'm about to flood you with 200+ photos taken on my 5th day in Tokyo last August -- Disneyland!!!

First I went to つきじ Market!

Okay. I didn't take any photo when we're at the market as I'm afraid of getting my white cutie camera dirty. So I left the photo taking to my dad!

My stepmom and Auntie Andrey

My dad with his silly face -- he just can't take a decent photo sia~


Waiting for breastfask to be served.

It sure took a long long time!

Finally! It's here!!!

Seriously I have no idea what fish is it till even now. All I know is that IT's SUPER 美味しい~!!!

See! Auntie Andrey so happy!

After breakfast, I set off alone to Disneyland!!!

Women only cabin

Cool huh?! We should also have one in Singapore! (ж>▽<)

Wuhu~ What do I see?


Ok.. Not that soon though... I still have to walk to the theme park!

Outside the Disney Resort Shop along the walk to Disneyland

Yes, I was all alone so photos are so. (笑)

Disney Resort

Price list at the counter.

I got a 2-day pass which costed me ¥10,000 which is around $150 SGD!!!

My Stitch ticket and maps of the park!

If anyone of you are going, I recommend that you ask for both English and Japanese maps as there may be special items listed on the Jap ones but not on the other languages.

And I'm in!

A walk down main street!

Castle of Disneyland!

Just LOOK at the amount of people for the parade!

Aw man~ Imagine the queues for each rides!!!

First stop, Toon Town!

Anyone for caramel popcorn?

Their popcorn cart are super cute!

Fire station at Toon Town

Any mails to send?

Ahem~ Who's gonna be locked in?

Fireworks Shop at Toon Town!

Need a ride anyone?


Bento sets sold at snack bars!


Look what I spot!

Minnie's house!

Going in!


Sorry, not that I wanna keep repeating "可愛い" but they are just all really super duper uper cute!!!

Next, the tree house!

So tall~ 高いね~

Even watercoolers are so cute!

Goofy's place

Push cart filled with Stitch!

Honey popcorn, anyone?

The queue for the Winnie the Pooh ride was crazy! Super long lah!

Never mind. Can shop for Winnie the Pooh!

The very first ride I took!

Even お爺さん also come play with his grand-daughter

After over 20mins of queuing, it's finally my turn!

I skipped the ride for Small World as I took the one in Hong Kong and decided to spend my time on other rides first!

After my ride, I head over to advernture land!

Curry popcorn anyone?

It smells seriously delicious lah!

Stitch fans?


Want a ride?

The next ride I took -- Splash Mountain!!!


Photo of me going down the Splash mountain!

The second I went down the mountain with the water splashing all over my face, I kinda regretted taking that ride.

You know why?

I forgot I was wearing NON-WATERPROOF eyeliner that day!

Salted popcorn anyone?

Look at the number of strollers there were!!!

3rd ride of the day!

The little boy in front of me is super cute! He kept playing with his water-spraying-fan!


I thought it was just another train ride that goes around the whole Disneyland and nothing else lke the one at Hong Kong Disneyland (Post 1 & 2)

BUT! It was not!

Just when I thought it was about to end, there's more!



Shopping time!

And more shopping!

I so wanted to buy this but it's super ex lah! (´Д`)

Donut Mickey! Arh I regret not getting one for myself!

I didn't mean to capture that おじさん in the photo

Minnie Themed Bathroom, I WANT!!!

No bad I don't have my Lambu already if not I might have just bought that Stitch clothes for him!

A vase that I love to receive my flowers in!


I can imagine Gerry screaming away when she sees those Stitch!!!

Got myself a Minnie Mouse Bow which was on sales~

Any snacks for you?

Aren't those food super tempting, too?

Special Monster Inc set for limited period only!

Moving on to Tomorrow Land!

Any DS Users out here?

I seriously felt like getting a DS so that I have an excuse to buy all those DS stuff!

Taken with the help of a crew of Disneyland!

Soon, I spotted 2 little girls wearing Princess' costume and I asked their dad if I could take a photo of his lovely girls...

and yeah! he said yes!


The thing about Japs is that if you ask nicely, most of the time they will allow you to take photo of them! So yup! Memorize a simple sentence of asking people if it's alright to take a photo of them. You never know when that simple sentence might come in handy!

Cool architecture~

And more shopping!!!



Popcorn! If I didn't remember wrongly, this cart was selling soy sauce popcorn!

Wanna have a race?!

Follow me!

Queuing for my turn to race!

It's pretty cool that they have all the life-sized stuff along the queue. 可愛い~

Reaching the track...


You can ride alone or with your friend! So kids wouldn't have to worry at all!

I'm on the road!

By right photography along the road is dangerous...

but the mom and son in front of me was super duper slow

that my car keep stopping if I go fast

So I mind as well take it slow

and snap some photos along the way

Oh! We're reaching the end! Who's gonna be first?!

The slow white car in front of me! (笑)

Camwhore while waiting to get to the safe zone for exit

Monster!!! But the queue to take photo with it was super long! Decided not to queue. (ж>▽<)

Next ride! Star wars fans are gonna LOVE this!

I thought the queue was short but I was wrong.

I queued for like... 30mins?

Ok lah. Not that long afterall.


We're going out into the space people!

End of ride~

The "theatre"!

Queuing to go in for the next show!

My lunch! おにぎり!

Waiting for the show to begin.

I was like so tired I actually fell asleep while waiting for about 15 mins!


& Minnie!

Jungle Book!

A Bug's Life!

Peter Pan!

The evil witch~!

Disney's various characters!


Fabulous Dance!

The Grand Finale!

LGM near the queue for Buzz Lighter Ride


I want this Walkie Talkie! (笑)

Chiong-ed for the 4D movie opposite before chiong-ing for the last afternoon parade!

Honey I Shrunk My Kids!

I managed to catch the ending alright~ (ж>▽<)

The crowd of water parade!

If I was not alone, maybe getting wet this way will be fun...

*Man! I wanna go Japan again in summer to see fireworks!!!*

Wishing well of Snow White

I did not take the Monster Inc Ride in the end cos its fastpass when out of stock at 12nn and queue estimated time was 3 hours!!!

Next, my very last ride of the day too! The ride which fast pass went out of stock by 11am so I ended up spending 2 hours queueing to take this ride!

It's the Big Thunder Mountain!

Super long long queue and the ride only lasted for 2 mins!

BUT! it was worth the time!

After this 2 hours of queuing, I've decided to get popcorn right away the next day when I go Disney Sea cos queuing is such a bore especially when I'M ALL ALONE!!!

So at least with some food, queuing won't be that bad.

I just kept snapping photos after photos and finished almost the snacks and candies that I had in my bag!

After the ride!

Walking to the parade area to get ready for the night parade -- Monster Inc Parade!

Yea it's summer so you'll get to see many cute boys and girls and sweet pretty ladies in yukata!

The crowd waiting for the parade!

Got myself some caramel popcorn along the way to the parade

Isn't the popcorn box cute? But then again... 高いね~

Parade!!! It was super cute but there was a guy blocking my view so I didn't manage to capture much shots.

Fireworks at the end of the parade!!!

The castle at night!

I soon left after the parade.

Did some last minute shopping at The Disney Resort shop outside the theme park.

If you're going Disneyland, make sure you shop at this shop, too, cos there are items sold there that is not available in Disneyland!

There are items from Disney Sea and of course, Disney Resort!

Don't like my sister like that, she went Disneyland last month but she thougt that the shop sells the same things so she didn't shop there at all!!!

Okay! That's all for me 5th day at Tokyo last August!
Will try to blog on the 6th day at Disney Sea as soon as possible!



  1. Hi Pretty (:

    was wondering which would you recommend, disney land or sea?

  2. Ameliaへ
    If you're someone that prefer more thrilling rides, I would recommend Disney Sea more.
    But it's of course best to go both for the experience! =)

  3. Thanks for your Tokyo trip :P
    I enjoyed looking at the pictures hehe

    I want those ds cases >_<



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