Thursday, 8 July 2010

Hair Dye at Shunji Matsuo



In this post, I'm gonna share with you all where I got my latest hair colour from!

TADA!!! I got my hair dyed at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio!

I went there last Friday after lunch with Jo. It was raining super heavily man!

No worries people! They have a umbrella cupboard for you to put your umbrellas in while you get your hair done comfortably!

The receptionist will help you keep your bags and stuff into the locker and pass you the key. LOVE IT!
But of course, if you do not wish to get your bags kept in the lockers, you can choose to bring them along with you!

The minute I sat down, the receptionist came over and passed me a few magazines. Both Local and my favourite Japanese magazines like ViVi!

I took a peek at the people beside me while I was getting my hair dyed and I realised that they will pass each customer magazines to roughly what they meant like!

The lady on my left did not get teenage magazine like Cleo like I did and the guy on my right was given technology and motor magazines on gadgets and cars!

Hot japanese green tea! Super good for that cold cold weather!
I was like freezing as I got wet while walking to the hair studio through the rain!

Of course, not only do they have japanese green tea. They have other choices like coffee, milk tea, milo and more!

Ok... So here's some photos of how my horrible hair looked like before the hair dye.

Yes the biggest enemy for everyone that dyes their hair!

In short, sickening!!!
My hair colour was like super imbalanced already, too!

Yes... cam-whore while waiting for カオルさん (Kaoru), the International Director to attend to me.

We did discuss for quite some time before deciding on what colour exactly am I gonna have. Like bleach and etc etc...

Kaoru-san really gave me super detailed advices especially cos the colour I want is super light which will definitely involves bleaching.

So after the discussion and being super dye-proof from putting on 5 pieces of 'shields' on...

It's time to start the work!

Oh ya~ I just LOVE the warm warm towels they use to place on your neck area every time!
Comfy comfy~ Ah~

Firstly, of course was to bleach my hair.

Kaoru-san adviced me to use soft bleach and also a new brand of colour dye that are not THAT harmful to my hair. Although yes, it is STILL hair damaging, sadly...

Kaoru-san told me that she needs 2 persons to help me bleach my hair as bleaching process has to be done quick!


Left the bleach on for around 10mins.

Wash of the bleach

TADA!!! I'm SaliorMoon!

Pretty cool huh?

Although the roots does look a bit darker than the rest of the hair but fear not! It will still be perfectly fine later on!

Next, colour!

Kaoru-san gave me a caramel brown which is slightly darker than the colour that I actually wanted.

Of course, she has her reason behind it!

As I had my hair bleached before that, colour will fade really easier like in a week?! So by dying my hair a slightly darker shade, it will fade to the colour I want!

Now for the boring part... Wait...

BUT WOOTZ! Japanese magazines that I love kills lots and lots of time alright!

After a long wait for the colour to get in, I got my hair washed again and also I got a hair treatment at the same time!

Man this brand's stuff are good man!

I'm like so going back to Shunji Matsuo to get a bottle of this hair treatment myself after my payout goes through!

Dry dry my hair~~~

Kaoru-san then helped my curl my hair to a jappy doll doll style!

TADA! End product!

Here's the general price list for your reference!

If you're wondering how much does my whole session cost, here it is!

Bleach - $138
Colour - $84
Hair Treatment - $148

Of course, my hair is like so long that's why prices are higher than stated on the price list.

So... Who's Kaoru-san?

Ok. I didn't got the chance to take a photo with her that day as she was really busy. Above is the photo I took with her in March during the Wig Launch Event!

And yes... CAM-WHORE!!!

So where is this Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio?

20 Bideford Road Wellington Building
Singapore 229921

Where do I call for an appointment or enquiries?

(+65) 6238 1522/1514

Still don't know how to get there?!
It's easy!

Walk towards Paragon from Somerset MRT

When you're just outside the old Queens Royal Hotel/Opposite Paragon, turn right!

Walk down the sidewalk and turn right again when you're just opposite Paragon's Taxi Stand!

You should see a road like the photo above with a Mosque on your left hand side

Walk straight and you should see Wellington Building on your right hand side

See this sign?

And there you are!!!

LOVES my new hair colour!!!

Thanks Coleen.


  1. Really nice colour. The curls look pretty too!

  2. Hi :)
    Didn't mean to be rude but is your hair naturally thin at the scalp area or is that the result of hair loss?

  3. Hi Tsuriki, Thanks for the recommendation. You look pretty with the curls! :) been thinking which salon to dye my hair, whtr is it good etc. I think i finally came up with the decision. :) Thanks alot!!

  4. LJへ
    Thanks! You should see the colour now! Even more chio!

    My hair is naturally thin at the scalp area.

    Welcome! Make sure to call for an appointment first! I got my appointment made around 5 days before hand! Fully booked!

  5. Can i go there and tell them i want the same hair colour and hair style as u?

  6. Anonymousへ
    Hi! I only got my hair colour done there that once for this review only so I guess they probably won't remember.

    If you want, you may go to Artica and look for Juno. He's my hairstylist that takes care of my hair. Just let him know that you want my hair style and colour.

    If you're afraid, just save a photo of mine in your mobile or something so that he will exactly what you want. =)

    Here's the contact number: 6836 2891



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