Monday, 29 June 2009


Here's the PV of Arashi's new song, Everything.

AH~~~ NINO!!!!

If you don't know which one of them is Nino 二宮 和也, scroll to 1min 36sec. The guy singing solo then is Nino! The 2nd solo!

I just love Nino lah!!! Seriously, I really am sad that I'm missing of a couple of their albums cause I was not able to buy the local (or Taiwan) versions so they are all left with those imported from Japan ones which are like super expensive lah!
I do LOVE ARASHI! But I'm not some crazy fans that will spend tons of money over idols anymore. Even if I can afford it, I will not buy those Japan imported cds! Like not much difference and plus I won't keep looking at the album's cover and lyrics and stuff cause I'm afraid that I might spoil them.

Anyone knows of anyone or anywhere I can get their local or Taiwanese version albums?

*Suddenly thought of someone that just went to Taiwan for holiday!* Argh~ Why didn't I ask my friend to help me buy???!!! Argh~~~ ='(

Friday, 26 June 2009


I hate bugs.

So people, STOP BUGGING ME!!!

OK. Not many people are bugging me but the people I see every day, the second I step out of my room are. The minute someone comes online. The second before I stepped out of the house. It is really freaking irritating and has already gotten on my nerves!

If you people feel that I'm doing nothing, don't even have the single thought of getting a job, THEN YOU ARE ALL FREAKING IDIOTICALLY WRONG! I have been searching for a job that I can foresee myself staying in for long. Long does not equals to around 6 months, a year or 2. A job that I will like and enjoy doing like I've worked in Swensen's for the past 3 years and am even hesitanting on how should I even tell my manager that I want to resign. A job that I like and I am proud of to tell people to get away as I LOVE my job!

Yes I have officially graduated from Nayang Polytechnic and am just waiting for my cert to be ready in the near further like just a couple of days later. Just that my freaking ceremony is next year with the 2010 batch.

And like I've said, I DO NOT just waste my time doing NOTHING which you may think it has been for the past 3 weeks ever sinced my attachment is over. I have been searching for a job online even 2 weeks before my attachment ended! It's freaking irritating that my family is bugging me every single time they see me and even my dad bugs me on msn! What the freaking bell lah! All these freaking bugging is making me NOT wanna get a job. Yes I am rebelious! Come on! I'm not even 20 yet! And I just simply couldn't stand unfair treatment!

My sister could waste a whole year without even a part time job for more than 3 months in that one year which she slacked while waiting for school to start. I totally understand that times are bad in family BUT LOOK! Times ARE BAD IN THE WHOLE WORLD NOW TOO!!!

I have had enough of all these stuff where I just keep thinking for my blood sister which was why on earth I ended up studying IT in NYP instead of my favorite ART in NAFA 4 years ago in 2006! I fought for it, I fought for art, but I gave it up cause I know that school fees for my sister is gonna be super expensive so I chose Poly over an arts school.


Right now I'm really wondering why on earth do I even give it up. I love it. And seriously regretted making that decision.

I want art back. But I've lost it.

My hands, my fingers just can't do what they used to be able to do now.

All they can do now is to click the mouse and type on the keyboard.

I can't draw nor paint like I used to.

Stop bugging me.

I anti-bugs.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Samsung Beat DJ M7603 Review

Like promised, something good is here on my blog! First of all I wanna thanks 24Seven for this great opputunity for me to be able to participate in this phone testing and of course share my thoughts and experience with this new great FUN phone with all of you especially music lovers like me!

It is the new Samsung Beat DJ M7603 phone!!!

And just like the picture illustrates on the cover of the box, you can scratch your own music! Like how cool is that?! SUPER COOL!!!

Before I show you the actual phone itself, here's a basic introduction on the phone.

The Samsung Beat DJ M7603 is an awkard looking phone which doesn't excite at all when you first see it. However, you can't help but wanna satisfy your curiousity of finding out what this weird looking phone holds.

Features that I Loved:

* Unique design
* 2.8" 16M-color AMOLED touchscreen display of WQVGA resolution
* Accelerometer for screen auto rotate
* Proximity sensor for auto screen turn-off
* MicroSD card slot (up to 16 GB), 4 GB card included
* BeatDJ app for scratching and sampling
* Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP)
* Stereo FM radio with RDS, FM recording
* Standard 3.5mm audio jack

Things that turned me Off:

* User interface is quite laggy
* No virtual QWERTY keyboard
* BeatDJ app could've been better and more friendly
* DivX/XviD video support does not support the avi files I have and still needs conversion
* A low quality and slow 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash
* VGA video at 15 fps
* Lousy Game play with pathetic virtual arrowpad

As I've said earlier, this is a little monster packed with functions with a non-conservative design that definately stands out from the crowd; A touchscreen media gadget with HSDPA, GPS, smooth video playback and powerful stereo speakers. Sadly you won't feel its Premium style when you get hold of the box that carries it. Somewhat it feels a little cheapo~ but I guess thats how Samsung decides to cut down on the price of the phone.

ps: 24Seven did not pass me the mini CD and Manual

Inside the box, there is the Samsung Beat DJ M7603 phone, a charger and a 3.5 mm headset with a regular size remote, a USB cable, a mini CD with the required syncing software, a manual and a 4 GB microSD card. It's also bundled with a free portable phone stand and silicone case!

The unique looking Samsung Beat DJ M7603 is made of high quality plastic of three colours; The transparent tough feeling plastic for the screen, eye-catching violet blue on the sides and a patterned dark grey design for the back cover.


The Phone's interface is a little laggy and not as responsive as that of the Samsung Omnia which is a little disappointing. Adding on, I've never been a fan of widgets. I find it a nuisance instead and especially so in this phone when I stop the music player and its 'hangs' on the main screen as a widget. (I expect it to close.) Then I too realize that some applications can only be opened by enabling it in the widget screen; eg: youtube.

The searching for phone contacts is a hassle too... you need to tap the screen to key in the name, followed by 'done' as it searches, followed by scrolling to the desired one. However, it is of excellent telephony with you hearing every detail from the caller's end.

But I sure like the size of the caller ID photo is being displayed. Big enough, just the correct size for you to know who's calling.

The Messaging is as of any Samsung phone thus no surprises here. Sadly though there is no QWERTY keyboard, just a regular numpad, which is usable enough.

But I sure am happy with the number of languages supported on this phone! I seriously need Chinese input which the Samsung Ultra Messenging does not support.

The File Browser doesn't excite too as it feels no different from the Samsung Soul; nothing new here. The Beat DJ's file browser can display the files and folders from the phone memory or the memory card, and even both at once.


The music quality was astounding to my ears and especially more so when I plugged in my marantz earphones. There was a selection of various equaliser settings to choose from and even a custom one for you to set your own which I really liked. You too can choose from a small selection of different 'space'; dynamic, wide etc. Ending this would be it provides a 5.1 virtual surround option when any earphones is plugged in.

I really loved the sound reproduced by the handset and had thought it was due to the Bang and Olufsen audio amplifier therefore I was amazed when I knew that the Bang and Olufsen audio amplifier has got nothing to do with sound quality, but only with power consumption efficiency.

The only downside is that the music arrangement was not as friendly as my Ipod cos that would have made it real sweet. Nevertheless, I would recommend it to friends who want a decent music phone; don't need to bring both a phone and music player out.

I also like the function that I am actually able to record the FM radio I'm listening to!

Now comes the Key feature of this monster. There are four buttons that grant control over the mixing deck - REC, Scratch, Filters, and Samples. By pressing the REC key you can record whatever file you are remixing.

Scratch, quite logically, turns the circle into a virtual vinyl, which you can spin on the touchscreen to do scratches. Unfortunately the scratches of the Beat DJ offered very basic back and forward scratching only. Moreover, sometimes the scratching sounds quite choppy too and at times the track stops and takes about a second to resume. Overall, the whole experience felt amatuerish but indeed a good attempt.

The Video playback is definately great after I converted it to mp4 format. Tried to play flv and avi but it doesn't work at all. So nothing more to be said.

The Photos viewer was something refreshing as you can scroll through your pictures just by tipping it to either sides and it will auto-scroll and to stop, you just need to centralise the handset.

And I also found this game application installed in which my sister thought that it would be useful when you play majong, virtual dice!


Samsung Beat DJ M7603 is a niche product that targets the younger crowd like me and thankfully, it is still afforadable with telco sign-ups of SGD 298.

The nice OLED screen, good music and video playback makes this a definate choice for anyone looking for an alternative to the media players out there in the market. Moreover with an additional DJ feature to spice up the fun level, it makes this a more than interesting handset.

Of course, if you're looking for a phone that has great camera functions or even allows you to play games, this would be a big disappointment. The pictures taken were sub-par and the videos were so-so. The Java games offer you a less then friendly virtua arrow-pad which will only make you frustrated. This explains why I did not really write anything on these functions as I really don't have much to talk about it except that there's way lots of improvement to be done on these areas.

To wrap it all up, the Samsung Beat DJ M7603 is more of a media device with phone functions and a great bring to the beach with its loud stereo speakers and great audio reproduction. It will bring some competition to the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and even some of the established media players out in the market. All in all the Samsung Beat DJ M7603 sure leads its own little way of capturing its fans.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

XM's Birthday Celebration!

Finally I'm blogging this post!!! There's like almost 300 photos taken that day from both Steve's and my camera so I had to really go through and selecting the photos to be blogged which I ended up with like almost 200 photos?! So I really had to take a long time editing these photos and going through them once more while editing them. So there's like 138 photos that's gonna be in this post with some actually having a few combined in one. So ya... just imagine how Xiang Min spammed snapping photos with my camera that night! hahaha... And ya, please let the photos load for a while. I don't think it should take long... I think...

2 weeks ago on the 10 June, Wednesday, it was Xiang Min's birthday and we spent a whole day out celebrating his birthday! The very last year of age starting with a '2'. =p

We first met up for Burger King breakfast at Wheelock together with Dann and Joanna. After which we started our shopping trip as Xiang Min wanted to get a bag using the vouchers he got for his birthday from his friend. So we went from Forum where I met Justin at Club21, to Isetan, to Paragon and lastly Takashimaya. He just couldn't decide to get either the CK messenger bag or the AX tote bag. Well, I prefer the AX bag though.. I feel that it's more style and more suitable to work, too. (He got the AX bag at last that very Sunday itself)

After shopping around, we went over the Cash Studio for Karaoke!!! But before that, we went to the nearby Cold Storage at Centrepoint to get some snacks and drinks.

*Ching!* So that's Xiang Min, Jo and Steve!

(Oh ya, Steve joined us when we were at Forum)

And first was Japanese Songs!!! I just couldn't make up my mind on what to sing that day as their song books were all outdated. The latest book available was last November's one lah! But I did make up my mind on 夢 by 柴田 淳 after some time... I love that song! It was once on my play list for my blog and my friends love it, too!

*Sing sing sing*

Xiang Min deciding on what to sing, too...!

Helping Jo to decide on what song to sing, three!!!

Once again I bought this mayonnaise flavor potato chips! I love it! I introduced them this flavor of potato chips and I had made Jo and Xiang Min love it, too!!! Wahahaha!!! It's really very very nice!!! I notice that only 7-11 and Cold Storage has it. So if you do see it, give it a try! It's really nice!!!


After Karaoke session, we went to UE Square for Japanese food buffet for dinner!

The restuarant's name

My cold tofu~~~ Doesn't taste nice to be honest.

Ezzat and Dann deciding on what to eat

Green tea! Cheers!

Some salmon thingy which taste just like chinese food
NOTE: It was served like that. We didn't mix it up at all!

After this photo, I lent Xiang Min my camera where he just spammed taking photos.

OZ and Steve

And yes! Jaeson was there, too! It's been a long time since we all last met him proper.

Ezzat's smile~~~

F3 cheese~!

Xiang Min and Jasmine

Jo and I

I like this photo somehow even though I look a little fat in it. =p

Gerry and I

Puffy Fishy!!!

OZ looks kinda cool in this photo ya?

This was totally candid! OMG I look so awful and look like my mom lah! Meow~!
Yes~ My teeth are not straight. Still waiting till I have money for braces.

OK. Personally I don't like the place. OK. Everyone else feels the same way too. So I will tell all of you and you to tell your friends and family, NOT TO GO THERE!!! If you want great Japanese buffet you can try Akira 章 at the New Hotel or the japanese resturant right opposite 李伟松's music school at somerset area. The price are about the same but they food are good and so is the service.

Where's Gerry?!

Jae and XM on the road

After dinner, we went over to Coffee Club near Rebel.

Hee~ I like this photo~ So cute~



Who's teeth are those?!


My toffee coffee

I feel that Jo looks like some small little girl who just can't wait to get her hands on her strawberry coffee! hahahaha...

Gerry's apple soda!

Mudpie craze

Xiang Min giving us each 5 cents as we got his shoes for birthday present. Some supertisious thingy~

Our 5 cents!

Jordan Jersey for present

And a pair of Jordans! Xiang Min's very first pair of Jordans!!!

Dann and Jasmine's piglet.


I had a great time that day! Yeah!!!

Sorry for the lack of text content in this post as I'm like super lazy to give every single photo a short description of anything already. =p


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