Wednesday, 19 November 2008

posts edited.

good morning everyone!
as promised,
i've already gotten my wishlist relocated and it will not be repeating again and again after every post from now.

like you can see,
my wishlist is placed right on the top before any other post.
i seriously do not know where else should i put it as you can see,
it's quite a big chunk of list.
so ya...
like mentioned before my list,
if you have any feedback or suggestions for me to place my wishlist,
do send me an email at
thank you!

just checked my friendster not long ago too
and i saw the bulletin that andee posted up.
and what is it regarding?

photo credit

it's for our dear nyp's DEAR foreign bodies's production.

for me,
i feel like going but i seriously do now wanna go and watch it alone.
tickets aint free you know...

i still remember the other time when i was talking to jess about productions of various clubs put up this year
and FB's like the only one that actually sell their tickets.

i understand that like jess told me
they have to spend alot alot on their props and stuff.
but then again...
so was other clubs too isnt it?

firstly was us sakuran club.
if you were to include the costumes that the cosplayers wore
that costed them a bomb already.
you many think that that was just a xun bian cause they will be cosplaying,
wearing the same costumes for cosfest 08 as it was like only a week before our cosplay arts festival then.
there were many many other factors which i cannot blog out.
and we still have banner,
etc etc to make too which costed our club a bomb too...

not to mention that stage arts had their drama production
which i seriously think that their props and costumes costs alot alot alot alot too...!!!

then next was dance company.
i didnt go for that though as it clashes with something...
i forgot what was it.

if not wrong,
it has something to do with natsu cause it was like only 2 weeks before natsu and we seriously had alot of things to settle and practise too.

so now it's gonna be fb's turn soon in mid-december.
like i said,
even though i have to buy tickets to go and watch it,
i still wanna go but not alone.
hopefully after asking some people later during JMD practice,
some people will wanna go too.

if you're interested,
you may check for more details.

oh i'm doing free publicity for them.
what the...


have a good day people!
once again,
sorry about my wishlist.

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