Friday, 29 July 2011

Simple Nails @ J♥Nail!

Hi everyone!

As you should know if you're following my twitter or on my fb page, I broke my nails before and after my short holiday trip and yes even got my wallet stolen during the trip.

Oh man~ I shall not blame anyone for the loss of my wallet but myself.
But still, I wish that the person who stole my wallet will get his/her karma.
I know he/she will! HUMP!

So back to my nails, here's a photo of my horrible nails with 2 broken

Sad right?!

So last Thursday, I headed down to J♥Nail to get my nails fixed and also a new design, too, at the same time!

First was to soak off my previous gelish

Monster です。(笑)

And as I was getting my nails done, someone was being very evil

Yes Himeko!

She accompanied me down to J♥Nail to get my nails done and was tempting me with food in which she refused to give me reason being that I was getting my nails done.

So bad right???

But then again, she did give me food... Some food...

Tada! Right hand so-called done!

Chose a simple design this time round! Nice right?

I know you want pretty pretty nails like mine!

All you have to pay for this design is only $49 with the Gelish nails promo!

Check out J♥Nail's promo pricing!!!

Call Jess to get your appointment made now!

*Photos of this post were taken my Himeko's Canon G12.*
*Only the last photo was taken by my Olympus E-PL1*

♥ Love More Mask ♥

Sponsored Review

Hi everyone!
I've been diligently putting on mask weekly recently and here's a new mask I'm gonna share with everyone!

Tada! The new Love More Magic Gold White Power Lifting Mask + 5 cm Neck Care Double Lifting Mask!

So this mask not only helps to fight fine lines and wrinkles with its 50% extra Q10 formula, it also helps skin to be fairer in triple ways!

A reason why I chose this mask over the other 2 in the same range of Love Me masks is because this mask helps to brightening up dull skin due to the inconsistent sleeping routine WHICH I seriously am having a huge problem with for the past few weeks already! Omg~

Okay~ If you have been shopping at Watsons, you may have seen it already and it's retailing at $13.90 for a box of 8 pieces!

So... It's like $1.74 per sheet?

So yup! That's me pampering myself with the mask!

I'm sorry if that white-face monster above scared anyone of you reading this. =P

So as you can see, the extra 5cm of the mask for the neck area really is long enough to make sure that you take care of you neck, too, at the same time!

Many people tend to neglect their neck which is actually what that gave away their age in future so YES! Please please please everyone! Your neck NEEDS proper skincare, too!!!

So here's me after my golden treatment pampering session of the Love More mask!

I could feel that my skin is really nicely hydrated and slightly brighter in just my very first use! *LOVES*

So yes! I'll continue to use it weekly! *Saves my dull skin!!!*

Plus! With the double loop at the ear, the mask actually help to lift and firm your skin, too, with collagen! *Pokes face and bounce off*

Haha~ Just kidding but my skin really does face more elasticity after using the mask!
*Must be the Q10 in the mask!*

So yeah! Me love my Love More mask!

Do you know that Tiffany Hsu Wei-ning 许玮甯 is actually Love More's Endorser? Omg~ She's like freaking pretty!!!

Find her familar?

Well she one of the main actress in the Taiwanese Big Hit Idol Drama 《下一站幸福》 last year!!!

Also also, do you know that Love More is one of the Best Selling Mask Brands in Singapore?!

Aha~! Now you know! =P

So I'm already using my Love More mask

Grab yours at Watsons, now!!! Heehee~

Love More masks are available exclusively at selected Watsons Stores only!
For more information, you can visit

And also, do join Lush Beauty's Facebook page and Love More Singapore's Facebook page to stand a chance to win a box of their masks!

Stay pretty everyone!

XOXO Tsuriki

Monday, 25 July 2011

AKB48 Cafe + Concert Vol.4

Hi everyone!

Ok~ I feel so guilty as this post is like SUUUPER delayed!

2011年6月26日 - 日曜日

(Photo grabbed from AKB Cafe Official Website)

Visited AKB Cafe the very 2nd day they were opened on the 26 June.
Yes! It's one month ago! *slaps myself*

By the way, the AKB Cafe if located at *Scape!
Level 3 (or rather Level 2 to most of the people)

Their opening menu!

Okay~ They have lots more choices of food on their menu right now and so far whatever that I've tried have not disappoint me. Not even once!

They have shaved ice for takeaway!
Ok~ I've yet to try that. Me wants!!!

Here's some photos I from online from

The cafe made to look alike to the AKB Theater in Japan

The AKB Cafe girls serving you!

And yes! Kiyomi is working there!

So yes! Kiyomi will be there to welcome you to the cafe when you visit!

Special AKB Team floats.

I've tried the Team B - Blue float before!
Yummy! Me wanna go back for it again!

So now! Back to my visit there!

Lunch menu (then)

Exclusive AKB Cafe Coaster

My Sprite and Himeko's Coke

My Salad!

Seriously, I LOVE the salad!!!
Super yummy!

Himeko's Soup!

Blogger at work

And yes~ Camwhore!

Himeko's Pasta

My Omu Rice!!!!!!

So far it's my number one favourite food!
Super 美味しい!!!


Michiyo and Domo joined us when we were already eating as the two were late! omg~

Yummy Strawberry Dessert of Jim's treat!

It's available on the Tea Time menu!

And yes! Huge thanks to Shawn, we got tickets for AKB48 Concert!!!!


So after lunch, we went straight for the concert!

*AHEM* I don't know why but when I pressed my shutter, this was what I snapped.

Michiyo, Himeko and Domo

Michiyo and her lightsticks
Don't know what was Himeko doing and yes~
The hand by the right side of the photo is thanks to Domo

Domo and I

Nice concert! And simiarly, photography and videography is not allowed so ya.. No photos.

After the conert, we headed to Cineleisure to take neoprints!

Michiyo waiting for the purikura to be printed

As usual, Michiyo will do the job
She was posing for this photo okay~!

Choosing neoprints!

To end off this post, here's a photo of Domo!!!


*You've been warned. Don't freak out!*



Love you everyone!
Hope you started your week great!

XOXO Tsuriki


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