Saturday, 13 December 2008

dealing with fake nails!

i always feel super sian when my nail break or something cause i hate having short nails cause it just freaking make my fingers look so short lor...
i once always use fake nails too but all the nail glue just damages my nails. hate that even more.

but really... i still like long nails~ heehee...

here we're gonna deal with fake nails today!

step 1: of course buy the nails you want lah~ matter what kind of fake nails you choose you still have to continue with the following steps even if it's like those that's all done put nicely already.
so... choose the nails you want and $$$ pay for it.

step 2: make sure you make the nails properly so that it fits your own nails.

it should by right fits nicely onto your own nail of each finger. for people like me who have small nails, i suggest you by those plain nails as they will have those boxes that sells like 10 sizes of nails in it instead of the normal 5 sizes which is always too big for me and i ended up cutting and filing the nails like mad!!!

step 3: file the nails. as you know, all these nails are made from factories so if you dont file them it's very likely that you will scratch yourself or get hooked onto your clothes or something as they are never even. and also, you can file to the shape you want! for me i like round-square nails so i'll get the square nails and file them to round-square myself. for people who like those sharp kind, they already have it on sale outside so you just have to file it even.

step 4: ok.. if you're using those already done put nails you my wanna skip this if you dont need to do so. find a plastic sheet that you dont mind getting dirty, for me i used my old file slot, and stick some double-sided tape on it, the length that you think should be even to place all your 10 tens on. then stick the nails that you're going to use in order. for me i'll stick from and left smallest finger sized nail to right smallest finger sized nail like shown below:

remember to leave some spacing in between as you do not want all your fake nails to stick to one another once you started printing them.

once done you're all set to do you nail art on them without much trouble!

tip tip from trix trix.
hope that this may help you =)

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