Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Crow’s feet no more with Botox at Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic
Smile with confidence with Dr. Rachel Lim at Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic

Hihi everyone! So in the previous post, we covered on my Jaw Slimming .

Today, let’s talk about me crow’s feet reduction procedure using Botulinum Toxin with Botox at Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic .

To be honest, I hated my crow’s feet for years. To be exact, it’s 12 years.

I remember once in my Secondary School days, one day, a girl said pretty loudly that guys will not like me because of my crow’s feet and that I look super old with them. So these (hopefully) unintentional words of hers affected me deeply and I have been very conscious of how I smile whenever I am to take photo. I tend to not smile or laugh that big as the crow’s feet around my eyes will then appear.

Logically, I know that it’s normal.

Emotionally, I hate it.

Therefore, I decided to get Crow’s feet reduction done!

I got Botulinum Toxin with BOTOX for my crow’s feet reduction which is injected into the muscles to relax the muscles around the sides of my eyes that caused crow’s feet to form. After the muscles are relaxed, crow’s feet will be reduced!

Seriously, how awesome is this world now.

With Botox, everyone can look younger!

Now, let’s get to the treatment itself!

First, let’s apply some numbing cream on the areas where the injections will be done later on.

The numbing cream was left on for about 20mins before I go to another room where I will get my crow’s feet reduction procedure.

Next, Dr. Rachel Lim then made some markings for where she would be injecting the botox later on.

And it’s time for the real thing itself!

To be honest, I didn’t really feel much, even pain, during the injection.

I must say that the injection for Crow’s feet reduction is really nothing. I just kept my eyes closed and before I knew it, it was all over!

All done!

And Dr. Rachel Lim is not only very skillful but also very friendly and nice, too!

Throughout the injections, she kept telling me what’s going on and what’s the progress like so you are very well informed and aware of what’s going on which I feel is very important especially for someone like me who was getting my first botox done.

You don’t have to worry much. Just leave it to the pro.

Now after getting my crow’s feet reduction done after about a month, the results are still amazing and I no longer have to worry whenever I take photo!

I can smile as big as I want without ugly crow’s feet beside my eyes!

Thank you Dr. Rachel Lim! I know I was in very good hands!

If you wanna know more, feel free to call Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic for more info and get your consultation done! It’s still best to go down yourself to get consultation done in person I feel.

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Smiling wide,


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