Sunday, 22 March 2015

Bintan Trip

Hi everyone!!

Sorry once again for not blogging regularly.

Well, to be honest, life has not been easy for the past few months.

It may not seems so on my Instagram and stuff but it's mainly because I try not to post any unhappy stuff there. Only on my blog will I post more on my emotional stuff. 

Just have been feeling very tensed up and in a way I am not able to rest physically nor mentally much for these time and I am actually a little worn out.

Just hope that my one week leave and vacation will help me even in the slightest bit. 

So now Im actually blogging this post while I'm on the ferry back to Singapore from Bintan after a short 2 days 2 night getaway with a few friends.

I think if I were to blog about this now, I most probably will end up not blogging about it at all. 

Just a very slow paced and chillax trip during my these few rest days from work before all of us go back to work on Monday. 

Many people do not know but I used to love going to the beach regularly and do nothing but just sit by the beach and listen to the waves.

My greatest wish is to actually live by the beach in a litte hut and run my own beach bar or something. Lol!! 

Just chilled the entire day. Enjoyed awesome meals with great company and yea! We actually all headed for massage together!

And yea! Here's a photo with everyone in this trip!

Let's do this, again! 

Note. All photos in this post were taken with my Nikon S6600 and edited with VSCOcam on my iPhone. 


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