Friday, 7 November 2008


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i was just reading my lovely juniors' blogs just a moment ago.
and i can say,
i feel happy for jmd,
a little.

cause at least one person understands the need of us keep practising our traditional dances and basics.
i dont know why,
what's the reason behind it that sad to say,
i feel that many of our current batch juniors do not really understand why are we doing all these over and over again.

the rest of you...
i know basics ARE FREAKING BORING!
without basics everything else can be just said as useless.
without your basics,
dance move will just be body movement without groove, feel, etc etc
and guess what?
you might even injure yourself lah!

so ya...
dont tell me you're freaking bored doing all these things that you have been doing millions of times already over and over again.
cause you know what?
your seniors have been doing that even freaking more times than you people.
and hwne your seniors are teaching you,
arent they doing it themselves too?
and imagine that they actually did all those boring stuff over and over again already when they were still juniors themselves.

and really lah...
not doing you yourselves do until super duper freaking sian liao,
your seniors also teach until super dup sian liao~
but why on earth do they then freaking still repeat again and again?!
your seniors can just anyhow throw you a choreo and make you all learn it without teaching basics and stuff
but where will all these do to you?
you just know steps.
that's all.
isnt it?

and only with basics then only you can do what we always say one,
etc etc...
and only with basics then only you will be able to execute all movements better,
anyone disagree to that???

you seriously feel that we are just pin-pointing on you people,
you can come up to me and tell me.
tag me, comment me, whatever method.

but one thing,
if you dare tell me that you no need basics and you think that you are able to do good!?
then prove it.
dont always give us excuses when we ask you people to dance alone DURING SESSIONS!
it's not like we're throwing you all alone to do a solo in an actual performance.
till now,
crazy juniors that i know who will,
and can! do so are bryan and ban theng!
*claps claps to them*

so juniors,
i know we all have been very nice to you all for the passed 6 months.
but it's time for you all to understand what is needed to be done.
think for yourself.
do you just want to be someone who dance anyhow and dont care if you are doing it right etc etc etc
or you want to be someone that dance and people will want to look at?


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