Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Since I have some time now before leaving for dance practice, I shall do a quick update for yesterday.

Yesterday evening, I went to Nuffnang's Movie Preview for Surrogates with Jin.

I would say the concept of this movie or rather the story of the original graphic novel is really interesting and really attracted me to wanna watch it lots! However, the development of the story for the movie is kinda boring. So boring that at the middle part of the movie, I almost wanted to like go out to grab some snack as I was really hungry.

Jin and I really love the last scene though. hahaha... No spoilers. Go watch the movie yourself! Or read the graphic novel ba!

After watching the movie, then only I understand what bf meant by this movie is being reviewed super badly in the US and that he die die dont wanna watch it with me! hahaha... But oh well, it's great to watch movie without him for a change. I can have girls talk, giggle and stuff with Jin! hahaha...

After the movie, Jin and I went over to ION to meet Kathy and Chin Teck. It has really been a long time since I last met Kathy and of course Chin Teck (properly). After so many years, some things just never changed. We all really had a great time together. And even though it's like the first time Jin and Kathy met each other (I think), we all still had fun all together!

After a little shopping, we went over to Swensen's as Kathy and Chin Teck wanted to eat their ice cream buffet.

Kathy and Chin Teck with their spread of sweet stuff!

*Jin and I ate Teck's white chocolate coated mashmallow*

Let's start eating lah~


Jin and my baked rice!

Jin had the pineapple seafood baked rice whereas I had the some beef baked rice. Teck keep saying my baked rice looks like mutton curry rice! Oh well... whatever! It tastes nice can liao. And it does! Jin regreted her choice. hahahaha...

Jin like super funny like~ When we were like 4/5 done, she complain say she a bit sick of her rice cause got too much cheese. So she wanna take some of my rice so she did. Guess what? She aimed for the cheesy part of my rice!!! Like what the... The after finishing our rice, she ate Kathy's and Teck's oreo cheesecake! So diao right? LOL

I finished my food and Dear (Kathy) wasted her ice cream

Just LOOK at the mess!

After eating, we were supposed to go home so that Jin is able to catch the last bus back to her hostel. BUT! We ended up camwhore like mad!

In the toilet... Jin's very FIRST visit to ION, to ION's toilet!

Sorry I was kinda tall yesterday thanks to my 3 inch club marc heels~!

And Teck was waiting outside for us girls. =p


Big heads!

Next we decided to use self timer starting with 5 shots function!

Some idiot ang mo making stupid faces

He seems REALLY attention seeking. See the girlfriend so irritated liao~

Congrats dude~ Not only did you managed you be caught on cam, you made it up the world wide web!

And now without that stupid idiot

Soon we feel that 5 shots is just too little so we moved on to 10 shots!

Teck slow lah!

Still doing fine~

Keep it up~!

Nice shot~

Jin slow oh~

*Ahem* 7 already


Jin... dont try to cheat by peeping

Result: Teck super lost and slow sia~

We then moved on to find other places to camwhore

Then we moved on to those cute stools we found!

It looks as if we're forming some word but we seriously weren't.

As you can see, I'm getting a bit tired already~

Wah wah wah~ Teck very shuai very shuai~!

Then we made a move cause Jin really has to go back to hostel already.


Stupid Teck and Silly Jin.

Last photos taken before we went to take the train home.

That's all for the photos. I really enjoyed myself GREAT LOTS!
Hope that everyone else did, too!


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