Thursday, 10 December 2009

Yukata Hairdo

Here's the tutorial video as promised. It's very similar to the hair tutorial that I already have linked at on my sidebar but now it's a video and not just plain words with photos.

Hope that this will give you a better idea of how I "messy pin" my hair.

Guess I shall take Diana's suggestion on making more hair tutorial videos for hair. hahaha...

Should I do the chestnut hair I did to Daniel's wedding in the next video or the hairdo I did for MyFatPocket's hair challenge?

Version 1 & 2 for chestnut hair

MFP's hair challenge style

Leave me a comment or a tag for which hairstyle you want me to do in the next hairdo tutorial video!!!

And lastly, VOTE FOR ME for MyFatPocket's hair challenge! Just click on the banner below to go to voting page! You can vote as many times as you want!

Thank you so much! Love you!


  1. Hi..Love the hairdo! What brand do you use for the iron curler? And what's the best hair product to maintain the curls?

  2. Anonymousへ
    Hi! I'm using Philips iron curler. I got the 8 piece set that comes with 2 different sizes of curler.

    For me I usually apply a small amount of curling mousse from Loreal Texture Professional and after the hair cool down from curling, spray on light hair spray to keep the curls. Avoid heavy hair spray oh~

  3. ありがとう ございます、ツリキちゃん!素敵なブログね。これからも頑張ってください!

  4. Anonymousへ




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