Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Skincare Products I'm Lovin' Currently

Will be blogging tonight on the Hada Labo event!



  1. Hi, I've been following ur blog for some time cos I like ur gyaru style. The pic of u in the black specs is really cute too. Unfortunately, I think this video is a major turn-off cos u can't seem to articulate ur words properly and u clearly have a very limited range of vocabulary. Kinda reminds me of Ris Low, if u get what I mean. I actually prefer those videos of u where u juz play some nice J-pop song and do not speak at all. Anyway, juz to clarify, I am not some ridiculous hater. Juz wanna offer a few constructive comments. That's all.

  2. Hi. Thanks for your comment and yes I do agree that I have very limited vocabulary.
    I was thinking if I should just play music and add captions to which product is it but I guess that wouldn't be nice in a video.
    But still, thanks! Hope that you'll still watch my tutorial videos!



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