Tuesday, 29 July 2008


why am i here now in lab...
what am i waiting for...
i'm just sitting here...
doing nothing...

Monday, 21 July 2008

Cosplay Arts Festival Videos

Wait and See uploaded by Jaesuke

Wait and See uploaded by Purplishfantasy

Konata's Catwalk uploaded by Purplishfanatasy

and people...
if you are one those the people who uploaded the video
for wait and see,
i've left a comment
"sadly i could only hear utada hikaru"


Friday, 18 July 2008

hi! i am Water Wally!

hi everyone out here
reading utata's blog.
i am Water Wally!
i am presented to utata as a token of appreciation
for performing at suntec city
on the 25th june 2008.
hope that everyone enjoyed the performances put up by NYP's
Sakuran Japanese Cultural Club
Stage Arts
and Sound Card.
i would be dedicating my life to accompany utata
and cheering her up.
at the same time,
please do not forget to come and
"Let's do our part to conserve, value and enjoy water."

Thursday, 17 July 2008

post cosplay arts festival

yo everyone!
just came back after supper
after the whole cosplay event
and debriefing...

though we really had serious problems along the way
thankfully the response feedback to us
were all good comments
(till now...)

and ya...
we have super efficient people on sgcafe
who already posted their comments
and photos taken
on the forum itself.

hope that it will remain this way
have a good rest everyone!!!

Including me~
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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

cosplay arts festival -- tonight!

hey everyone
tonight will be the cosplay arts festival itself
after months of preparation.

though for my own part,
i'm still unsure
but hopefully everything will go well during rehearsal later
and of course
even better,
to our best
for the actual one this evening.

so for those who did take your tickets
at our booth weeks ago
hope that you will have an enjoyable evening.

みんな 頑張って!!!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

something's wrong with me

something's wrong with me,
just like the title of this post.

maybe it's stress,
maybe really i just have too many things on my mind
that when i suddenly switch mode
couldnt tell why,
what's the cause of it.

plenty of projects that are due like next
or the following week
that i seriously dont know how to do
or just this stupid vista running computer
refuse to work correctly.

jmd is falling...
and i seriously dont know how on earth
what on earth
can i do to help.

my dad's health condition
doctors keep saying different things
that aint better than another.

my mom just cant settle with a simple job
and keep complaining that she doesnt have money
when i know she has enough
she keep saying like her health is bad
when she doesnt know what's happening to daddy.

money issue isnt solved yet
and day by day
i want to
yet i cant

natsu is coming soon
and i havent even finish learning my dances
and to make it worst
i'm always falling asleep at practices
when it's around 5.30pm.

me this 9hour sleep creature
isnt getting enough sleep each day
not even her mininum workable hour of 6 hours

so many many things
one adding up to another to make things worst


i'm just really getting super duper horribly weird.
everyday i wanna drink coffee
i was eating dark chocolate today
i've been buying alot of tibits,
storing them in my bag wherever i go
buying more when i've eaten one of item only


i hate this.
and i dont know what to do about my life now...

Monday, 7 July 2008


calling all girl friends of mine.
i just found this super good web site for heels
it's a yahoo taiwan site
their heels are pretty and unique
and most importantly
all at reasonable prices.

as i has very small feet
looking for cheap and pretty heels online very difficult.
this site offers heels size mainly
from 36-39
and some of them even have sizes
35 and 40.

this site not only has pretty heels
of heel height 1 inch to 3 inch
there's also plenty of pretty slippers and sandals
and other more.

will be asking one of a spreer to open a private spree for me
so if any oof you wanna get any heels,
please let me know asap
as my small size heels sell usually very fast.
NT20 = SGD1
so for a rough estimation of the heels
just take the price stated there and divide by 20
and add $5
and tada!!!
that's a rough estimation of the cost of a pair

NOTE: this spree is only for my friends and i.

here's the URL for the web site:

sorry i forgot to add it when posting
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Saturday, 5 July 2008


yo yo!!!

first thing...

this eveing xiang min just told me about this...

not the pokemon movie...
it's hana yori dango movie!!!
argh~~!!! arh!!!
why he now then tell me~~~!!!
this was a photo he took when he was in japan
a couple of weeks ago...
even if he tell me also like that...
i cant go there and watch,
i just have to wait patiently in singapore...
(not patient also like that...)

and i just realised that i have the new single
without actually realising...

cant wait...
below is the trailer for the movie.
(wah~~~ cant wait ah~~~ RUI!!!)

Thursday, 3 July 2008

take care everyone

just out a sudden
everyone around me is all falling sick.
not only sick like fever,
sore throat etc etc,
more and more people around me
are facing life threatening sickness...
just last night,
i found out what my daddy really has...
in short,
and when we're having dinner,
my dad told me he saw my godfather
a few days ago at the hospital.
and he just found out
that he too has cancer.
and my godmother,
had cancer like 2 years ago.
i dont wanna see anyone leaving me.
i just lost a relative a few weeks ago
of cancer too...
i seriously dont wanna see anyone leaving anymore.
why on earth must there be such thing
as cancer...
it's horrible...

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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

maybe i'm... stressed?

hey people~
i had a nightmare sunday night
(or rather monday morning)
and dann came out with a conclusion of my nightmare
-- i'm stressed.

i guess...
somehow yes...
like i blogged the other time,
i just have alot on my small little mind now...
my projects then are like
due one after another!
my project that is coming up
that i dont know a single freak what's happening
even though i've been trying my best every single lab?!
jmd's plan for now...
the performance for shizuoka
just exactly one week later!
the performance for cosplay arts festival
2 weeks later!!
lunch time performance
3 weeks later!!!
natsu performance
1 month plus later!!!!
my choreo for the juniors!!!!!
utata nameme going down~~~
my house problem
my mom's future problem
my dad's current problem
money problem
maybe i myself didnt quite realised
until only when i really list everything out...

so stressed (unknowingly)
that i'm like doing my project during lectures
when usually i'll do my online shopping
play my games
watch my dramas


i guess the only person that i can smile from inside in front of now,
is my evil devil...

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

wishing kaka all the best~

just took a look at kaka's blog minutes ago
as i heard that she had updated her blog
a few months ago

and instead of seeing her post months ago,
i saw the posts she updated days ago.

from the photos,
i can really see that kaka's really having a good life now?
just really happy for her and ben ben

really miss her lots
as the last time i got to see her
was last december
during of of our jmd practices for open house.

after that day,
she and ben ben disappeared.
not only did kaka not come for practices,
she didnt even come to school anymore.

we heard the news of her getting married to ben ben.

though we werent invited to her wedding,
we understand
(do you know how many people are there in JMD???!!)

and from her posts,
i guess she's going to be a mother soon?
expecting a son i guess....
and kaka is intending to give her son the nickname
dan dan.

for more details,
go read her blog yourself.

all in all,
you will never be forgotten!

we miss you lots too~
do drop by anytime okay?

xixi miss miss kaka...



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