Sunday, 23 November 2008

the most fortunate girl~!

hello everyone!
sorry i really wanted to blog about what i've got yesterday during my trixy shopping time and also with dann after his work but i'm like super tired already
which made it worst when my mom insisted that i help her find her photo on xia xue's blog which is impossible!
the first thought in my mind when she gave the url address and i saw that it was xia xue's blog address,
if there's really her photo there it's sure not gonna be something good lor...
proberly xia xue will be complaining about my mom's bad/weird service.
enough of that.

so like i said i went to plaza singapura shop shop!
my main aim was to get chop sticks as my dad asked us to get our own chop sticks so that we will have a sense of belonging etc etc.
so i went to daiso and ended up like expected getting more than just a pair of chopsticks.
so here's what i've gotten myself!

the chocolate and pocky were not gotten from daiso.
they are snacks dann got me when we went shopping at carrefour.(hope i didnt spell it wrongly again)

if some of you were wondering what the packet of blue and white thing of the top right hand side that has a picture of a girl washing her face,
i call it the bubble net.
and what do you use with it?

it's helps you to make bubbles.

like do always have a hard time like rubbing your facial foam into bubble foam first before washing your face?
well this is a great tool to help you!

demo below!

(ok. i know i spelled demo wrongly in the photo. but neh~ lazy to change again)

1. squeeze the amount of facial foam needed about 1-1.5cm.
i personally advise that you squeeze slightly lesser than the usual amount you use as this net really gives a great amount of fine small bubble foam.
i remember when i first used it, i squeezed about 1.5cm of facial foam and ended up wasting alot of bubble foam.
so ya.
dont waste your facial foam!!!

2. makes sure it's on the center of your palm so it will be easier to rub the net on your facial foam.

3. take the net and rubby rub!!!
rub until you feel that all the facial foam has turned into bubble foam.

4. pull the string while using your other hand to support it and also so that all the foam will be on your other hand.

5. TADA!!!
nice fine bubble foam!!!
then just wash your face as usual.

6. cleaner face achieved as the bubbles are really very very fine that it can clean your pores even better!!!

dann and i met up earlier to catch a movie together -- finally.
and we watched...

chi hua hua!
deng! deng deng deng deng!
chi hua hua!

it's a very cute and funny movie.
i love it!

no spoilers here.
go watch yourself!
worth watching!

after that,
dann and i went to plaza singapura again to get my some stuff that we saw yesterday but deciding to buy them today as the number of people there were crazy!
i cant even see my stuff properly lor!

after getting our stuff,
we went over to OZ's house for wii again!
this time we played ra-man 2 again...
with more games as xiang min has unlocked more games (i think during the chalet)

here's 2 videos of them playing wii!
presenting Ezzat, Gerry, Jessica and Jaeson in Wii craze: Ra-Man 2.

Scene 1: Cute Gerry playing Wii!!

they were playing the music game in this video.
it's something like Dance Dance Revolution/Para Para.
hope you get what i meant.

Scene 2: Cute washing of clothes with Ra-Man on Wii!!!

everyone's washing clothes!!!
and who's the winner???

i left at around 6pm to my dad's house for dinner!
and yum yum~
we had japanese steamboat!!!

that wasnt all the food.
there were still 2 different kinds of fish under preparation and white raddish thingy which i forgot the japanese name of it in the kitchen when i took these photos.

my stepmom told us that she actually wanted to make gyoza for us too~
due to the large amount of food prepared already,
she decided to just make them into pork patties as starter.

yum yum~
it's nice~
though i know it doesnt really look great.

so we started dinner at 7pm after my sister and raymond arrived.
we ate ate ate,
talk talk talk.
and by the time we(i) had finished dinner,
it was already 8.50pm.


next we watched television.

so sad chane was even less active than the usual her as she hurt your left leg.

and this is B.Boy!

he was sitting beside me and had his head in the armrest so...
take photo!!!
so cute~

went home halfway through zhong yi da ge da.
and here's the stuff i got today!!!

look at how many bags of stuff i got sia~~~
LV hangbag,
Fragamo handbag,
gucci purse,
polo raph wallet!!!

aint i just the most fortunate girl!!!???

just joking.
what i actually got was LV's Oxygen,
Fragamo's Carbon Dioxide,
Gucci's Netrogen,
and Polo Raph's Recipt.
i have no freaking mind of getting expensive stuff!
even if i get one i wont be really using it lor..
then what for waste the money?!
but if it's stuff given to me like the fragamo bag which i had to freaking idea how expenisve it is untill dann told me months ago where i had that bag for like 2-3 years?
and the belt i found hanging in my mom's toilet.
also fragamo(i think).
i had no freaking idea it's brander until dann told me weeks ago.

but i did get something.

my hello kitty cosmetic handbag!!!
i always wanted one cosmetic handbag but i never thought of one of a shape of hello kitty!!!

it's from my mom.
my mom said she saw it selling at the shop beside the fishspa shop she work at and decided to get it for me as a christmas present.
and also for me to keep my cosmetics especially when we're shifting house.

just remind me of it.
gerry just asked me this afternoon too that where am i gonna stay soon?
i have no freaking idea.

but no matter what,
these 2 days just make me feel that i'm the most fortunate girl.
i do not care if there's anyone else out there
living a better life than me,
having more money than me,
looking prettier than me,
eating better food than me,
having a better boyfriend than mine, =P
having more friends than me,
whatever i'm having now,
i'm very very happy of it.

and i just wanna tell all of you,
I Love YOU!!!
thanks for being part of life.
Huggies for all of YOU!!!

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