Tuesday, 30 September 2008

pink pink

just received the email from the in-charge of Go Japan Matsuri Event.
and due to the large number of people who are taking part in the solo female category,
i've shift my competition day to a later date.


for now i shall not say a thing.

i got a feeling will still go down this sun.
see see
hear hear

just received an email from samsung
as i am a member of their fun club
i received this promotion email from them
and i'm like so tempted by this mp3!!!

though i'm not a fan of pink,
but it's like so worth it for the 4GB one..
free speakers somemore...
and also they will give the breast cancer collar pin
as this promotion is a promo for breast cancer too.

they are also more
like mobile phones
and some cameras.
I WANT A MP3!!!!!!!


anyone's gonna get me one?
this promotion will be on till this end of Oct
at vivocity.

*anyone anyone?*
*anyone still owe me birthday present?*


Monday, 29 September 2008


hey there people!

like i blogged,
i am going to hong kong this week
and wahahaha
got to extend my passport.
so i went to ICA building to get it extend this afternoon.

i went there and the lady at the information counter
told me that i cant extend my passport
*oh sharks*
then she told me that even if i do extend my passport
i cant use that passport of mine
*oh great sharks!*

so in the end after some talkin with her
she ask me to have an interview with the officier
and let her make the decision.

and so...
there was 10 people in the queue
waiting for their interview before mine.

played diner dash.
and yeah!
i finally cleared one level.
but ya.
currently (still) stuck at at the next.

so after the interview
she decided to give me a one trip pass
which costs me $15

wait again...
so ya...
continue with diner dash.
but i got bored so i played almost every game i have in my mobile phone.
skipping stone,
LG mini game,
etc etc...

so i paid for my pass
and yeah~
i had to wait for another hour and a half for it to be ready.

so i took a bus to bugis,
bought myself korean rice cake
as i just couldnt bring myself to eat a proper meal alone.

kinda think about it,
it's been a long time sinced i eat alone outside.

so ya...
i bought my rice cake,
walked over to bugis street to find my mom.
and the funny thing was that my own mom
who sees me everyday
did not recognise me!


so ya...
didnt have much time
so i just took a short walk around bugis street level2
then i took a bus back to ICA building to collect my pass.

back there...
wait again...
wait for my queue number to be called.


and after like 30 mins,
i got my pass
which was just a paper with my photo sticked on it!!!

wait SSSSSSOOOOOO long for a piece of paper.


so after that i made my way to danny's place
we watched a little of american idol season ?'s auditon.
it was freaking funny lor...
how could some people sing like that
and still argue with the judges that they have a great voice.

*shake head*

some people just couldnt hear themselves i guess...

so later on dann and i went over to the CC
where we board the bus to bukit gombak sports conplex for their basketball match.

we were early so we were able to watch other 2 teams play.
one is pungol (hope i didnt spell wrongly).
and the other...
i dont remember.
pungol won.

and canberra VS hougang,
(hope i didnt spell wrongly again)

and this means that the next match
it would be canberra VS pungol.


pungol and hougang's 3-points shots like free-flow one lor~
*and another chop!!!*

oh well...
though i didnt really get to see dann play
cause he was mostly like a monkey running all over the place in high speed
and jumping and jumping and jumping for rebounds!


oh well...
dann agrees with that,
dont you?

so after that match,
we took the bus back
and dann and i have chicken chop rice for late dinner/early supper
super full....
too much rice~

but oh well..
it was still a nice day afterall...
just hope that i dont have to wait so long again
when i collect my new passport.

and last night,
more details for the japanese idol competition is out!

Prizes for "Japanese Idol" - 4th to 19th Oct (every Sat&Sun), from 17:30 to 19:00
1st Prize : A pair of return airtickets to Japan.
2nd Prize : Luxurious trip to Bintan for 2 (ferry + accomodation)
3rd Prize : Shopping vouchers from CENTRAL (upto S$500)
Weekly winner : Shopping vouchers from CENTRAL (upto S$500)

actually i did sign up for this competition weeks ago
but i have yet to receive my confirmed time slot
and that i just to know that they extended the dateline to this wednesday, 1oct
i seriously dont know when would we receive my time slot
when the male solo is on 4 oct
and female solo on the 5 oct.

oh well...
i'll just come back,
check my email,
and go for the competition.


get weekly prize also good lah...
just go join for fun.
anyway also no need money.

seems like they are still in need of people
for both japanese idol competition
and cosplay competition.
for more details,
please follow this link to sgcafe.

so good night people!
sweet dreams!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

congrats to erica!!!

just read erica (AKA KAKA)'s blog just now
and guess what i saw on her tag board?

26 Sep 08, 15:07
CrystalXue: Update for my sister.. She just gave birth!!!! Both safe & sound..

congrats to kaka!!!
and also...
welcome baby daven to singapore!!!

and from kaka's sis's blog,
i got to know baby Daven's chinese name too...


take care oh~ kaka...
and baby daven must grow well
strong and healthy oh~


Saturday, 27 September 2008

fly fly fly~

today is the day where nyp had it's very first japan trip after years of talk.

by now...
nyp students should be already at japan already?


really hope that they can really have fun.
hope that everything will go well.

lue song~!
zhi sen~!
jia hui~!

take more photos oh!

and the most funny present wanted
is ban theng's japan milo!

so today...
i went to school to discuss the singing stuff
sometimes i really dont know what should i do sia~

and really..
if i really can get all the juniors to give me feedback,
tell me what they are really thinking,
what they really want,
maybe things will get better?

oh well...
i dont even get to discuss things with sok hiang
neither kim kai.
and now that one is on attachment
and one is now currently in japan already...
i wonder how things get this week.

and hai...

i guess thia coming saturday
there will only be bai theng,
and bryan for seniors there ba.

not that i predict that i wont be able to wake up in time again,
but even if i do wake up in time,
i'm in hong kong.


very last minute.
just came back from my dad's house not long ago.

very happy for my dad now
as i heard from my sis
that he is able to eat already.

and my sis and i had just decided to go to hong kong
together with my dad
with my stepmom who is going to go there for business trip.

so ya...
by then i would be at hong kong.
jmd zhi ji duo duo bao zhong oh~

so ya...
back to jmd this morning.

so after discussing the stuff with them...
which we actually is still at point one...

we were supposed to have dance after that
but then as there wasnt anyone that came actually...
xiang min,
and ban theng ended up playing basketball
which zhi sen then joined them later
after his meeting with sensei.

and me?

with no one else there,
i stayed inside the clubroom playing bomberland on dann's psp.

havent finish my game.

*yeah for uncle xiang min*
cause uncle xiang min is always able to help me park the cars properly.

thank you uncle xiang min!!!

and i shall continue tomorrow!

Friday, 26 September 2008

3D nail art -- heart

here's a simple way to had 3D nail art
but you dont have to have your hands on the table
under the nail dryer (if you do have one at home)
for like an hour.


cause this 3D nail thingy stuff really takes a long time to dry
i remember once i helped kathy made her butterfly for prom
she was like unable to use her hands like around 2 hours
until the whole thing dries.

so here's what you can do.
instead of putting the nail art thingy directly on your nails
and wait for it to dry like nobody's business
you can put it on a plastic surface first.

so prepare a plastic surface
like those you can get from your stickers.
*make sure it's the plastic one*
*and NOT the white paper kind*
you dont want your 3D stuff to stick on it permenantly.

below is a picture of some nail stuff i use
and the 3D acrylic i use is the one on top left
-- the white tube.

you can get it from daiso
$2 each
and it comes in various colour
and texture.

mine is shocking glittery pink.

so here's how you do it.

1. drop two drops of 3D paint on the plastic.

2. use the pointed end of a wooden nail art used stick
and gently pull a drop diagonally towards the center of both drops.
(a small wooden stick is provided together with 3D paint)

3. pull the other drop like the same as the other to form the heart.

4. and TADA!!! here's your very own 3D heart.

leave it to dry for about 30mins before removing it from the plastic.
for me i use a wooden stick to remove.

*NOTE: always be gentle.*
you dont want your heart to break into half.
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clean up stick

when doing your own nail art,
you always wanna make sure that you can clean any mistake asap
even the smallest finest bit!

so here's a way you can do so
and at the same time
keep all damages to the minium.

this cotton clean up stick will solve the job.

1. take you wooden nail art stick
NOTE: the end that is flat NOT pointed

2. seperate a piece of cotton wool into 2.
scrap your wooden stick against the inside of the cotton wool
as below:

3. keep about the amount in the bottom photo
(oh~ it looks like cotton candy!!!)

4. roll the cotton wool around the stick
as tight as possible.
you dont want you cooton wool in fall into you nail polish removal
neither it coming off when you clean your nails.

and here you have you cleaning survivor!!!
just make sure it's wet enough to clean the needed areas
and not too wet
as it may damage you wooden stick
as well as your nails when cleaning.
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pink hearty nail art design #1

here's some things you will need for this french nail design.

pink hearty nail art design #1

top level(left to right):
1. 3D nail art paint
(dont know the correct word for it =p )

2. pre-prepared 3D hearts
(please refer to previous post to learn how to make them)
3. some blings as needed

bottom level nail polish(left to right):
1. top coat
2. light pink near to skin colour
3. glittery pink
4. light purple**
when doing the nails,
i changed the purple to pearl white nail polish)

1. paint a thin layer of light pink
i pain only a thin layer to slightly cover my normal nail colour
if you have those used for french nails
it's even better.

bottle above bought from SASA.
i forgot the price already.
but it's quite cheap i rememeber.

2. paint pearl white according to the white area of your nails.
for me i like a glow effect under of glitter effect.
if you like it normal white,
you can also do changes to your liking.

bottle above bought from DAISO
$2 only!

3. paint half of the pearl white area with glitter pink.
this gives the nails even more layer and color.
the photo below shows only one layer.
i prefer it with double or even triple layers.

bottle above is available at THE BODY SHOP
price: unknown.
it was a present from my auntie.
11 shade: pink tinsel

4. get ready all your blings and 3D arts as needed

4-1. remove the amount of hearts needed from plastic sheet
for this design i used 10 hearts.

4-2. get ready your blings
for this design we will need small sliver round blings.

4-3. always make sure you have enough blings needed before doing you nail art.
you dont wanna start opening your cases one by one after started.

blings can be purchased from DAISO for the better quality ones
if not,
there's this accessory shop at AMK hub,
Level 2 near Anderson's Ice Cream.
they sell the same amount of blings
as in a packet from DAISO.
instead of $2 per packet,
it's selling for only 80cents per packet.
but they are slightly less shiny.

5. apply top coat
NOTE: apply the top coat as you do your nail art on each finger

6. have some top coat on the tip of the pointed end too.
this is to help taking your blings and stuff
stick to your stick
so that you can place them easily
rather than using your fingers instead.

7-1. place a heart digonally in between this lines of the white band.
7-2. place a few blings under the heart like a string to a balloon.
(sorry. the orange bling was an accident)
(lol. it isnt supposed to be there)

then repeat steps 5-7 for the rest of the fingers.

and lastly,
top them off with your top coat,

shiny coat,

NOTE: make sure that the surrounding of all the blings and 3D art
is nicely coated with top coat too
to prolong your nails slightly more.

then clean up your nails as needed

and here you are with your very own nail art!

hope you enjoy it people!

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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

my IQ

yo everyone!
just now dann, uncle xiang min, oz and i were at marina mac
and i forgot how on earth did we got to the topic about IQ
and we ended up saying that we'll go home
and do this IQ test online
to find out how much our IQ are currently.

and also,
just now at mac,
guess who i saw?
i met felicia!
very long didnt see her liao...

oh well...
guess most properly will be going out with them next week

it's really been a long time...

before meeting up with xiang min and oz,
dann and i were at the underground area at esplanade
where people will gather there to practise their dance and stuff.

we were supposed to do something...
but we ended up watching pro breakers practising
a group of malays choreoing their dance
a super diao locker
and some other groups too.


oh well...
i guess that's all i'm gonna blog for the night.
time to continue with taking care of my face.

and below is my IQ test results:
Online IQ Test
Free-IQTest.net - Online IQ Test

1000th post.

this is my 1000th post on this blog
kinda hard to believe it's only tha 1000th post
as i'vce been bloggin sinced 2004
which is like 4 years or so...
and i ONLY HAVE 1000 POSTS!!!????

super slack sia~


but then again,
when i started out
i still keep a diary as i believe that there are always things i wanna remember
and not share it with the whole world.
some things are meant to be kept alone.

but now,
my diary is like collecting dust somewhere
and i remember i bought it at quite an expensive price
as it is a book
with pictures drawn by gigi leong yong qi
and a famous taiwanese writer.
i cant find the book now
so ya...
i dont remember the name of her.

but oh well...


i was just reading fidelis's blog just now.
and i see the bento-s she made for leon again.
then i think of the "bento" i made for dann last year.
he said that he will send me the photo of it
but until now,
all he sent me was a photo of the worm
found in his wan ton mee during lunch then.
and where on earth is the photos now?
ah ha!
good question!

i've always wanted to make lunch for him again,
but then...
later he will say my food not nice again.
meat the taste didnt go in lah...
veg too soft lah...
eggs too dry lah...
the only thing that passed
i think was the rice ba.
not too hard,
not too soft.



Friday, 19 September 2008

a day at my dad's place

hey everyone...
so it's almost a day over at my dad's place.

just now,
as my dad wanted to watch indiana jones
he doesnt want to watch it now this small screen of this lappy of mine
and that he has the cable to the S-Video port of laptops,
we've decided to get it a try.

and after some time,
i've figured out how to connect,
and get the display up on the television.

and tada!
below is a photo taken when we were watching indiana jones.

we didnt finish the movie
as my dad couldnt really hear what they were saying.
so we switched to get smart
as my dad wanted a comedy.
but then again,
we didnt finish the movie either.
i think the both of us just got bored watching 3/4 of the movie.


so my dad took his medicine
and went into his room
watch television,
and fell asleep like he always do.

just awhile back,
i started to get hungry.
i decided to go downstairs to get food.
and what's there?


but no choice.
and as i forgotten to my student card down,
i ended up eating happy meal.

so i bought a grilled chicken bun,
butter corn as my side,
and milk for the drink.
and as you can see,
i got myself apple pie too...
thought i would still be hungry...

oh well...
i shall go eat my happy meal while watching 无敌珊宝妹!

see you!
good night!
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my new Meez avatar

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

daddy's place!

hey there everyone!
i'm right not at my dad's place
as my stepmom wont be in town this weekend
and my sis and i would have to take care of my dad.

good thing i brought my lappy!
cause my dad just told me
that the television in my room aint working well.
it cant be switched on for long
as it will then produce some buring smell.

so here i am,
with my amppy,
surfing the net
and currently doing some changes to my Meez too...

i shall post up pictures of it when i'm done.
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Thursday, 18 September 2008

rise and shine!!!

good morning everyone!!!
the sun has just rised by not long ago in singapore.
is there anyone like me still awake?

i know i did say that i wanna go and sleep
but then,
i just cant fall asleep.
so i've been watching 薰衣草 the drama (again) for the past 3 hours or so.

guess i'll just ended up sleeping later...
but there's also good ba!

so if anyone of you are online,

and hope that everyone has a pleasant day ahead!


the magic of photoshop

hey everyone!
good morning!
i'll go sleep soon...

oh well...
i was so bored just now
that i watched some videos of xia xue,
the famous blogger of singapore on youtube.

i came across one of this video of hers
that her demostrated some stuff she did on her photo
using photoshop.

so i bo liao...
cant sleep.
so i tried using whatever she taught in the video clip.

and here's some products
showing the before and after of the photos i edited.

--slimmer, eyes bigger, and i removed my dark circles.

-- slimmer, eyes bigger, boobs bigger.

--slimmer, eyes bigger, hair not that flat.

(only edited myself in the pic above)
cause dann dont really need editing...
he's like so thin already!
so i only made his eyes bigger...

oh well,
if you are interested in knowing how to do these,
you can take a look at this video of xia xue,
or find any others on youtube too.

so good night!
i'm really gonna go sleep now.

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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

oh~ mama mia!

hey everyone!
today i didnt go for work
as i think i got too angry at my mom
my chest pain issue was back.


so i rested like half the day
woke up,
ate a little with my sis while watching television together...
it's been a long time
sinced we last sat around the small little chairs we have
eating while watching television at the same time.

so after that,
i went out to meet dann.
we went to S11 for chicken rice dinner
then we met jasmine at fairprice to get drinks and snacks
then met uncle xiang min at the ticketing area for a movie.
and what did we watched?


mama mia!!!


it is a nice movie
and at first i thought that i would be wanting to go to the toilet in between the movie
as the movie was almost 2 hours long,
but the movie was so good
that i kinda totally forgot that i wanna go to the toilet
when actually i wanted to go
not long after we've sat down.

towards the end of the movie,
dann told me that the musical was nicer.
but then for a movie,
it is already very good.

so i just found some photos of the musical
while exploring the official web site for mama mia the movie.

and here's some photos!





~germany (if i didnt remember wrongly)


really hope to have a chance to watch it.
but for now...
the movie is great enough!

so go people!
catch it tomorrow when it's out!!!

good night!

Monday, 15 September 2008

SJCC Mid-Atummn Festival Celebration!!!

hey people!
just came home not long ago from school.

sakuran japanese cultural club had a little celebration for 中秋节.
a really little one.

so i met dann at clubroom
after getting the paper lanterns
that i could finally find at ang mo kio central.
we went to mac for dinner
while waiting for jasmine, emily and uncle xiang min.

we were almost stuck to the television
as it was showing the drama on channel 8 at 7pm.
and we were like commenting on that horrible woman in the show.

i really wonder why nowadays
it's mostly the woman in the shows that are the most scary,
the most horrible,
the most hated character in the show.
it just make me feel like as if many woman are really so scary,
and hated in actual life.


so we went up to the garden area for a little celebration
together with other SJCC members.


not many people came though...

oh well,
it was another good time to just gather together.
it doesnt have to be really a whole club event
but at least we get to really sit down
and spend time with people around us.

good night people!!!

SJCC Mid-Atummn Celebration photos

here's dann and uncle xiang min
busy preparing the lanterns
for jasmin,
and of course themselves.

the view of the big full moon
from Nanyang Polytechnic
in between Blk M and N.

the one right on top is the moon,
below it to the left is just reflection captured by my mobile's camera
and one bottom left is the spot light at the tennis court.

uncle xiang min caught in action
doing "i forgot what"

sorry uncle xiang min,
the nicely posed photo is very pixelated.
so i posted this up instead.

here's a bottom-up view of dann
when he was talking to momo.

here's our september babies!!!
(jojo not included)
jia hui on the right,
and bryan in the middle!!!

happy early birthday!!!

and here's there birthday cake!!!
i ate a little bite though...

everyone happy with chocolate cake can liao.

and here's the sparkle head
and was actually used to put roxas's wig
during the cosplay arts festival period.

and here's a candle lit SJCC sign on the floor!!!

*didnt take photo of the lanterns hang around*
*as most of them were burned before i could take one*
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