Friday, 29 August 2008


yo people!
i'm bored alright...
sick at home...
and all i did all day was
1. wake up
2. eat my meal while watching hana kimi (again)
3. eat my medicine
4. sleep
and repeat 1-4 again.

actually was waiting for gerry to come over my house
due to some reasons,
she didnt come.

and as for me,
didnt go for work today.
and er...
which manager was on duty?
why everytime i dont go for work always her sia~

oh well...

but i did went to central for a while,.
met dann for dinner.
wanted to buy comic
but when we went to xin tian di,
they dont have the latest book
(nor even the 2nd latest either)
and i am kinda lazy to walk back to comic connection to buy
i've decided not to buy.

we walked past a handphone shop
and they were like clearing all their old stocks
and i saw them clearing all the old dummy sets too!
i was thinking
if i could find the dummy of GD92,
i'll buy.
but then i couldnt find...
so sad..
i miss that phone.
though it doesnt have much functions.

if my mom didnt sell the phone in the past,
i would have even taken it out to use.

but then again...
i can no longer find that phone anymore...

so after that,
i went home
whereas dann went back for basketball training.

and ya...
i'm kinda back into my sims thingy~

and i'm like so bored...
there's nothing much nice to watch on television
so ya...
i've decided to build a community lot in my sims -- hotel.
and ya...
play sims...

didnt really for a long time
as i was busy doing cheats for my hotel lot.
and cause i was actually in my mom's room,
i was kinda chased out when she came home.

so here i am...
and dont know what shall i do next...
i wanna watch hot shot (篮球火),
but then again...
i wanna watch it with dann...

so never mind...
i shall continue with hana kimi i guess...
and when i'm done,
i'll change show!
kinda think of it,
i still have alot of dramas stocked up at home
that i've not watched yet.

see you!
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Tuesday, 26 August 2008


hey people!
not going to blog alot today...
brief one.

watched 12 lotus (finally) with dann this morning
then dann accompanied me to study for thursday's paper
met up uncle xiang min and G3 to watch 僕の彼女は サイボーグ
after movie went to burger king for dinner
and home sweet home where i'm now here blogging.

so ya.
a VERY brief summary of the day.
and i shall go rest soon.
as i'm kinda officially labelled "病菌中"
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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

fourth post
birthday photos!!!

my desserts!!!
dango, darayaki and marble cheesecake!!!

snapshot of dann and his lamb chop!!!

seriously i think it looks like prawns in the photo...

our drinks!
and adorijible!!!

our sundaes at swensen's!!!
frosted chocoloate malt, nutty mighty and firehouse.
(from left to right)

surprise party area - LTN1!!!
and lue song just made it to school~

i was so blurr i didnt know what to do...

ah~~~ you all so "bad"....
i cry le lah~

me with my standard peace sign!

and here's everyone present
getting ready for photo-taking.
(except dann and ezzat cos they're photographers)

smile for the camera!!!
sadly not this camera at that point of time...

now here's everyone smiling for this camera~
say cheese~~~!!!

and here comes danny!!!

the apple pair!!!
we just couldnt take a proper shot!

and here's the F4!!!
hai ya! cut ezzat!!!

opps! ezzat realised i'm cutting him!!!
dont care! continue!!!

and here's the big doraemon!!!
thank you ezzat!!!

at S11 for supper!!!

on my way home~
apple pair finally with a proper shot!

and here's santa's bag!!!
thank you everyone for the presents!!!

thank you jasmin and wendy
for this doraemon cushion!!!

thank you chelsea
for this box of butter cookies.

(the back of the tin)

thank you 08 batch for this lovely hand-made birthday card!!!
drawn by vicky oh!!!

and lastly my present from dann.
a sweet hand-made card!!!
a passport wallet for travelling!!!
*next year... next year...*
and a random gift - socks.

*i really wonder what other random gifts would i recieve next year*
*after track pants and socks...*
*what's next?*

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third birthday post
birthday greetings and wishes!

thank you everyone for you lovely birthday wishes.

  1. my mom
  2. my sis
  3. raymond
  4. dann
  5. jin shan
  6. ezzat
  7. xiang min
  8. jaeson
  9. oz
  10. gerry
  11. sok hiang
  12. wendy
  13. jasmine
  14. lue song
  15. chelsea
  16. theam huat
  17. ban theng
  18. bryan
  19. joanne
  20. fook yu
  21. kim kai
  22. jia ying
  23. vicky
  24. pei pei
  25. xin yan
  26. xue min
and of course not forgetting people
would gave me lovely birthday greeting
through various methods
  1. jessica (lim) through msn
  2. zhang wei through sms
  3. ying zheng through sms
  4. jia ying through sms (edited)
  5. jasline through sms
  6. ee ling through sms
  7. jia yong through blog tag
  8. jessica (m) through sms
  9. wendy through sms (part of her plan for the suprised party too)
  10. kathy dear through sms
  11. jeffery through blog tag
  12. jin shan through sms
  13. yvonne through sms
  14. celeste through friendster
  15. yoke hiang through friendster
  16. cousin daniel through friendster
  17. li jin through sms (too bad you arent the last)
  18. jaeson through msn (last person!!!)

second birthday post!!!

hey people!
like in the previous post,
it's my birthday today,
and i would wanna say
that this is one of the best birthdays i've ever had!!!
really am very thankful or everyone!!!

so now for the day's happenings.

it didnt really started out well
as my dear dann was late again.
i was late by 5 mins at meeting time,
whereas my dear dann was late by 45mins ++ !!!

my birthday still need me to wait.

so after meeting up we carried on with our plan of the day.
buffet at sakura orchard!!!
though dann says that the food choices are lesser than the one in toa payoh,
but i like the sakura at orchard.
maybe like what dann said,
but also,
i feel the food is more "fresh" mostly
and the best thing is that they have dango and darayaki at their dessert bar!!!

but hmm...
guess the timing was a little too early,
both dann and i didnt really eat much
as compared to normal,
or the amount ate at melt the other time
on xiang min's birthday.
and that was scary~~~


so after our lunch at sakura,
we went to cineleisure to get our tickets
for our afternoon show
for money no enough2.

and as usual,
we'll walk around abit...
around adidas and nike.

next we went to lucky plaza
(i think it's lucky plaza)
walked around song & song awhile
before going to the arcade
where dann played his King of Fighters as usual.

after digesting our food alittle,
we went to swensen's for ice cream!!!
we had the student deal
where dann had his nutty mighty sundae
and i had my frosted chocolate malt sundae.
and plus it is my birthday,
we also had a firehouse.
but sadly,
their whipped cream was spoilt i think.
even after changing a new one for us,
it's just still sour.

(hopefully no one gets sick because of that)

so after eating our sundaes,
we were just about time for our movie
so we went back to cineleisure for our movie.

i heard that many people feedback
that part 1 was nicer,
more funny.
but i think it's a different thing ba...
i feel that this movie puts more message to people.

and as usual,
it's very likely of me to cry
when watching any movies of jack neo.
but the worst was i not stupid 2.
i cried so horribly...
and the 'best' thing
was that larry only passed me tissue almost at the end of the whole movie
where i've actually stopped crying for sometime already...?


so after the movie,
dann and i took the train back to school.
i was being brought to ang mo kio instead.

and only like 1 and a half hours ago
then only i get to know that
that was actually done on purpose
to delay time...


when we reached school,
took the lift at block N area up,
and when the door opened,
i could see many JMDians standing outside the door,
and ezzat was trying his best to light up the candles.
so touched...
i cried...

and that was still alright...

when we walked over to the brench outside LTN1,
that area was decorated with a huge doraemon at the side!!!

must make me cry sia~~~


thank you everyone!!!
thank you dann ( the mastermind)
thank you ezzat
thank you xiang min
thank you jaeson
thank you OZ
thank you wendy
thank you jasmine
thank you gerry
thank you sok hiang
thank you lue song
thank you chelsea
thank you theam huat
thank you fook yu
thank you ban theng
thank you bryan
thank you kim kai
thank you joanne
thank you pei pei
thank you xin yan
thank you jia ying
thank you vicky
thank you xue min

(hope i didnt leave out anyone...)

and dann got me a hazelnut cake...
he actually ordered it long ago~
and kinda think about it all i wanted last night
was just a proper cake~


*em~ thinking of it makes me wanna cry now again*

really thank you everyone!!!

really when i was young
i already had that mindset that i'll never get a surprise party.
really thanks to all of you!
i get to have one,
one very great one.
thank you!!!
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First Birthday post.

yo people!

it's the first post on my birthday.
and ya...
i dont get to have a proper birthday cake this year.
all i had was in the photo above,
4 small slices of cake.
and to make it even more sad,
my candle was a small one.

so sad...

i'm only 1 year old...
and so amazingly,
i'm able to blog on my own
even though i'm only 1 year old.


just as i was putting my hair mask just now,
all i really wanted all these past 9 years,
was not really a happy birthday.
but just a birthday that i wont be sad,
neither would i be angry.

oh well...
so yesterday,
12 august,
i 've gotten my hair cut at J's again...
even more shocking price this time.

i feel like my hair are made of sliver
(cause not to the extend of gold)

and after the hair cut,
dann and i went for lunch at far east plaza
and GELARE!!!
waffle ice cream!!!

we had 2 flavors of ice cream,
butter pecan and macadamian nut.
and also,
instead of normal waffle,
we had chocolate chips waffle.
yum yum~~~


next we went to wisma where dann collected his repaired camera,
and i fell asleep on the sofa while waiting.

after spending half a day with dann,
i met my dad and stepmom for dinner.
sadly my sis couldnt come along with us again...

this time we went to united square's soup restaurant for dinner.
i wouldnt say the food is nice.

(comments to myself)

and after dinner
when making the payment,
the total was only $1 less
than my hair cut.

out of a sudden,
my hair became more expensive.
only then,
i felt like my hair was made out of gold.

oh well...
right now i'm just waiting forward to today,
and the best present i would want now,
i guess it would be light in my room.

my light bulb had fused...
so ya...
i'm blogging in the dark
and this laptop of mine
is my only source of light.


good night people!
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Sunday, 10 August 2008

夏祭りのために 頑張ります!

yo yo people!
one of the most important performance of the year
is coming again,
and it is just 13 days away!!!

夏祭り of year 2008 is here!
on the 23 august, Saturday!!!

and today,
many of us went to dann's cousin's saloon for their hair cut.
i didnt cut though...
going to cut somewhere else someday this week i guess...

and today while waiting for the rest to hair their hair,
went a little shopping around far east
and passed jess her clothes for the spree
after collecting them in the morning.

and i kinda forgotten that today is actually Haru Goth's official opening.
so ya...
many people dressed in goth are at far east too.

so ya...
walking around...
bought a wedge as my heels is kinda spoilt.
and settled my costumes for 60s and 80s.
(performance's costumes)


though ya...
dann said that being utata and nameme,
there's privileges,
but these privileges are kinda making me feel bad...

twice already...
and uncle xiang min had paid for my costumes twice...
i feel bad this time.
very very bad.
cause the clothes are like ssssoooo expensive!!!
( ` ~ `)

so really,
to not make him,
or anyone else disappointed,
Xiang Minのために、
私 絶対 頑張って!
絶対 頑張ります!
みんなも 夏祭りの ために
絶対 頑張る!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

i give up

i know i just blogged that i'm watching honey
but then i gave up.
it stucked again.

so here i am using the computer
surfing the net instead.


less problems...

guess i'll be watching drama till time.

so see you people!


Friday, 1 August 2008

花より男子 movie is coming to Singapore!!!!

yo people!
the long awaited hana yori dango movie
is coming to singapore
this coming 4th September 2008!!!
yu hu~!
already planned to watch with uncle xiang min and gerry!!!
anyone else interested?
what a great way to celebrate post-natsu performance!!!
oguri shun on big screen!!!
enough of fan-girling.
good night people!


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