Friday, 26 September 2008

clean up stick

when doing your own nail art,
you always wanna make sure that you can clean any mistake asap
even the smallest finest bit!

so here's a way you can do so
and at the same time
keep all damages to the minium.

this cotton clean up stick will solve the job.

1. take you wooden nail art stick
NOTE: the end that is flat NOT pointed

2. seperate a piece of cotton wool into 2.
scrap your wooden stick against the inside of the cotton wool
as below:

3. keep about the amount in the bottom photo
(oh~ it looks like cotton candy!!!)

4. roll the cotton wool around the stick
as tight as possible.
you dont want you cooton wool in fall into you nail polish removal
neither it coming off when you clean your nails.

and here you have you cleaning survivor!!!
just make sure it's wet enough to clean the needed areas
and not too wet
as it may damage you wooden stick
as well as your nails when cleaning.
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