Monday, 10 October 2011




Today I'll be blogging on a super delay post on this year's 夏祭り (Summer Festival)!

So I went for our final rehearsal and stuff with only 3 hours of sleep the previous night as I was too afraid that I might have forgotten to pack anything needed for performance into my bag.

Well, in the end I did bring everything.

I was the makeup artist of the day so I was super busy after lunch, after everyone showered and were in their cpstumes. Iya~~~!!!

Camwhored while waiting for the bus to come pick us up before heading to Changi Japanese School!

With my costume like this I think you could probably guessed what were we dancing to already, ya?

Oh my! You don't know?

Wait for the video in this post!

Cindy and Sok Hiang

With Cindy

With Girlfriend Sok Hiang

Ok~ I didn't take much photos cos most of the time I'lm on stand-by for anyone who needs help with their makeup.

Wendy snapping photos with Wings and Selphie peeking!

With Wendy when we were already at Changi Japanese School waiting for performance's time

With my inhuman instructor Danny

OZ, Danny and Xiang Min

Oh man~ Looking at this photo is making me miss OZ.

OZ~ When you coming back?
When you come back let's go AKB Cafe together!
I'm still waiting for my Omu Rice~!

Zita, where you looking sia?

Lue's bro and Sky joined us, too!

And soon, it was time for performance!

Here are 2 videos I found on YouTube that were uploaded by random passerby.

Another angle...

So how? Heehee~

After performance, I rushed to change into my yukata with the help of my Girlfriend Sok Hiang!

And yeah! One of the highlights of Natsu Matsuri, Bon Odori!!!


Find the yukata she's wearing familar?

Well, it's the yukata I wore to Natsu last year. Lol~
Lent it to her...

Himeko and her Sheilamay

With Michiyo

I wonder why was she hiding her face... hmm...

Er.. what were we trying to do again?

And out of a sudden at the speed of light, the horrible Himeko, Michiyo and Silin dumped Himeko's friend, Shiyun, and I for some cute little dog.

Butts caught in action!

Ok. Here marks the end of this years Natsu Matsuri.

Sorry I didn't snap alot of photos this year as I was really busy and tired.

See you next year!


  1. OMG The AKB outfits look awesome! Did you make them yourself? Also which top lashes are you wearing? :3

  2. Watched you the the whole time! You have amazing stage presence and never knew you could dance so well [:

  3. Bellaへ
    Thank you! Nope we specially ordered out costumes. but our accessories were all hand-made by one of our member, Wings! She's just so talented!
    I was wearing a pair of lashes that I edited myself with some random lashes I bought.

    Coco Taiへ
    Thank you so much! *shy shy*

  4. erm,is ur dance instructor ur bf?



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