Saturday, 31 January 2009

home at last....

good morning everyone!!!

well, i've just got home like 5 mins ago after taking my first night ride bus ride after eugenia's 21st birthday chalet.

ok. i'm not gona blog about my day for now as i'm freaking tired and i really wanna go shower and sleep!!!

trying to open my eyes

so good night everyone!
sweet dreams~!

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Thursday, 29 January 2009

transformer trailer

Happy Lunar New Year!!!


happy new year everyone!!!
あかけまして おめでとう!!!

firstly, sorry for neglecting my blog for likea week.
cause really, all i had been doing was sleeping at home, watching TV, shopping with friends which i never get anything at all.

i shall start my post from last wednesday, the 21st of jan where some major movements of stuff was being done in my house.

that morning, i was awoken by my sister as she wanted me to keep an eye at the door where same stuff needed for her business was being shifted over. and the first thing i saw was this scene.

there's trees in my house!!!

ok. like i said, they are for my sister's business. blah blah blah.

the above photo shows a bundle of 4 trees and to imagine that there's like 3 bundles around the house!
oh my! where to walk sia!?

so after the uncle left after shifting all the stuff my sister ordered to our house, me sister and i started moving the sound system stuff to my dad's car so my dad can bring them home as we really needed to clear some space for the chiller my sister got for the flowers.

so we passed like 3 speakers (i meant those around 1 metre tall each! that kind), 1 sub-woofer, 1 small speakers and one amplifier to my dad.

just freaking look at the amount of dust collected for all these years~

and saddly when shifting the sub-woofer, it landed on my big toe! it's like freaking bell heavy lah!

fortunately there wasnt any cuts or anything serious. *ouch~*

after all the shifting of stuff to my dad's car, i had to help me dad to carry the speakers up to his house. haiz...tired sia~ however, we only went for one trip which means that we only managed to get 2 speakers up to my dad's house as we were both tired. oh man~ should have just borrowed my sister's trolley!

after putting down the speakers at my dad's house, we sat down for awhile to wait for pretty to come. ok. pretty is my dad's friend's daughter. her name is really "pretty". so ya. she's in singapore for that few days as she was having some school break in the international school in china currently. she came with 2 friends who are her classmates currently. one is from france and one is from this country which i've never heard before and seriously forgot where is it already. *sharks!* the french girl really is seriously beautiful and they really liked the mixed fruits and vegtables drinks i served them. my dad had quite a nice talk with them about food and stuff in china which seriously disgusted the french girl cause many things, many of the animals that chinese actually eat like snakes and tortise etc etc, seriously kinda freaked her and the other girl out.

after that, my dad treat me to movie.

though i didnt fully watched the first movie, i still feel that the first movie is better and this 2nd one seriously has no storyline. so ya, just pay money and watch the fighting scenes.

23 jan 2009, friday.

that day was a busy day for me.

first, i went down to orchard to meet zhi hui and jess and their classmates supposingly but zhi hui left when i arrived to go home to take something that she've forgotten. so i went walking around, window shopping while one of their classmate, ruby, did quite abit of shopping from cotton on to this shop that takashimaya that sells various brands of cosmetics and skincare stuff.

ok. jess's camera was mostly in her classmate, leslie's hand so there are quite a few of random photos taken where i looked quite stupid in them.

mo po po~~~ wu wu wu~~~

as we were walking to far east plaza, we walked passed this alley near pacific plaza and jess was so 闷 that she kept asking us to take photo. lol

so here they are~!

the heart shape pose that's requested by jess but i seriously dont like to put my arms over my head so i did a small heart instead.

and ya... more random photos.


and the usual big head shots with jess!

after taking these photos,
i said "oh man~ i look old today"
and jess said "i look so young lah~"


@ far east plaza

we got tired and find a place to sit down and rest for awhile

group shots!

more big head shots!

so in the end the only big head shots that both of us in centralised is the one with leslie pushing our heads together! what the... lol!

and then they started to play with jess's extensions...

be prepared for s good laugh...

leslie with long hair?!

and the next person...


oh my!!! LOL!!!

after this, left the group and went to cineleisure's KFC to wait for dann for lunch. and duh~ we had KFC for lunch of course! wahahaha~ yummy delicious and 幸福 lunch!


dann and i walked around a little after lunch before dann went back for work.

next, i went down to my dad's house which freaking silly me forgot to alight at the train station! argh~!

so i got to my dad's house and the missoion of the day is to help my stepmom clean the crystal lamps!

lamp before cleaning.
NOTE: there's 2 of this lamps to be cleaned.

bare lamp after taking out the crystal balls and some of the crystal chain thingy

crystal balls after cleaning!!!

just see for yourself how bling it is!!!

lamp before cleaning

lamp after cleaning!!!

to think that there's like 60 crsytal balls EACH LAMP!!! and the cryrtal chain thingy is another disater! argh~!

after 2 hours plus, we finally finished cleaning both lamps!!! mission accomplised!

next, we drove to pick my 六姨婆 up before making our way down to senki japanese restuarant at somerset area that's right in front of Lee Wei Song's music school for Mok family's reunion dinner!

it was a great dinner and i was glad that i had quite a great talk with one my cousin too~ it's also the first time i saw alex ever sinced he went army. actually... i dont see a difference in his hair. maybe cause he always kept his hair very short ba.

but saddly, i wasnt able to join the other reunion dinner. sobz...

24 jan 2009, saturday.

i went down to JAS first to submit something which i missed out the previous week. i met the current jmdians who went for chingay on my way too. but i didnt really talked to them as they were rushing for practice and i was rushing down to orchard to meet uncle xiang min.

after reaching orchard, xiang min and i first went to Nike to find dann and pass him his energy source!!! *SECRET* hahaha... next we went to isetan where we got ourselves some bread and waited for jasmine to arrive too. dann came and joined us during his lunch break where we went to get the birthday present for gin. after getting the present, dann went back to work and and 2 of us went down to pasir ris soon after that where bryan, jojo, kim kai and steve were there like for quite some time already. gin looked pretty that day~ =)

ok. cut short everything, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIN!!!

25 jan 2009, sunday, CNY's eve.

after getting home, i finally got used the stuff i got on the previous day.

my very first moisturiser!!!

and also the thing that i've wanted to get for quite some time already

garnier's brightening eye roll-on!!!

really, it's seriously very cooling when you apply it and really wake up the sleepy and tired eyes!

i've wanted to get this cause i have seriously eye bags and dark circles problem but i guess i'll only be able to see if it works for me or not like at least 2 weeks later *as stated on the box* so i shall take a photo of my eye(s) weekly and then compare the differences.

after applying these stuff that i got, i dozed off to la la land soon. guess i'm just too tired and plus! my mom's bed is super comfy~ hahaha...

and when i woke up, it's almost time for dinner already! so i washed up and stuff and dinner is served!

like it have been these few years, my house's reunion dinner's food are all cooked by raymond's dad. and there's always the currey that i like. but this year there isnt the curry i love! i like the wet curry, but i love the dry fried curry that raymond's dad cook! oh well... this year during dinner, there's only my mom and i having dinner together as my sis went over to raymond's family for dinner because she woldnt be able to have dinner with them the following day as we were going to our uncle's place. so ya...

after dinner, i quickly rushed down to meet dann then we went back to his house to dinner -- again. at dann's house, they were having steamboat where i had dinner with dann, his brother, his mom and his godfather. and seriously, i cant imagine i actually ate THAT much! hahaha...

after dinner, i helped dann's mom with the dishes while dann made me a drink.

and for the very first time, dann actually sent me home to my door step after we went to his house!!! HURRAY!!!


on our way back, dann also got me this when we were buying drinks at 7-11.


so after dann went back and i'm all done after washing up, i started fixing up my hello kitty convenience store!!!

and after like an hour plus, it's all fixed up!

no cash! no worries! there's a atm just outside the store! wahahaha...

see what bear's buying~ COKE!!!

26 jan 2009, monday, 1st day of CNY!!!

yeah!!! it's the first day of the year of the OX!

first dann came over to my house and we watched a little of the movie, "the clique", but stopped as dann has to go over to his grandma's house. i didnt go with him as i had to wait at home for my sis and raymond to come pick me up to go to my 大伯's house.

while waiting i cam-whored and caught an unglam photo of my mom on the phone

opps! wahahaha~

and finally, my sister and raymond arrived.

off i went to my 大伯's house!

we were the 2nd to arrive after my dad and stepmom. had the usual curry and chap cai for diiner. however, there's a new dish too! i dont know what is it called, but i call it the coke pork cause one of the ingredients if like half a can of coke. it taste super good lah! *i wanna steal recipe*

so the whole night, the Moks gathered for dinner and movies and drinks and stuff till like 10pm plus and i was seriously tired after that lah~

27 jan 2009, tueday, 2nd day of CNY.

i woke up early and went to dann's house first. zzz... i wanna sleep. lol.

at around 12nn, dann and i make our way out where i went over to aunite doreen's house and dann went to meet arina. (-_-) *no expression*

i was seriously very stressed and scared and stuff when i was at auntie doreen's house. ahem. i shall not explain in details. i was so glad when my sister and raymond finally came. *phew~*

we sat down, watched tv and played games till around 4.30pm where my mom, sis, raymond, my cousin joan (ju-an) and i went to auntie mereen's house. (ok, i dont know how to spell her name) practically everyone of my mo's side of the family was there except auntie doreen of course. i got to play this game on eugene's PS3 that i've wanted to play for a very long time, little big planet!!!

it's like freaking cute lar!!!

all of us had dinner at around 8.30pm. aunite mereen had to cook alot us there's really quite a big number of people eating dinner that night. and yuhu~ sharon ordered the drumlets from pizza hut which i seriously love it lah! i ate like 4?

after dinner, i was somehow being forced by my sister to playmajong as no one in the family wants to play anything that does not involve money. so ya... in the end, nana was the one so-called playing with us. nana doesnt know how to play majong so it ended up my mom was "teaching" her but seriously is just telling her what to do step by step. like.. what the... nana won like almost every rounds lah~ ok. technically speaking is my mom won EVERY SINGLE ROUNDS *must be the red dress she was wearing!*

so the whole thingy ended like 11pm!!! this is the very first time we actually stayed at auntie mereen's house till so late lor~!!!

28 jan 2009, wednesday, 3rd day of CNY.

i went to school to meet dann for lunch first after his basketball with daniel, steve, marcus and bernet. i had gecko as i didnt really wanna eat much cause i was forced by my mom to eat the food she cooked before leaving the house.

i somehow ended up playing with my mashed potatos with dann as i really didnt wanna eat that much,


scray huh?

wait till you see this...

hahaha... ok. i did photoshop it with linear burn for the effect to make it even more scary.

it's the same scoop of mashed potatoes oh~ just a different view. hahahaha...

after lunch, the dann, daniel and steve went to shower and i just waited alone at the sports hall.

wore my rubber-ducky shoes out today...

ok. i know they are nike dunks but i call them the rubber ducky shoes as they are all yellow and freaking cute!

bored while waiting sia...

next, dann and i rushed down to the cathay to catch Inkheart.

well, the movie was not bad that i feel that the linking in between scenes are kinda weird. what overall, 4 stars ba. still worth watching i feel. =)

after movie, dann and i walked around plaza singapura for awhile before boarding the train back to dann's place for dinner. dann's mom cooked porridge for us and it really very very yummy~ heehee...

soon, daniel and steve came over as the guys are going clubbing.
(-_-) *no expression AGAIN*

so the guys went clubbing and i took a train home from khatib where daniel dropped me off. meow~

got myself a cute hello kitty umbrella on my way home

and also new glue for my falsies

and some stuff for nail art.

it is now already 29 jan 2009, thursday, 3.32am. just received a sms from dann that he's home already. cant imagine this post actually took me like almost 3 hours to be done lah!

have a great night everyone!
i've gotta go rest too.

oh man~ still have work like 8 hours later...



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