Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Almond Jelly Time!

I countdown to the year 2010 by making almond jelly that night and now I'm gonna share the making with you!

lol... Just a brief one. (^^)

Here's the ingredients added.

1. Milk (No need 2 bottles lah~ I bottle is more than enough)
2. Almond jelly mix
3. 苺 Strawberries (optional for garnish)


1X Half cup of water
1X Half cup of milk
1X 1 & 1 quarter cup of milk (I put it into a bowl cos I don't have big cup then)

Pour in the bowl of milk

Pour in the cup of water

Pour in almond jelly mix

Mix well

Until it's like something like that

Boil it on medium heat and stir well when bring it up to boil

Pour into cups and put them into the fridge.

You can put them into the freezer if you simply just can't wait to eat them asap! (>。<)

After 1 night...

Prepare strawberries

Make sure your almond jelly is hard enough to place the strawberries on it!

Place strawberries as to your liking!

TADA!!! Done!!! (”^-^”)

And let's DIG IN!!!


Have fun!

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