Tuesday, 30 November 2010



Here's a short post of items I brought recently!

Shiseido Maquillage Items!
Foundation, Eyeshadow Palette, and Jelly Rouge in 11 & 55
Bought all these stuff from the Shiseido sales last week.

Total I spent only $75 which is like around the normal price of the eyeshadow palette only!

Finally got to restock my eyeshadow!
I have been using this very BR732 for the almost 2 years already when I first got it in December 2008 during the sales then.

If you've watched my makeup tutorial videos, you'll realised that I'll defintely use this eyeshadow palette! Be it for base of what-so-ever, I always use it!
That explains why does it LOOKS like that now.

DollyWink Items bought today after work.
I got them from Toa Payoh HDB Hub Outlet.
There also DollyWink Nail Polish which the glitter lame ones are almost out of stock already.

Eyeliners only left brown pencil and black liquid.
Sorry I bought the last bottle of lash glue.

There are still quite a number of lashes for each and every design so you wanna get them, I guess it's best for you to go in the morning or afternoon tomorrow before they're all gone.

Here's a little annoucement for people who ordered your cosmetics from my blogshop: Japan side is kinda jammed up due to large amount of orders. They are rushing for us already!

ok! So to end off this post, here's a camwhore photo of mine!

That's all for now!

Friday, 26 November 2010

New Love - TSUBAKI!

Sponsored Review


TADA! Tsubaki is finally in stores here in Singapore, officially!!!!!

Advised Retail Price (Shinning Range):Shampoo 220ml - $8.90
Conditioner 220ml - $8.90
Shampoo 550ml - $17.90
Conditioner 550ml - $17.90
Intensive Hair Mask 200g - $19.90

If you're thinking like...

"Oh~ Shops like P*nk Be*uty etc etc also got sell what... And they have been selling them for quite a few years already."

"Aiyo~ I bought from P*nk Be*uty and tried it before. Nothing special (or something along that line)"

"What?! So expensive?! At P*nk Be*uty it's only how-much-how-much..."

...yada yada and what-so-ever goes on...

FIRST! Yes I also know that those shops that sells much reasonablily priced stuff do sell Tsubaki and I myself actually wanted to buy and try, too!

BUT! Those Tsubaki products sold there are all Made in China.
Only those sold at Watsons are Made in Japan!

So yup! I know nowadays almost every single thing is Made in China but seriously, there IS a difference within original Japan products!

THIRD! Of course everyone... 一分钱一分货. I'm sure you know what I mean...
And it's totally worth your money babes!

Edit: Sorry but I forgot to add this in last night.
Tsubaki shampoo is not only a shampoo for your hair but also for your scalp!
Yes~ By right everyone should get a proper shampoo especially for your scalp.

E.g. Just because your hair is oily, that does not mean that your scalp is oily. So you'll need a scalp shampoo to wash it seperately for airy roots.

But Tsubaki washes your scalp all together! Airy airy roots~ lalalalala

See my lovely hair after just 2-3 weeks use!

Well, if you do not know, I have super dry AND damaged hair thanks to dying and styling of hair. My hair condition got even worst ever since I bleached my hair in July this year, like I said many times before.

If you don't believe you can check out my "before" hair in the N.E.mation post here.

I even got comment from a reader who said that I'm black hearted with super dry hair.

*Until now I still do not understand why on earth does super dry hair and photoshopped photos make me black hearted and deserve my neighbour's house to be on fire! Gosh~ My neighbour died okay~!*

Ok. I shall not go onto that. Back to lovely awesome Tsubaki!

Admiring my hair!!!

NOTE that I washed my hair the night before not that very morning the photos were taken.
And it's still so beautiful!!!

Early this month when I went down to Shiseido office to meet Stella when she let me know more info on Tsubaki, both Shinning and Damage Care (which I'll be reviewing on a later date), I was a little in doubt of the results especially for the Shinning range.

I heard super good reviews which is why I know of many people who carries lots of Tsubaki product back whenever they go Japan like my stepmom and Ying Jia!

*LOL. Ying Jia was complaining to me the other day that she felt so silly carrying so much Tsubaki products back when it's available at Watsons now!*

But for my super damaged hair that has not shined for the past half a year after bleaching...
(except whenever I go to Artica to get my hair done cos Juno is SUPER GOOD! *LOVES*
I want his magic hands!!! Lol)

I'm amazed by the results!!!
Note! I did not photoshop this photo above so tha it seems more shinning or what-so-ever at all other than I blurred the background and of course added the words!

And everybody should know that thee's this brand of hair product that always talk about how important the last 15cm of your hair is etc etc...

See how the ends of my hair looks like!

Seriously, it was WAAAY worst than this before

Tsubaki not only wanna take care of your ends especially but starting from your roots! Seriously, like what's the point of having smooth ends but your roots are already damaged?

Trust me, I experience that.
Hair at roots area CAN be damaged, too!

Really love the shampoo as not only does it make my lifeless hair shine, make it soft and smooth (that I can't stop playing with my hair at office),

Loves the great floral scent

I'm one person that practically never wear my hair straight out not tied up nor style or what-so-ever because I find it so ordinary and one more thing is because my hair is dry and frizzy

*Loving my new Strut dress from my boyfriend!*

This was only possible because Shiseido brought in The Fabulous Tsubaki to Singapore!!!

This is a review and NOT an advertorial oh!
Although yes the shampoo and stuff are sponsored by Shiseido but it's not a MUST for me to blog about it.
I blogged this post cos I really really love this awesome product and wanna share with everyone of YOU!

And yes, you can grab your very own Tsubaki products from Watsons!
And remember only Tsubaki at Watsons are Made in Japan!

Shall start using the Damage Care range soon! Wahahaha~!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Fake Profile on Facebook

Hi everyone!

I found this fake profile on Facebook using my name and photo!
Freaking pissed off!


Please help me report fake profile as Facebook admin is like ignoring my report!

So yes! That is NOT my facebook account!
Freaking banana!
I'm proud to be a Singaporean and LIVE in Singapore!
And I'm proud to be a Chinese and my surname is Mok!

Idiot couldn't even differenciate family name and given name!
Tsuriki Ami!?!
Given name + give name?!?!


Sorry but I am seriously against fake profiles that uses others' info and photos!!!

You what?!

To ashamed of your own face and name must use others' is it?!
Then don't bother using Facebook! And apparently, YOU DO NOT HAVE FRIENDS!

So draw circles at the corner ba!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

N.E.mation 5!

Hello! Ok. This post is like soo delayed man~

On the 12th this month, I went to Nanyang Polytechnic for the N.E.Mation Blogger Event!
Haha.. It's kinda weird to a certain extend that I was actually going back to NYP for event!
Felt as if I'm going back for dance/CAF practices and rehearsal.

Ok. I was late as my dear office is like so freaking far away, so I didn't join everyone for dinner.

So! I'm sure many have heard of N.E.mation before right? Campaigns on public transports, TV and on the internet which includes facebook, twitter and blogs like MINE months ago!

*Wonder why there wasn't such stuff when I was in Secondary School! (悲)*

I've always been a lover of animation be it 2D, eg Little Mermaid & Spirted Away etc, 3D, eg Toy Story & Finding Nemo etc, or even animations made with photos, eg Shawn the Sheep and etc!

*As you can see I named at least one Disney show/movie for each animation type. I'm a DISNEY LOVER!!!*

Ok. Not sure about Shawn the Sheep but oh well!
It's shown on Disney Channel! Hmph!

That to create a really smooth flowing animation there's like 24 frames per second?!
That's like 24 photos OR WORST!
24 DRAWINGS(!!!) per SECOND!!!

So imagine! How many drawing do those old school Disney artists have to draw for each character for a movie more than one and a half hours long!!!


And the workshop begins soon after my late later arrival. =(
So pai seh~

And yes we got to know a little background of Animation which is why I know that there's like 24 framese per second. Heehee~

So! We bloggers have a little hands-on fun that evening!
We're gonna create our very own short animation clip within one hour!
(Or less I think.. Time seemed to fly)

So started learning how to go about making our props for our animation!


And here's the items given to Mint and I to make our wormy with!

So let's get started!!!

Oh goodness~ I can't remember when was the last time I played with plasticine!

Mint and I working hard to put our wormy together!

TADA!!! Our BABY!!!

See! Our new born baby couldn't stand the horrible weather here already! LOL

Here's Sidney and his wormy!

Done with worm...

Time to ANIMATE!!!

Mint at work!

Rolling~ Silent~ Everyone off your phones! (笑)

Move! Wormy MOVE!

Animation is SERIOUS business, OKAY~

Oh no! Wormy fainted at the end of the "shoot" cos of the crazy mood-swing weather!!!

Family portait with wormy down

Ok. This is Sidney's "worm".
So it was a worm but it has grown to be a butterfly within that mere one hour!

What's next?


Don't worry... You're made of plasticine, baby...

See! I'm such an Angel~

So at the end of the workshop, it's time for photos!!!

With Jiaqi

With "Trixy".

Ok. Sidney is Trixy and Trixy is Sidney.


So~ Wanna see how our masterpieces ae like?

Check out this video!

Hope you enjoyed the video!
Good night everyone!

Fashion Spree on Popu-Store

Hi everyone!

Popu-Store is now opened with a short spree for Fashion Apparel!
This is the last spree for Popu-Store of the year oh~!

Liz Lisa Inspired Poncho

Even Xiaxue is wearing lah! But of course, her's is the Original Liz Lisa one.

Nordic Poncho

Not someone that likes poncho?

Liz Lisa Inspired Floral Dress

There's other items for the season, too!

Check out Popu-Store now! Spree page here:


Hurry! Order order now!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Meeting Jess!

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I met up with Jess! Yippe!

Jess and her Canon 500D

Haven't met her quite sometime ever since the Chris Ling Blogger Workshop a few months back.
She's like the only person I keep in contact from my Poly class. Apparently I'm forgotten and people that were only in 1 or 2 modules in my class are being treated more like my class's friends than me. Oh well..

I'm just glad I still have Jess!

And as usual, once you put Jess and I together with our cameras, we just keep snapping photos non-stop!

We had lunch at Hand-Burger @ 313 Somerset

Snapping photos away while waiting for out food to be served

Delicious Ice Lemon Tea. The crashed ice sure made it super yummilicious!

Camwhore while waiting!

Ok. There are more photos but they're all with Jess. LOL
Crazy random shots... =P

Jess's Ceasar Chicken Burger and Buffalo Wings

Another to prove me right.
Snap snap snap~

Now here's my burger! It's The Works!

There's bacon, onion rings, eggs, medium-well ribeye patty, lettuce and tomato!
All my love~! Except bacon alright...

Ok. I forgot the exact name for the soup.
It's some pumkin craby soup which is super delicious!

My yummilicious lunch!

*Can we eat now?*



After lunch, we head over to *scape for the fleamarket!

Seriously it was soo crowded and humid sia~!

I got a Nordic Poncho and a Monster Inc Fur Ball Keychain.
Jess got a handbag which ended up to be her shopping bag for the day. LOL

Camwhored while resting

Pinhole mode

Soft focus mode

Continued shopping from Takashimaya where Jess got her Tweety Bird Knitted Dress from ZARA to Wisma where we got super high at Cotton On thanks to $2.50 tops!
Yes I got 2 simple tanks tops and Jess got 2 lacey pretty tops!

Takoyaki at ION Gintako!

We didn't really wanna eat dinner cos our lunch from Hand-Burger was just too much, so we decided to share Takoyaki instead!



TADA! PopSister Jan 2011!

Oki. That's all for this post of Jess and I shopping in 2.5inches heels the whole day!
Sweet Dreams everyone!
Good night!


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