Saturday, 17 January 2009

Hairdo tutorial

i had a tag on my blog a few days back asking me how i did my hairdo for open house last week. and like i've replied that tag, i would post up a tutorial and here it is now!

i have to say that this is the best i could do without the help of anyone helping me with the taking of photos and stuff.

so here's what we're doing today!

and the things we need:

1. a piece of hair wig -- to make you seem as if you have more hair for the bun.
you can purchase it at daiso. there's the straight hair and curly hair one sold at daiso but i've got the curly hair one as it look more natural.

2. a piece of hair extensions.
this is actually kinda optional if your hair is already long.
i got my extension from a spree like almost a year ago so... but oh well, you can get one at quite a number of places nowadays.

3. some black thin rubber bands.
buy the good quality ones! you do not want your pretty hairdo to fall in the middle of the day. the reason i like to use this kind of rubber bands is because it wouldnt be easy visible after doing up my hair. pretty purpose.

4. some black hair pins.

5. some accessories (optional)

so are you ready?

1. divide your hair leaving only a small section of your hair. tie the rest and pin it up of something so that if will not distract you.

divide the small section area half your ear level.

2. clip on your extensions. and for people who has long hair, well, skip this step.

always ensure that is clips on well!

and tada! you have long hair now!

3. let down just a little bit of your hair and tie a side pig tail.

by letting down some hair, this will cover up and hide your extensions.

4. tie the rest of your hair into a pony tail. just a simple one will do.

5. back-comb your ponytail. you can replace this step by curly your hair if you want to.

5. tie the ponytail into a bun.
or should i say, tie the ponytail again but dont pull all the hair out?

6. now here's the tricky part.
put the hair wig round the hair bun that you've just tie LOOSELY and pin your hair and the wig together inwards out then under your bun.

repeat step till your wig is secured to the bun.

and you will get this!

but then you're not fully done yet!

7. put on the acessories that you want

and there you have it! pretty hairdo for the whole day!

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